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Forces, evil forces, from within the US and from European globalist elites, are very, very upset about Trump winning the Presidency. 

Why? Why are they so vehement in their hate of Trump? Is it that they just "don't like Trump"? No, there is a much more powerful reason behind their dismay. Trump screwed up a plan that has been moving forward for decades.  The global elites were right on track to take what was left of our great country, strip it of its wealth and redistribute it around the world, strip you of your Constitutional rights - and your guns, and subjugate our country's sovereignty to the United Nations. This was the plan, this was the path. Once you understand this, everything will become clear. 

The global elite plan was to create a world government...the EU was a stepping stone and part of that plan (consolidate all the european nations under one "super government" controlled by the global elite leftists) - but the ultimate seat of world wide power - according to the plan - was to be the UN. We have seen over the past 10 years how Obama deferred decisions to the UN, went to them for approval on things before he did them, even used them (in the case of Iran) to justify moves he made that circumvented our own Constitution. We saw how he signed off on all kinds of treaties and agreements (such as the Paris Accord) which were financially detrimental to the US in order to garner the approval of the members of the UN. In other words, he was selling out our country so that, when Hillary won, he could be named to some high post at the UN and eventually become the person in charge of the UN. The idea was to continue to give more and more decision making power and momentum to the UN. Obama did it in a big way and so have all his global elite socialist progressive communist friends around the world in leadership positions. The idea is to condition all major countries, and the people in them, to the idea that whatever the UN decides is right is the law of the land (or the world). Slowly, all countries would become conditioned into giving away their autonomy to the UN, allowing it to make decisions instead of exercising a nations sovereign right to govern itself without interference from outside forces. Obama was on a path and a track to become the supreme world leader, controlling not just America, but controlling all of mankind on planet earth by virtue of his position at the United Nations. One world order under Obama and the globalist leftist elites. No borders. No genders. No individualism. No distint cultures or values. No one country better or wealthier than another. Redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor. Total control over the earth's population. A leftist socialist version of Utopia where the bureaucrats reign supreme over all, have all the power and all that comes with it. That was the plan. 

We see Angela Merkel of Germany and Theresa May of the UK and many others subscribing to this 'one world order" goal, one in which there is no sovereignty, where the UN calls all the shots for everyone worldwide. Of course, 100 other countries that are poor and have been jealous of American progress and wealth would go along with this scheme because they stand to get lots of money in this plan. Like Obama's agreement to the Paris Climate Accord, which effectively transferred billions if not trillions of dollars away from America to other countries, this scheme would effectively create one world government and level the playing field worldwide to the detriment of America and to the great windfall of virtually every other nation on earth. 

Creating such a powerful world government has always been part of the plan of the left for a long, long time. When Trump won, he totally destroyed that goal. Trump instead called them out for what they've done to us financially as a country already and said he was NOT going to allow this scheme to continue to weaken our country and enrich the rest of the world. He called them out for the stupid deals that were made - like the Paris Climate Accord. In fact, whenever you hear the words "climate change" you can bet that it's a scheme to take money from America and give it to someone else. Climate change is the left wings biggest con. A con that the left created to empower agencies like the EPA who then used its position to fine companies and CONFISCATE billions of dollars that belonged to SHAREHOLDERS. They then use those stolen funds to redistribute - get more and more people on the government  crack cocaine of free stuff. More on that. 

This is why the global elites worldwide are so upset with the Trump win. Because in order to accomplish this redistribution of world wealth and take control of the world at the UN level and complete the goal in its entirety, many of the Constitutional rights that we have in this country have to be severely limited or eliminated. AND we have to agree to subjugate our sovereignty to the UN! In order to do that, you MUST have a left leaning Supreme Court. Trump totally destroyed that very critical part of the plan by first, winning the election, and second, by installing a conservative judge onto the SCOTUS. The set up for the Democrat Progressive Communist Socialist was perfect. Hillary wins, she appoints left wing judges, she continues to rape and pillage America and redistribute wealth world wide, she opens the borders, continues the illegal voting scheme of that has been going on for years by Democrats, entrench herself and other bureaucratic elites in power, and then she subjugates our sovereignty to Obama at the UN. On the path to doing this, it was apprently decided that it made sense to no longer support Israel, but to support Islamic nations. So the Democrats have aligned with Islam and Islamic nations, Hillary took in billions from them into her fraudulent foundation as payoffs. Obama gave them whatever they wanted - nukes&money - and supported their anti-Semitic resolutions at the UN. 

But then Hillary lost. And now, with the Supreme Court going the other way, they may not have a chance like this again for several decades. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE SO PISSED OFF!!! Trump might have the opportunity to replace as many as 4 Supreme Court justices. And along the way, he will be able to appoint countless federal court justices. 

