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Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and the Democrats have lied extensively over the past years. Much of the evidence is finally being unearthed through FIOA lawsuits and new Congressional hearings and hopefully, indictments from the DOJ will come down. Just the tip of the iceberg is Benghazi, Hillary's emails, the Clinton Foundation, Debbie Wasserman Schultz's IT and breach of confidentiality and endangering US security scandal, the Unmasking (spying) on American citizens by the Obama administration, etc. In 2016 it became almost unbearable. One scandal would barely have been revealed when yet another one would be uncovered. It was then that I realized that there wasn't an occasional scandal going on in the Democrat run government, but that this was how they operated...ALWAYS.

Because of an outrageous number of scandals, lies, and outright illegal acts perpetrated upon the American people by Hillary, Obama and the Democrat Party, I hereby submit my idea for a bill to be passed by Congress which we could call THE CONSTITUTIONAL OATH AND HONESTY ACT. 

This law will clearly spell out what happens to a politician or bureaucrat that acts or speaks in such a way that it can be deemed to be an attempt to undermine the Constitution of the United States, which they took an oath to uphold, protect and defend. Because of what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did in the past 8 years specifically lying to the American People and/or Congress, about anything, this law will apply to statements made by senior politicians to the American people which turn out to be outright lies. For example, saying you can keep your doctor, keep your insurance carrier was a lie told to simply sell the program to the American people. When Hillary says that she never ever sent any confidential emails and it is found very quickly by the FBI that she certainly did and therefore lied to Congress and the American people...that would qualify for punishment under this new Act. 

We're tired of politicians getting voted into office, people like Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters or Kamala Harris or former Traitor in Chief Barack Obama, who take the oath of office, swear to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and then turn around the next day and speak out against it, take actions to undermine it, and/or start working to destroy, limit, or eliminate the very rights that it spells out we are entitled to under God...they would be subject to punishment under this law. These rights are clearly set out in the Constitution, the Amendments and in our Bill of Rights.

This document is the law of our land, and it is the absolute last word as to the law of our land. There are no laws that supercede our Constitutional rights, although the left has worked tirelessly to pass many laws that many of us would say are, by virtue of their limitations on freedoms, in fact unconstitutional and limit our rights to such an extent that they could be considered unconstitutional if challenged. 

The new law will provide very specific punitive path for someone that is convicted of this, and any American can accuse any elected official or bureaucrat with a crime against the United States using this new law. All you have to have is the proof that a government official tried to limit or undermine a Constitutional right of an individual or any group of individuals instead of bringing forth a vote on an amendment which is the proper course of action to achieve change in our Constitution. 

Further, this law will prevent the President from going around Congress and the Constitution, as Obama so often did, and use the authority of any other organization or body outside our own Congress (like the UN) to take actions on foreign matters. This law has to be put in place because of how often and seriously Obama abused it, and for what he did with Iran both in going around Congress on the Iranian Nuclear deal and in giving Iran billions of dollars in cash in the middle of the night secretly without Congressional approval or without a vote of the people. 

Upholding and protecting the Constitution as per their oath is not too much to ask. Getting approval of our elected officials who represent us before doing business with terror sponsoring states like Iran OR ANYONE ELSE is not too  much to ask. Circumventing the Constitutional authority of Congress on significant foreign relations matters (treaties) will forever heretofore become a crime. Parsing words and calling what is, in effect, a treaty, an "agreement" will not be allowed. From now on, if it quacks, it's a duck. Going around Congress when you shouldn't will become a high crime. The crimes will be treasonous. The punishments they carry will be severe. Immediate removal from office, elimination of your government pension, and long jail terms. If found guilty of treason, the penalty is life in prison without parole or death. 

Using your position such as Hillary did while Secretary of State, to enrich herself by making people pay for access by donating billions to her personal private foundation, will be a high crime. Uranium One, where Hillary took in at least $145 million to the Clinton Money Laundering Foundation and where her husband got millions in speaking fee's from Russia, would be an excellent example of a violation of this new Act. Not only would the ill gotten gains have to be repaid, much like a crook on Wall Street is required to do, but there will be jail time and the person will be barred from holding public office for life, just like they do to people on Wall Street. 

There is a method for changing something that you don't like in the Constitution, and its called an Amendment. No one will ever be punished for putting an amendment before Congress for a vote, as that is what is called for in the Constitution which will, and always has, allowed the document to change. But this nipping away at the existing rights and freedoms through hundreds of thousands of rights limiting legislative actions has got to stop. This Act would stop people from passing unconstitutional laws which take years to reverse through the court system. 

If you agree to take public office and take the oath, then you damn well better defend ALL the rights and freedoms in the document, not just those that you like and then work to undermine those you don't like. You're either in our you're out as a member of Congress. You're either 100% behind the Constitution, as you pledged you would be, or you're nothing more than a fraud. And if you're a fraud, then you lied to the American people when you took your oath and you should pay the price. 




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