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                      CLIMATE CHANGE -                                    THE BIGGEST SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVE CON JOB IN HISTORY


When it comes to taking your money, the left is brilliant. They have a formula that we've identified and have laid it out for you here.

They choose issues like "Climate Change" or "Social Justice" or "The Environment" - big, huge topics/issues that have widely diverse opinions, no general agreement within the scientific community as to the validity of any one, no specific causal factor, and they adopt it as "their" issue and run with it. They set it up as something that cannot be ignored, and if we do, people will die, and the solution is...wait for it....a new government agency and more tax dollars to fund it. They know that people are emotional beings, not rational beings, and they take advantage of that by telling you that we - as humans - MUST solve this issue. They get you to believe that these issues are solvable by government intervention, legislation, regulation, and of course, taxation in order to create the agency (like the EPA) to "solve" whatever the massive issue or problem is that they're talking about. Drugs, crime, homelessness, save the whales, save the birds, pollution, the environment, save the trees, whatever. Allof these issues have all proven themselves to be UNSOLVABLE by government intervention of the progressive kind for one simple reason. Progressive solutions are not designed to solve the issue! Solving the issue means the agency is no longer needed! 

Democrats don't shut down agencies, they like them to go on forever. Agencies created by politicians are places where they can give their friends jobs and huge retirement packages for life. They have the ability to make government bureaucrats and politicians rich. This is really going to make a lot of liberal snowflakes very, very angry, along with a bunch of old hippies that bought into the SAVE THE PLANET bullshit in the 70's, but we're calling all of that stuff nothing more than a massive con job. A con to take your money and put it in their pockets. They did it, it worked, you fell for it, and trillions have gone out of your pockets and into theirs since they started doing this. 

Sorry Hippies, you were conned by the very people you thought were groovy in politics. They conned you. They stole trillions of your tax money and they created massive agencies that have - almost all of them - failed. Yet they're still here! They have hundreds of thousands of employee's and they continue to spend billions of your dollars and get huge salaries and huge pensions for life while you, well, you may not have it so nice, right? Where is your lifetime retirement income package? 

So here is how the evil plan works: Phase I is to pick a massive issue that cannot be solved. Then claim to have the solution. Phase II is to position the issue so that opposition will look bad for opposing it. Phase III is to market it with slick marketing campaigns and names. Phase IV is to get it passed into legislation and create the massive agency that will supposedly "solve" the unsolvable issue and hire all your liberal buddies and friends - by the tens of thousands - that will, of course, go along with the con and happily vote Democrat forever more. And of course, the solution is not designed to actually work, so the agency goes on and on forever. And because of "the cause", it's hard to oppose it and call it a waste. Who wants to come out and say the Environmental Protection Agency is an ineffective, waste of money that solves nothing? Not many politicians have the guts to do that, but Trump did, and he cut the agencies budget by a massive number. 

Let's talk about the number one con of all time, Climate Change. Of course there is climate change. The climate always changes. The earth is not a static place. That's the big con!!! The left wants you to believe that we are doing something wrong, that we are the causal factor, that it will be cataclysmic unless we do something about it, and of course the solution costs trillions of dollars over time. It's a brilliant plan, but it depends upon things that the left always leans on to launch their insane, cause-based, costly con job programs: 

1. Ignorance of the facts (stupidity of the people)

2. Appealing to emotion (always easier to scare people than talk about the facts, especially if you don't have any facts to back up your thesis)

3. The ability to "market" the "product" (like Global Warming or Climate Change) in such a way that it's hard to attack it, or by attacking it, the opposition looks like they don't care about the environment, or animals, or trees or pollution, or fish, or birds, or whatever the left is pushing at the moment.

This positioning is important. It's the first thing to look for and recognize as it sets the trap with a narrative that puts any potential opposition into a very uncomfortable position from the get go or even stop it before it starts. One has to watch carefully for the positioning of the narrative, how they set the trap for someone that disputes their position by making them look insensitive or uncaring to those that are naturally sympathetic subjects. Imagine putting forth legislation to remove a substance from the air that is supposedly known to cause birth defects. If you don't agree, then you obviously don't care about babies or pregnant mothers. Even though there may be no FACTS to back up the claim of the birth defects, that's not the point of the narrative. The narrative's positioning itself prevents opposition and allows for the fleecing of the taxpayer. All good politicians know this. 

The second thing to look for is the solution. Does it involve government? Of course it will. This is when you know you're being set up for a very costly, government based "solution" for something that, ironically, may actually have no basis in fact - and therefore THERE IS NO NEED FOR A SOLUTION! If it weren't so true and so costly, it would almost be funny.  Of course, the solution never has a time frame attached to it, and even if it does, it's just there as a lie to make you feel alright about approving of it. 

The final thing to look for is how much this new government agency that will solve this massive problem will cost the American taxpayer. They won't want to talk about that, but if they do, just asking for a figure will make you look insensitive. After all, how much is it worth to have a "clean environment" and "save the earth" from imminent destruction? This will be their answer. It works. It sells. And it has for a long time. But now its time to wake up and get smart and stop the insanity. 

