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A lot has been written about gun control from both points of view - those for it and those against it. Both spout statistics and point to whatever data best serves them to make their point. They both manipulate the data and use it selectively to make their cases. 

But it doesn't matter what side of the gun control argument you come down on or what you believe. The truth is that gun control isn't about your safety or the safety of children or the reduction of crime as the left would have you believe. They have no statistical proof that the removal of guns from law abiding citizens helps reduce crime or protects children or increases the safety of any of us anywhere. Gun Free Zones have proven to be nothing more than killing fields, ripe for cowardly criminal killers to slaughter innocent people. So the left can't use Gun Free Zones as evidence that legislating gun control works at all. Just the opposite is apparently true. It appears that where no guns are allowed, that is precisely where the most horrific killing occurs. I suppose Chicago would be a good example as well. Strict gun control laws - city is a war zone with more shootings and death than in Afghanistan!

Gun Control is about something MUCH BIGGER on the lefts agenda than your safety. Come on, do you think politicians give a crap about your safety or your kids safety? They don't - you know it and I know it. They only care about the power to tell you what to think, they want control over your vote, and they want control over your money.  A very smart man once told me that when it comes to the left and their true agenda, "The thing is never the thing". In other words, whatever they say is "the reason", it's not the real reason. The real reason is hidden, obfuscated, because if they told you what it was directly, you wouldn't go for it! This couldn't be more true than with Gun Control, although as I've also explained in other articles, it is true about "stopping terrorism" or "Climate Change" or "safety of children". Those are all "sound good" FRONTS for the real agenda.

Gun control is about SUBMISSION. It's about money and power and control over you, a key part of the left's agenda to make you SUBMIT to government control, a part of the grand plan to reduce your individual rights, your Constitutional rights, and your freedoms.

What the left wants is for the people to submit to government control. Yes, you should read that again. Gun control is about you submitting to the government. And they want to get you to do it almost without you realizing you've done it. Gun control is not about what they say it is. It is not about safety or crime reduction. Remember what our founding fathers wanted...the government was ALWAYS supposed to submit to the will of the people and uphold the individual and God given rights OF THE PEOPLE. The left wants to turn that on its head. It HATES that the people have the power, because the Government wants the power! Forcing you to submit to the government is absolutely opposed to what our founding fathers wanted. What has happened is that the arrogance of politicians and the insane size of our Federal Government has created the very thing that the founding fathers worried about most...an out of control bureaucracy that puts their own agenda above that of the individual, has disdain for and disregards individual rights, puts government power above the power of the people, and generally over time naturally erodes people's right to privacy, due process, free speech, and more. 

The left loves to appeal to emotion because when they do that, they don't need facts. They use slick marketing names to get you feeling good about voting for something, but the TITLE of the proposition or law they're pushing may be very different than what is INSIDE the law. The Safety for All Act in California should be renamed "We're taking your 2nd Amendment Rights Away from You and You're Too Stupid To Read the Law!" This is but one example.

FREE SPEECH: UNDER ATTACK! The Second Amendment is just one of your rights that is on their agenda. They also don't want you to be able to state your view or exercise your first amendment right to free speech if its in opposition to their world view. This began in earnest with Obama, who was the master of turning people upon one another and dividing our nation along racial and socioeconomic lines. Rich versus poor, black versus white, black versus police, students pepper spraying Trump supporters, the left rioting and destroying property and burning cars and throwing rocks to intimidate a venue from even allowing a conservative to speak. The rise of this Antifa group that protests all conservative rallies and meetings that they can, using violence to silence and intimidate. The left has even engaged the services of the media - like CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and more in this effort. They refuse to cover stories about potential and real criminal acts by the left, and instead simply run 24 hours a day talking about Russia-Trump collusion which apparently, so far, doesn't seem to exist. All of it is part of the plan to shut down free speech. 

PRIVACY RIGHTS? GONE! The right to privacy is already gone, and we have two Presidents to blame for that. First, George W. Bush with the Patriot Act, which needs to be repealed but won't be. After 9-11, the most powerful spy agency on earth was enabled, the NSA, listening to all phone calls, reading all emails and text messages, all supposedly in an effort to stop terrorism. And initially, I'm sure this is what they did! 

But under Obama, what happened is that the Patriot Act and the NSA, like so many other things Obama did, were weaponized for his evil agenda. Instead of only looking for international terrorism, he wanted to spy on Americans, (which the government is strictly prohibited from doing under the Act). He wanted to uncover dirt on his political foes, to get political leverage over potential threats to Hillary Clinton's campaign for President in 2016. He used the NSA's information and intelligence gathering (SPYING) capabilities to find things out about Trump and others. He got Samantha Power and Loretta Lynch and Susan Rice to do the dirty work of "UNMASKING" American citizens in numbers unprecedented in our history, so that he could spy on Americans. Under Obama, the IRS, DEA and DOJ all used it watch your bank accounts, monitor your purchases, and take your money when they deem it possible, without any due process. They did all this, including the "unmasking" of American citizens", in the name of the prevention of terrorism, but in fact, it was for political gain - something strictly against the law. To date, nobody - not Loretta Lynch, not Susan Rice, not Samantha Powers, or anybody else that is directly responsible for giving the orders to unmask and SPY on American citizens has been indicted. Not one. Richard Nixon was forced to resigned over so much less. 

