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I have a son and when I was my sons age I sure wish my father would have told me what women really want. It might have helped me. But I had to learn it on my own, and below is what I wrote to my son so that hopefully he would be able to function well as a man in this confusing society of mixed messages and not take as long as me to figure it all out.

It's important to understand that what young women say is not necessarily what they really want as they get older. This is part of what people mean when they say "women are mysterious" or "women are hard to figure out". The truth is, women are not hard to figure out if you understand their basic primal instincts. Just like men have primal instincts to hunt and kill and eat and fight with men and have sex with women, women have similar strong urges, but they are very, very different. 

In their early years, women will act like they are free spirits and they will even say things that make you believe that this is really who they are. In fact, they are simply taking a bit of time off from the reality of who they are at their core, and eventually, almost all of them will submit unconsciously to their primal desires given to them by God for good reasons. So while you're young and while they are young, it's great to have a good time with women and have no particular plan or direction in life, but don't let that become you. Women will soon change, and the directionless man without a plan, the guy with the messy car and house full of dirty clothing, the man that still has his mother do his laundry or lives in the basement of his parents house, is suddenly and definitely NOT the man women want. 

1. Women want to feel safe, secure, taken care of. They want to feel safe when they are with you and they want to know that if they are not with you, you will come running to their aid if they get into trouble. They need to have a feeling of a safety net. If they have a flat tire, they don't want to be left on their own. If the car breaks down and they are emotionally upset, it can be hard for them to think clearly with all the emotions making noise. They want to be able to call you and know that you will listen, get to the heart of what needs to be done, and ACT and it will be fixed. This makes them feel safe even when they are not in your presence. If there is a bump in the night, they want a man that will literally kill anyone that has invaded her home and endangered her family. 

2. Women want a man that is strong. Women want a man that is physically and mentally strong and powerful. This comes from the primal need to be protected against harm from outside forces, other men or women or tribes. They want someone that is a capable warrior to protect her and her children. Physically, if you're strong, that helps them feel safe as discussed in number one above. Sexually, being physically strong also turns them on. Go work out. Get a muscle or two. In today's world, there are still dangers. There are bad guys out there. They want to know you can beat their asses if they come at her. Be a man that knows how to protect himself and his family. Learn how. Practice it. There is a line said by an aging warrior that goes like this: "The worst thing about getting old is that it becomes apparent that other men cease to fear you." No matter what your age, be a bad ass. Live like a lion. Take what you want in life - your job, your woman - and protect your family like a lion protects its pride - with vicious, deadly conviction. 

3. Women want a man that has a plan. Have you ever noticed these guys with radical views on the end of the world, you know, the preppers that have totally laid out a plan in case the end of the world comes? The ones that have bug out bunkers and food and supplies stashed in the hills? Have you noticed that these guys ALWAYS have a woman? You know why? They have a plan, and they make women feel safe. They can hunt, they can fish, they can shoot, they know how to survive in the wilderness, and they have a plan! People might make fun of them, but they're actually pretty bad ass men. Some women may think that the sexy bohemian dude that seems to float unencumbered by plans or schedules is cool, but it doesn't last long. Eventually, between age 20 and 30, her inner primal instincts will drive her to wake up and ask, "What's the plan? What are we doing? Is there a plan? Am I going to have a family, kids? Is this guy the kind of guy I can have a family and kids with? Will this guy be able to take care of me, feed me and my babies, fend of bad guys in the night?" If you have a plan for your life and you're moving down the path, if you've given your life's path a lot of thought and are taking steps to make it happen for yourself, then that's a positive to a woman. She feels that. You don't have to share your plan with her, or all of the plan, and you won't need to - she will be able to observe you and see that this is a man with a plan just by how you go about your day. The preppers have women because their women know that when and if things get down and dirty, when the SHTF and the zombie apocalypse or the Democrats ever win again, they will be able to survive because they have a man that has planned for that!

4. Women want to take care of you, but they don't want to be your mother and feel like they have to. In other words, they want to know that you're 100% self-sufficient. They don't want their man to be a child. They don't want to think that without them, you can't have an organized life. 

5. Women want a man that is clean. This shouldn't even really have to be said but you'd be surprised how many guys are oblivious to it. Be a bit nuts about your personal hygiene. Go to the dentist 4X a year, not 1 or 2. Get your hair cut every week or 2 weeks. Take care of your nails and feet. Get a full body salt scrub 3-4X a year. Go to the doctor and get a checkup once in awhile. 

6. Women want an organized man. Ever go into a mans garage and everything is hanging right where it belongs on the wall, the tools are all put away in the right drawers in the tool box, the floor is clean and there are clean rags on the workbench and the cars are polished? All of that says a million words to a woman without one word having to be spoken. The opposite is true as well. If you're car is clean and neat, your life is probably clean and neat and organized. If you're house and car are always in a state of mess, then your personal and professional life probably is too, and they feel that instantly when they observe it. 

7. They want a man with conviction. That stands for something. Even if they don't necessarily agree with it 100%, they want a man that isn't weak and wishy washy - they will respect you even if they don't agree with you if you stand for what you believe. They want a man that will speak his mind but not jam it down her, or other people's throats. 


Now I know that this article is going to piss off a lot of women that want to be seen as equal to men. You might notice that I didn't say anything about equality in this article. It isn't about equality. In the primal world, the woman and the man do not judge one another as to whom is superior or inferior. The woman is superior in many ways and the man is superior in a few ways. In the primal world, your roles are understood, they are clear. The modern world has tried to tell women that they are supposed to be all kinds of things that God didn't necessarily build them to be, and because women are so amazing, they are able to actually pull these things off. But some women become enlightened are realize after some point in time that although they CAN do all these things, they may no WANT to be doing all these things that God meant MEN to do, and that, in fact, they welcome having a man do the things he was built to do. I can't imagine the unfair amount of pressure that the whole bullshit "equality" movement for women has put on females whether they wanted it or not. Look at how confused and screwed up we all are because of it. I mean, the good things about it is that women are now able to pursue professions that they were shut out of before, and this means that many women can pursue a life of passion professionally which they couldn't before. But as usual, modern liberals have to take this too far, and force us to accept transgender people into the Marine Corp and such. Come on. Enough is enough, right? 

The facts: A man is usually physically stronger - for good reason. His job is to protect the family. His blood courses with Testosterone, which makes him want to do two things: Fight and have sex. Period. It also gives him the energy and stamina to hunt and gather and provide and protect the food and shelter of the family. 

More facts: A woman is superior in that she can give life and sustain life all from her own body. This is magical beyond comprehension when you really think about it and any capabilities we have as men pales in comparison. We don't have anything that even comes close. Her instincts are to protect the children - even from the children's own father if necessary. God made her that way. When it comes to conflict resolution and reasoning with people, having patience and listening, women are highly skilled and superior to men, in general. 

More on this later. I think this will spark some feedback. Let me know if you think what I've said makes any sense to you.