This is how they operate. You got it now?  

The truth about climate change is that over time, especially long periods of time, the earth will warm and/or cool - but not because of anything that you or I do. One must understand that the human impact on the earth is small. Miniscule, really. Microscopic. Anything we do, the earth shrugs off relatively easily through its own self-cleaning mechanism. Events like Volcanic eruptions - which we don't create - have a much larger impact on the earth than anything we do. Forest fires, floods, earthquakes, rain, storms, ice, gravity...these are events and natural processes that impact the earth. But even those are eventually swallowed up by the earths natural ability to clean the air, the water, and the decomposition of most materials over time. Remember, what we do does impact the earth for a short period of time on a relative basis. Maybe one lifetime. It is only the arrogant leftist idiot environmentalists that actually believe that our actions are meaningful enough in the overall scheme of things to have a disasterous permanent effect on the earth. Even if we dropped 100 nuclear bombs on each other, we may wipe out human beings, but within 5-10 decades (no time at all on the relative time scale), the earth will be just fine. The devastation will have been cleansed and overgrown and washed away. Our structures of concrete will have crumbled to dust, the contamination in the air and on the ground will dissipate, and the earth will once again be fresh and clean and new again. 

It's the ultimate arrogance on the part of the left to actually believe that anything we do will have a meaningful impact on the earth. But they actually are smart enough to know this! As is the case with the left in many way, the thing isn't the real thing. Saving the planet isn't the real reason for the narrative. The real reason is to create a massive government agency, employ a bunch of less than qualified idiots, minorities, immigrants, and snowflakes that do nothing, produce nothing, but take take take from those that do. It's socialism. It's a way to transfer wealth from the haves to the have nots. Unless it is military-based, almost every agency in the government can be looked at as a social program to employ Democrat loser snowflakes. That is what a government agency is - socialism. 

I will concede that making something like 1 million plastic bottles a month and dumping them into the ocean is stupid, ugly, and means that there will be large garbage fields found out at sea - but even these will eventually dissolve and be gone without a trace within a few years after we have left earth. Many of the problems and issues that the left dreams up cannot be fixed by setting up a global organization and individual agencies within every country (like the EPA). Fixing the problem isn't the goal. Which is why an unfixable, pie-in-the-sky issue like global warming or climate change is the perfect issue for them to focus on and try to sell you - an unfixable issue means the money train - the transfer of wealth - will continue forever. The agency will never go away, and yet another method of permanently taxing the people and their corporations has been successfully implemented. 

You must understand that these government solutions to problems that may actually be unsolvable, like Climate Change, are really just massive programs to extract money from corporations and give it to the government or in the case of the Paris Accord, transfer American wealth to hundreds of other countries and destroy our competitive advantage in the world economy. It's a way to tax companies - who then pass the cost onto individuals - without raising taxes. It's the entire reason that the EPA exists. You didn't really think that the EPA cares about cleaning up the environment, did you? Like all bureaucracies, they only care about one thing - to continue taking $8.14 BILLION of your tax money and paying the salaries and benefits and pensions and expenses for its 15,376 employees. Like all good socialists, Obama hates corporations.  So it is no surprise that under Obama, the EPA budget skyrocketed and he weaponized the agency to sue and fine corporations unlike anything we've ever seen in our history.

When someone on the left is talking about Climate Change or just about anything else, ask them what their solution is and how much it will cost taxpayers over the next 50 years. Listen to them appeal to your emotions instead of providing you with facts. Listen to the solution - it will be a government run solution, legislation, restrictions, penalties, taxes.

The left has never met a massive issue like drugs, climate change, pollution, the environment that it didn't arrogantly think it could solve with lots of your tax money. The problem is, if they had a solution, then the agency they create would solve it, and then not need to exist anymore. But how many agencies have been decommissioned? None. In fact, the government hasn't solved crime, poverty, homelessness, the environment, drugs, or education. It has failed in every one of these areas. Throwing more money at education, police, the EPA - the solution preferred by the Democrat Party that has run our major cities for the last half century - hasn't worked. We keep funding the EPA with trillions of dollars and all they do is fine companies for nothing and then fill their pockets with the fines. It's a tax, a transfer of wealth, and the socialist progressives just love it...and stupid Americans and Europeans keep on buying into the con. But we don't have to KEEP on buying it. 

When are we going to put an end to programs and agencies that are obvious cons and don't work? Let's call them what they are...social services for the Democrats and the bureaucrats and their buddies. How many of these people would actually be able to find similar pay and benefits and pensions in the real economy? I mean, look at them. Seriously.

Keep in mind that nowhere in our Constitution did it call for the federal government to set up an EPA or an FDA or most of the agencies that now suck trillions of our hard earned capital into a hole that grows ever larger year after year. Trump is the first President with the strength of character to question these ineffective programs, call them what they are, and start to put a stop to the insanity and talk about CUTTING the budgets for these anti-business enormous bureaucracies. His pulling out of the Paris Climate Con was a good step in the right direction. His EPA budget slashing of over 30% is also a good start. 



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