The Patriot Act was also a huge step backwards for your financial freedoms and privacy. Now, every cash transaction is looked at like some kind of drug or organized crime or money laundering transaction. Chase just said that they are not going to allow you to come in a pay your credit card, your mortgage, or any of your loan payments in cash at the window. They also said that you are no longer allowed to store cash or coins in your safe deposit boxes! 

You must understand that the banks may all have different names, like Bank of America, or Chase, or Wells Fargo, but they are all the same. They all serve one master. The United States Treasury Department and all the other agencies of the US Government that want your money. The IRS, the DOJ, the DEA. All of them can simply order the bank to turn over records and sweep your account and make you chase them for YOUR MONEY. Since when is that due process? The banks don't even notify you any more when that happens. They just send you a note that says that your account was swept by some "order" of the IRS or some court, and you now have no money but you're going to have to get legal representation to try to get your money back. Your rights to financial privacy are gone. 

DUE PROCESS? GONE! In terms of due process rights and private property rights, the two have both been violated by our government using something called Civil Asset Forfeiture. This diabolical scheme is designed to rob Americans of their cash and property without even charging them with a crime. It happens every day and we've written about it extensively on this site. In the last several years it is estimated that over $3 billion has been confiscated by various law enforcement agencies including your local police who are 100% in on this with the government. In fact, they are where it starts. All they have to do is claim that your cash and your property are suspected of being involved in a drug transaction, or were about to be, and then they can take it. They then turn it over to the DEA or the DOJ and about 80% of the money is kicked back to the local police agency that stole it from you in the first place and they buy new guns and cars and toys and go to "conferences". In this way, they get around any state laws that prevent this type of activity. You are left with a choice of having to prove a negative, which is nearly impossible. Namely, proving that you're not a drug dealer or involved in the drug trade. You have to spend a ton of money on attorneys, and you may get your property back - and you may not. There are countless thousands of stories of innocent shopkeepers or farmers or motel owners or retiree's that have had their cash seized, their retirement accounts seized, their motels and cars seized, they were never charged with a crime, yet they have to fight in court to get their money and property returned to them. 

The government tried to take over 1.5 million acres of ranch property away from Utah ranchers in Obama's last days in office without approval from Congress, without approval from anyone in Utah. He did it unilaterally without even discussing it with the Congressmen from Utah or the Governor of Utah. This was a federal government land grab - and a total misuse of the "monument act" -  beyond anything that has ever been seen in the history of our country by the most dangerous socialist communist President we've ever had. The arrogance and audacity of this is beyond the pale. Congressman Jason Chaffetz said that this move on the part of the Obama and the federal government was "a slap in the face of to the people  of Utah, attempting to silence the voices of those who will bear the heavy burden it imposes. It doesn't have the support of the Governor, not one single member of the states congressional delegation, nor any local elected officials or state legislators who represent the area." 

Gun control is just the beginning of the socialization of the American populace to the experiment on the part of the left to see if they can get you to submit to government control over your rights - or even the elimination of them if possible. A win over the 2nd Amendment would mean - to the left - that other rights can be restricted, compromised, controlled, then eliminated. And of course, without any means to fight back - ie; no guns, no militia - there is no risk of an organized uprising on the part of the people that can't be crushed by the federal or state government or the local law enforcement thugs that will be engaged to suppress your protests and throw you in their jails. 

In the end, whatever side you come down on regarding gun control, what we are experiencing as citizens of these United States is a massive reduction in our freedoms, an outright assault on our Constitutional rights, a government that has overstepped its bounds in regards to our privacy, who is taking our property without giving us due process, who is spying on American citizens - all things which would have caused our forefathers to take up arms and revolt. Yet we remain sheep. We watch it happening and we are doing nothing. 

A few strong men and families have had the courage to stand up to the government, despite its attempts to intimidate and harass and violate their rights and steamroll them into submission. They are few and far between, and as you would suspect, they are characterized by the mainstream media and the news as radicals or crazy or loonie in some way. They are ranchers in Utah, Arizona and Oregon. The government shot and killed LaVoy Finicum who was a leader of a land use protest at an Oregon wildlife refuge. He publicly refused to pay for grazing rights. Two weeks after that, the government detained and charged Clive Bundy, the Nevada rancher who led an armed standoff on his property in 2014. 

These are not things that happened in 1875 or 1975. We're talking about 2014, 2016, 2017!

Maybe you have to be a bit nuts to take the kind of heat that you get when you tell the government to "get off your land" or "leave me alone" when they want you to submit to them and give up your rights or your property. It's a hard thing to do - stand up to the government - especially when they are standing in your driveway or on your ranch with guns and badges threatening you. I applaud the ones that have done it. I suspect more of us will have to do the same as time goes on. 



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