What we are seeing across Europe right this minute with the demonstrations in Hamburg, Germany is the result of socialistic left wing policies that don't work and haven't worked. The young people of these nations have no jobs - they're in the street protesting "capitalism" for God's sake! They don't even know that in order for a socialist economy to work, you have to have a stream of money. Where does that money come from? Capitalists. People and companies that make money and pay taxes! Keep in mind that capitalism is what has driven our world to new discoveries in medicine and industry. Capitalism and its wealth funds universities research. It funds the taxes that fund NASA and our military whom use it to make new technological breakthroughs that have invented just about everything in your house, your office, your car and in the plane you fly aboard. Yet it is capitalism that is hated by the demonstrators at the G20 Summit in Hamburg today. In their twisted minds, capitalism is bad. 

We have a youth, worldwide, that is confused, that feels entitled, that believes that they deserve money for nothing, that think that money grows on trees and that the government should provide them with housing, food, free schooling, and money. They feel that the government should provide instead of relying upon themselves to earn money and survive. They are willing to give up their privacy and all their other rights, in order to continue to get free stuff, the crack cocaine that the leftist socialists and communists have been dealing for decades. But as we see in Venezuela, the promised crack cocaine of free stuff eventually runs out when nobody is making money to pay taxes, or the price of its main source  of income (like oil) drops -  and the government can't give everyone money and housing and free health care and free stuff as it promised. Now the people of a totally collapsing Venezuela are paying the price for allowing a leader that promised them this fantasy to lead them into the abyss of financial ruin and the total destruction of their economy and their country. They're rationing toothpaste. There is no medicine available or basic goods like toilet paper. People are eating from the garbage dump. This is what you get with socialism, but some reason, the youth of the world refuse to look at that real life example. Bernie Sanders followers are in this group that is so confused. What Bernie says sounds good, kids, but it doesn't work long term. The leftist socialists have set Venezuela back 50 years. It will not recover in my lifetime, I'm convinced. 

But YOU do not have to be confused! These left wing socialist forces are at work here in the USA. The left continually appeals  to the masses with the offer of free stuff, free housing, free college, free phones, free money. Bernie wants to give away college educations. Obama gave away free phones. That was just an example of the crack cocaine that the left deals out to the poor and the immigrants. It works very well. There were a lot  of poor people that wanted a cell phone but didn't have one. He said, come to me, I'll make up some law that says that if you're super poor, the government will provide you with a cell phone. And even if you don't qualify, and you lie, we're not going to care, so come get your free phone! He wanted their vote and he got it. It was brilliant. It only works if there are enough poor, stupid people willing to walk away from their dignity and freedoms to get the free stuff. Unfortunately, in America, it appears we have a lot of them. 

The left wants to hook you, and who easier to hook than the poor and new immigrants? That is why they want open borders. Let the poor immigrants in, promise them free stuff, give it to them, keep them getting subsistence level subsidies and free stuff and scare them into voting for you so you stay in power. This is also how you take away people's rights. You either vote the way we want you to - for example, to take away guns - because if you don't, the other guys will take away your crack cocaine of free stuff, free housing. They will cut off your free Obama phone and your monthly check from Welfare.

ObamaCare was another part of the leftist crack. Get all the people that work for a living to pay for all the people that don't - and give them all health care. It's a massive tax on those that have money and a job, taking massive amounts of capital from them every month, and giving it to the poor. It's total socialism, and it was built and sold on complete lies told to the American people by Obama. Why would he lie to us? Because it's part of the grand plan to create equality of results instead of equality of opportunity. Islam allows you to lie, BTW, when its in the interest of furthering Islam. This government takeover of our health care was pure, unadulterated socialism/communism. What's next? The left decides to take over the oil companies and use the profits to fund left wing free stuff for all, like Venezuela? Don't think for a second its not already in planning at the DNC. 

Trump called this insanity out in his campaign and won the election that he wasn't ever supposed to win. Strangely enough, he was the only guy willing to call it like he saw it, and this connected with people who found it refreshing. He connected with heartland American values and was unapologetic about it. He was fearless and 60 million people saw that he wasn't LYING to them the way they had been lied to by the Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and Obama.  

Trump is a warrior and is fighting for the very soul of our country. The big question is, will we be a nation of crack addicts and submit too the global socialist forces that are pressing on our nation, or will we go back to the incredible foundations and rights of our nation that were outlined in our Constitution and given to us by God and our founding fathers?

There is nobody more courageous than Trump that is up to this task. Face it - none of the other Republican candidates would be able to stand the heat from the left. They're actually, many of them, part of the swamp and part of the problem. 

We pray for Trump to be successful, we pray for his family, we pray for his VP Mike Pence, and we pray for our country, which is, right now, in a fight for its very soul. 




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