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Sorry Black Lives Matter and Colin Kaeperdick and all you black socialism teachers on liberal campuses throughout America, but you've got it wrong. Blacks are no longer the oppressed. That may have been true decades ago, but today it is a fantasy that you're holding onto, a crutch you use for whatever your purpose might be, perhaps to explain why you haven't succeeded in America, perhaps to see if you can keep getting yet more and more free "stuff" and advantages in this country. Your continual "pulling" of the race card is landing on deaf ears. Every time we see you do this, we tune out because we live in today's world, a world in which YOU have had the advantages and free "stuff" given to you for decades now, often at the expense of the white person, at the expense of our children and ourselves who were denied entry into a college in order to make room for you despite the fact that we may have had better qualifications. We have seen banks deny us loans but yet the government guarantee's loans for minorities so you can start your business, but we cannot. Your qualification is that you have black skin, and our qualifications didn't matter. We are tired of Michelle Obama's continual pulling of the race card. All it shows us is that she is in fact a racist, hates whites, hates America, and that it is HER view of the world as one of black v white, not necessarily anyone elses. But it is her and her statements that CAUSE the damage in our society, that cause the devisiveness, the anger, and now the violence. If you want someone to blame for the outbreak in violence and anger in our country, you can just look at the Obama's and Hillary and the DNC. They are the biggest promoters of division, not unity. Hillary has been pushing the traitorous "RESIST" movement ever since the criminal lying devil witch lost the election that she herself rigged! (How you lose an election that was rigged for you to win I don't know, but it shows insane incompetence at the very least!)

We see that government jobs don't come to us, they go to you. These high paying jobs with massive benefits, working as a clerk in a courthouse or for the school system, go to you. We are denied these jobs because we're white, although that isn't the reason they give us. But we see that there are only black people working there, so we know the truth about what is happening. 

We see free housing and free food and free phones and free medical care and outright cash being given to you without any reason other than you filled out the forms, went to your local Democrat legislators office who taught you how to work the system and get your money and freebies. Meanwhile, we go find jobs and work hard and pay taxes so that the government can pay for your free "assistance". When we lost our jobs in the crash of 2008, we didn't have free stuff coming to us, we didn't have government jobs, we didn't have practically free housing and food, we went homeless, we had to crash on couches and hope to find a way to survive. 

Now we see you kneeling at football games and killing police officers in Dallas and we see nobody doing anything about it. We see BLM saying that the white man of today should give the black man or brown man his hard earned property for "reparations". We see you still complaining that the white man is "keeping you down", but this time, in this new century, we're not buying it any more. We don't feel sorry for you anymore. We've all been through a lot in the last years and we feel like its time that equality be restored to the system. Which means no more free stuff for you, you may have to start figuring out how to EARN IT.

I had nothing to do with slavery. In fact, we've done a family history and we found out that nobody in our family had anything to do with slavery, ever. But since I'm white, I'm supposed to give you my families money, our property, our money? How absurd. But the REAL absurdity is that just because you're black you want us to assume that YOU had anything to do with slavery. You didn't! Even if your great great great grandparents were slaves, SO WHAT? Since when do you think that because of something your family had to endure 150 years ago means that you get free stuff? Should we go to England and demand free money from them because our ancestors were persecuted there? No. We left and made a better life for ourselves. Maybe you should have taken all the "equality" freebies this government and our clueless white liberal political apologists have given you and made a better life for yourselves. 

The white man of today has had to endure certain discrimination in the job market at the government level, discrimination in the entrance to the college market and discrimination in the financial market so that YOU could get equality. The government mandated that if a government entity was going to raise money on Wall Street, a minority led firm had to be involved. Forget your qualifications, it was a way to get you paid government money from Wall Street deals. It was a minority payoff and all of us knew it. It was a scam set up to deliver free money to firms with minorities at the helm. It still exists, this scam, and its about time that it go away. Mandating free money to minorities is so 80's. 

Well, most of us now believe that we've done quite enough for you, and that if you and your people have not taken advantage of all the free assistance and all the advantages of being black for the last 60 years, then that's too bad. When we see a black football player disrespect our flag, our anthem, and our countries veterans while being paid $16 million a year, we want to throw up. It makes us angry. It also makes us angry that when we simply want to get away from our troubles for awhile and be entertained by a football game, some over payed black assholes have decided to interject race into a simple game that is supposed to be fun and entertaining. Shame on you, and we can't wait to see what the repurcussions will be because there will be a backlash, and you deserve whatever it is. Thanks for ruining the NFL for us, and probably for yourselves, you idiots. 

The shame of all this is that those of us that were least likely to be racist are becoming racist. We are becoming racist because you are making everything about race. In fact, we find you to be more racist than the most racist white people we know! I grew up in a melting pot and we never saw skin color growing up, but since you apparently only see skin color in everything, you're socializing us to see it! We're sick and tired of you complaining about never having enough or being discriminated against because of your skin color. I suppose we can all thank our racist former leader and former racist first lady, the Obama's for all their encouragement of racism and division in our nation. That's their gift to us.

The white message to you, if I can be so bold as to speak for at least some of us, is that your lot in life is not anyone's fault but your own now. Your skin color should not give you a free pass and free stuff anymore. Grow up, get a job, go get your minority loan and buy a dry cleaning store and pay your taxes and raise your kids. Try that for a program and see if it works better for you. But, perhaps you're either too lazy to work hard and make that happen, or you've just been fed so much government free stuff that it's easier just to stay exactly where you are in life and take the free subsistance free crack crumbs the Democrats keep you hooked on.

Other minorities have come into this country and become massively successful while you sat there and did nothing. They came here with nothing, they lived together and pooled their money, and bought restaurants and dry cleaners and nail salons and they worked and worked and worked never complaining about being discriminated against. They saved their money and didn't live like stupid idiots and do drugs and shoot up their neighborhoods and rob and kill each other. They didn't waste their opportunity to make it in America, they went after a better life and they got it. They opened one store, then another, then another. They worked all day and all night. They moved into nice neighborhoods so their kids could get a good schooling and be safe. I know mexican families that work so hard its amazing. The wife cleans houses and the man works 3 jobs running from one restaurant to another as a chef, a busboy, a dishwasher. They come home and put food on the table and give thanks and pray together. They are making a better life for their kids without taking, taking, and taking. What did you do? Chicago is what you did. It's there for all of us to see. And you have nobody to blame except yourselves. 

We see you shooting each other all night in Chicago, LA, Miami, Detroit. The white person is not to blame for all your black deaths...you are. We're not coming into your neighborhood and shooting you, you're shooting each other. You've done nothing to help yourselves out of the poverty and drug lives you live in. You've not taken the free helping hand that the government, at the expense of working people like me, have given you. You've squandered all that opportunity. You chose not to go to college, you chose to buy a gun, deal drugs, and terrorize your own people in your own neighborhoods. The white man is at home sleeping, tired, as he has to work tomorrow to pay the taxes so we can keep giving you your free stuff. We're not out shooting the black man. And as for the police, they're only down in your neighborhood all the time shooting at you because there isn't any crime in my neighborhood. We're not shooting each other over here and we're not shooting at the police! We're not pulling guns on people over here. Where do you think they have to spend all their time? The police don't have to spend any time in my neighborhood because, in general, we're NOT BREAKING THE LAW over here. 

I'm white, so according to your black sociology professor and according to BLM and according to the Democrat Party, I'm automatically a racist. My message to you is that I wasn't a racist until you made everything about race. Only then did I see skin color. So who is the real racist?