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We're now seeing it yet again in Charlottesville, Virginia today. We have been seeing it on the streets of Berkeley and campuses nationwide - violent, aggressive attacks upon people and property by the left who don't want conservative views to be heard. We've seen it on the beaches of California where MAGA Marchers were attacked by Antifa group members, sprayed with pepper spray and shouted at and confronted. We saw it in Dallas and Atlanta with Black Lives Matters inciting riots and property damage which led to targeted shootings of police officers. Recently, when there was going to be a meeting of conservatives and Trump supporters in Huntington Beach called "Make Men Great Again", a celebration of men in family and community, the left showed up the night before the event and spray painted the entire outside of the restaurant and meeting hall with hate speech and blood. They wrote "Nazi's" and other hate speech all over the place which had to be repainted the day of the event. The perpetrators were from the left, so they weren't charged with hate crimes, just vandalism. A misdemeanor. 

There is a well organized highly effective campaign on the left to shout down your right to free speech, to eliminate your access to it, your ability to exercise it. This campaign is supported by the Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, led by Hillary Clinton, and the traitor Obama, who is supporting Islam's infiltration into America. 

The jihad against free speech attempts to make any view which is spoken about muslims and Islam "hate speech" even though you or I may only be exercising our right to speak our mind and offer up our opinion to the world. I may not have agreed with the left, but I never tried to make what they had to say illegal so that a chilling effect was placed upon everyone's right to free speech, but that is EXACTLY what the left and their Islamic allies are doing. 

Recently, a man that said something to a bunch of women in a car that cut him off while driving. The women were wearing hajibs so he was arrested and charged with a hate crime out here in California. He didn't hit her, he didn't touch her, she could have just gone on her way, but no, she called the police on him and reported his license plate. They pulled him over and arrested him and charged him with a hate crime. This is success for the left and for the Islamic infiltrators. It is meant to silence us. It is meant to intimidate and scare us into silence. These are the tactics of a Nazi Germany, these are the tactics of leftist governments and law enforcement agencies and Departments of Justice and Attorney Generals and District Attorneys that are run by left wing bureaucrats that  have been infiltrated by Islam and corrupted by its money and political contributions. These are the intimidation tactics they are currently using to silence those of us on the right that have an opposing view to the Clinton Crime Family, to the Democrat Party's Progressive/Socialist/Communist views.

The goal is to silence those of us that are simply stating our real concerns about terrorism on our shores, the immigration of a group of people that apparently and according to the european workers that work with them, have no desire to assimilate. This particular group has caused insane increases in crime, terrorism, rape in the countries that have been kind enough and unfortunate enough to have let them in. These are real concerns! This is not random racism on the basis of skin color or religion. Simply voicing these concerns cannot be a hate crime! It is concern based upon the actions of a group of people that are largely all from the same area and same religion. Jews and Blacks and Christians do not run around cutting off people's heads and putting it on the internet and chanting 'DEATH TO AMERICA" and burn the American flag in public, but Islamists and muslims do. Jews and blacks and Christians do not blow up buildings and drive cars into crowds of people and knife everyone while yelling out the name of their God, but Islamists and muslims do. 

All of this is laid out in detail in a new book by a former Clinton Crime Family Member, a Democrat, named Kirsten Powers. Her book is called, "The Silencing - How the Left is Killing Free Speech". In the book she exposes the tactics used by the left to shut down debate including the evil tactics they use to delegitimize the political and ideological opponents of the left in order to stifle freedom of expression, thought and religious belief. 

We see what Kirsten Powers is talking about in her book being revealed to us daily on the news. The spying on Americans (called "unmasking"0 by the Obama Administration as a means to gather political intelligence to be used against opponents of the leftists grand scheme, the lefts obsession with delegitimizing FOX News, how they call themselves tolerant and accepting yet are anything but when it  comes to someone with an opposing viewpoint. how they are using our own laws on hate crimes to shut down free speech. Most importantly, she points out how little truth matters to the left, and that ideology is all that really matters. 

The elimination of free speech is frightening. The left has for years been going after your right to bear arms, and now they're moving on to something even more frightening, the elimination of your FIRST Amendment right. And they are using the police and the courts and the law against you in order to enforce their will. 

We had better wake up to what his happening to our Constitutional rights in this country or we will wake up in a country not long from now which looks more like Stalin's Russia or Hitlers Germany or Un's North Korea where the rights of the people were lost due to ideology and madness winning out over freedom of expression, thought, intelligent debate and tolerance of opposing views. 

We must remember that our freedoms create a very powerful place for the individual, and the founding fathers knew that by allowing so much power to reside in the hands of the people, our political system would be fragile and dangerous. But they knew that the great experiment just might also create the greatest country on the face of the earth, and they turned out to be right. But now, their other fears are coming to pass before our very eyes and we're not paying enough attention to it. The federal government has become overbearing, over reaching, stifling, and our elected representatives are acting more like dictators than servants. Our police and their armies of agents from just about every agency you can imagine - the DHS, the Bureau of Land Management, the EPA, the Department of Fish and Game, the SEC, the FDA, the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ, the ATF, the TSA, all the state and local law enforcement agencies - police, sheriff's, park systems - all have their own police and enforcement units, people with badges and guns, running around "enforcing" laws on American citizens who, for the most part, just want to be left alone and left in peace and left to be free.

The feeling of freedom has become harder and harder to find, wouldn't you agree?  



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State Department STILL covering up for Hillary Clinton

State Department STILL covering up for Hillary Clinton