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Sorry to inform you CNN and BLM and NBC and Madonna, but hate speech is protected by the first amendment. 100%. And if you think it isn't, that makes you a fascist according to Ben Stein, my favorite Jewish conservative.

The left is running around saying that "hate speech isn't protected by the first amendment and isn't free speech". The events in Charlottesville, VA have been totally distorted and lied about in the MSM. They don't tell you that the people that were there peacefully protesting the taking down of a statue were there peacefully and had a permit to be there. That changed when the Soros paid agitators and disruptors and Black Lives Matter terrorist organization showed p and threw bottles at them, threw rocks at them, cussed at them and incited violence and rioting. Now the Mayor of San Francisco is trying to rescind a prayer meeting at Crissy Field because the people with the permit might be right leaning and he's afraid of a counter protest by the left wing free speech Nazi's. If this happens, then the left has succeeded in its effort to shut down free speech to anyone that is white or conservative or Christian and the the left wing politicians in these cities are all to happy to go along with the free speech shut down, calling it "in the interest of public safety". 

We cannot allow this to happen. If it does, this is another item on the list of what causes civil unrest, civil war, and an uprising of the right that we've been warning about. Our articles of relevance are The Coming Revolt of the Right and Rising White Anger. Thomas Jefferson said he preferred dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery. Shutting down free speech is slavery. Life may be peaceful, but the people of this country will feel as though they are now slaves to the government who gets to decide what is right to think and say and what isn't. That is not America. 

The left would like to unilaterally be able to decide that whatever THEY think is hate speech is illegal and shut you up. If they can shut you down and drown you out then they feel their ideas will then take hold and have a chance to be indoctrinated into our culture and our youth. This is the intent. It is important to them that conservative views NOT be heard on TV or in schools. If their ideology was valid and strong and right, they wouldn't need to resort to violence and the removal of human rights to have them take hold and see success. Great ideology doesn't need government coercion to find air to breath. But as you can see on TV, they're using whatever means necessary including violence against historical places, violence against individuals, government intimidation to force their ideology upon you, and they're using the MSM to get their false message out to the public.

The inconvenient truth is, hate speech is 100% free speech and is 100% protected by the First Amendment. Doesn't matter if its offensive to you. Doesn't matter if what you're saying is offensive to me. You can't decide what is free speech and neither can I. In fact, if it's offensive to either of us, that's a sign that it probably is protected by Free Speech rights.

You liberals may not like certain things that you think are hate speech, but you most certainly do not get to determine what is hate speech and what isn't, you don't get to say what is and isn't covered by the First Amendment. The Supreme court has decided 9 times that hate speech is actually protected by the first amendment, so if that isn't enough history for you, then I'm sorry but you're delusional. And the problem for you, Black Lives Matter and Antifa and Snowflakes and the Left and all Democrats, is that free speech is free speech. It means I have the right to say things that you might find very offensive. And conversely, you have the right to say things that I may find very offensive. And you can stamp your feet and pull down statues and throw bottles at people you don't like, but it will not change who gets to say what is and what isn't free speech. 

You get it now, BLM, Antifa, Snowflakes and Democrats? 

So if the NeoNazi's get a permit to protest in your town, and you go out there and you incite a riot, and you throw rocks and bottles at them, then it's you that is to blame for disrupting a peaceful protest, and it is you that should be arrested and go to jail. You should also go to jail for destruction of government property for toppling statues. There are legislative and other peaceful, reasonable ways to get what you want done without violence in our cities and towns, but that doesn't serve your purpose, does it? You want the chaos and the riots. You want the attention and you want someone to BLAME for wherever it is you are in life. 

Why don't you try getting a job, going to work, raising a family, putting your kids through school, staying awake at night worrying about their safety, producing something of value for the world, paying your taxes, participating in your local charities. If you did these things, you wouldn't have time to worry about a damn statue that is nothing more than a piece of history, a history we shouldn't forget for many reasons both good and bad. What you're doing is making you look like irrational animals in the street, losers with nothing to do but try to shout down free speech which will ultimately harm you when the pendulum of public opinion swings against you. You look like fools to 95% of America. Even Hillary and Elizabeth Warren and Obama and Soros are laughing at you because you're doing just what they wanted you to do, like stupid puppets of the criminal Clinton Crime Family Syndicate. 

What if all Democrats decided to be constructive instead of destructive? What if all Democrats decided to contribute to society instead of take from it?