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                                                             - Chris Lowe, Bonner and Partners

Well it's official. According to the nations largest bank, Chase Bank, if you do business in cash, you are a suspicious person and we need to investigate you, report you and shut you down. And it's not just Chase - all the banks are going this way. The government just made Chase do it first. The government wants to track all your financial transactions, the law enforcement agencies want to easily be able to look into your life this way, and the government wants to be able to EASILY grab your money away from you in an instant. This is why they're doing this. They can't do that if you have cash or gold or silver coins in a safe deposit box or a safe in your house or buried in your yard or at your bugout location in the mountains. 

Here's what they just did: 

Chase, the largest bank in the USA, has just banned cash payments for car loans, home mortgages, and credit card debt. That's right - you can't go into your branch and give them cash for your house payment - they will not accept it. Why? Because you must be a drug dealer. Or a criminal of some other kind. Maybe you're taking money from Al-Qa'eda and using it to pay off your house, so your a likely terrorist or - even worse - a money launderer for terrorists!

It has also banned the storage of ANY CASH OR COIN IN SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES. Now, I thought that my safe deposit boxes were private. Hmmmm. In order for them to enforce this, they must also already be allowed to look into your safe deposit box. I wonder if they've already done that? I guess what's in your safe deposit box isn't covered under privacy laws any more either. 

In fact, the truth is, this isn't really Chase Bank doing this - you know that, right? This is the good old USA Government. They don't like cash, they don't want you to have cash, and if they can convert all your cash to digital form, they will. Then they can track all your money, all your transactions, all your movements, and if they can come up with something that looks suspicious to them - they can take it all - any time they want. That, my good friends, is what it really going on.

You ever have your accounts frozen? Or worse, have you ever had the government simply SWEEP your account of all its value without any warning? I have. Just try getting it back. You can't. You won't. Well, maybe you will if you spend enough in legal fees and fight them for long enough. 

After the financial crisis, there was a major change in the US banking system. The Government bailed out the banks, but the bureaucrats used it as a power grab. They grabbed your privacy rights as it related to your money and your property. They also turned the banks into their collection arm for the IRS, the DEA, the DOJ and just about every other three letter agency of the government. They are now nothing but an arm of the US Treasury and they do not work for you, they work for the government. You are nothing. They don't care about you, they are not afraid of you. They are VERY afraid of the government, who can shut them down in a heartbeat - or fine them billions. This is why, if you have a dispute with the IRS and don't pay your taxes, they allow the IRS to sweep the accounts without talking to you. No warning! When you question the bank, they just shrug their shoulders and say, "Well, you'll have to take that up with the government."

The banks are not on your side, they work for the IRS, the DOJ, the DEA. Get that clear in your head. All of the banks. All of them.  

Here's how all this regulation that is supposedly to "keep us safe from terrorism" or "protect us from drug cartels" can easily all go wrong. The bank is required under the Bank Secrecy Act to file a Suspicious Activity Report to the Government if they "think" that you "might" have done transactions under $10,000 to avoid the reporting requirements they have for cash deposits for that amount or more. Have you looked at the intelligence level of some of the people at these banks? Some of these folks are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. Say you own a liquor store that does around $8,000 per day in sales, and about 50% of it is in cash every day. You're making cash deposits of $4,000 per day. What if, in their stupidity, one of these idiots at the bank sends one of these reports in saying that you're regular cash deposits are "suspicious". Now you're a money laundering terrorist suspect! Your account is frozen. Maybe they even come after ALL of your money and sweep it out and say that the activity appears to be drug related and under Civil Asset Forfeiture laws, it now belongs to the government. On top of that, they say that they THINK your liquor store is a drrug dealing or dispensary area, and they take your store and all its inventory and sell your liquor license and inventory. Sound far fetched? It isn't. It happens EVERY DAY to honest, hardworking business people. No wonder the guy who owns the liquor store doesn't want to deposit the cash - even though he WANTS to deposit it and claim it as income, he runs the risk of being pegged for criminal drug or terrorist activity if he does! If he doesn't deposit the cash, he's a tax evader. Which is he more afraid of? The drug charges and losing everything. So now our government has become so insane with its paranoia and regulations and intrusiveness that it's making honest people choose which criminal act to commit in order to stay alive and in business. Absurdity? Insanity? You bet it is. Am I exaggerating? Just google Civil Asset Forfeiture stories and see for yourself - there are 373,000 results. 

Now there may be another reason for the government putting massive controls on cash and currency and it just isn't that complicated or far fetched. When there is a pending massive financial crisis, the government want to have control over capital and trap it before you can protect yourself from it or make sure you don't have the flexibility to do so after the "crash". Look at our national debt!!! There may be more to this than you initially thought. How are we going to pay that back? Maybe simply by confiscating 10% of everyone's assets? Easier to do when all your assets are digital, right? Maybe they just freeze everyone's accounts after all the cash is out of the system and do some sort of reset. Whatever it is, they have to make sure they control it and that YOU can't operate around it. Regardless, these moves are massive intrusions into our private lives, they are a violation of our privacy in a big way - this isn't just listening to your calls or reading your text messages and emails - they already do that. This is looking into all your private activity financially, all your transactions, all your money, where it is, how you have it invested, and being able to get it into THEIR hands quickly if they want to. The next thing we will hear about is that they want to get rid of the $100 bill. That will be your HUGE RED FLAG.  

I prefer the theory that the left wing is behind this and the deep state is executing upon the left's desire to have easy access to your money since they don't really think of it as yours to begin with. After all, the right to privacy is now essentially gone. The government can snoop on every phone call, every text, every email and use it against you if they wish. They have been working very hard for years to get rid of your right to be armed, so that right is going away if they remain in power. It already is essentially gone in the big cities like Boston, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Why is it so far fetched as to believe that the next Constitutional right they will take away from you is your right to private property? What's yours is theirs. As Obama said, "What you've built you didn't build by yourself"...the government has some rights to what you built was his implication. You OWE it to the government to pay them. That's what they believe! 

Either way this is troubling. I have heard some ideas from prepper friends that will remain confidential. One is to buy silver coins with cash from your cash business at a friendly coin dealer that doesn't report transactions. Put them in a safe that YOU own at one of YOUR properties. Buy gold also and do the same. Store your cash in a safe as well. Have a lot of safes at a number of different places. Rent storage facilities where you control the lock - the older ones still let you come up to a door and use your own key in your own lock. Get a number of these facilities and put safes in them. Bury a safe in the woods! Hell, whatever you do, just make sure you're not stupid enough to put something in a safe deposit box at a bank or think that the money in your bank account is "safe" from the government in any way. It's not. If they want it, they can take it. 

If the government continues to restrict our rights or eliminate them, if it continues to cross FURTHER over the individual privacy lines that it already has violated, and if it continues to CONFISCATE OUR PROPERTY AND OUR CASH WITHOUT DUE PROCESS as it has been doing for the last several years using Civil Asset Forfeiture...the American people will eventually rise up. Maybe we won't. Maybe we're all too much hooked on the government mommie complex of hooked on the government crack cocaine of free stuff. maybe there aren't enough of us that will be outraged enough to fight back. I don't know, but it feels like we're nearing that point in time in which we at TotallyRight.us predicted a "Revolution from the Right."  Be prepared for it. There may come a time when you may have to make a choice...for individual rights - you know, the ones in our Constitution, or be one of the sheep that allows the government to get out of control, crush your right of free speech (First Amendment), take away your right to protect yourself (Second Amendment), eliminate your right to have private property that you own, eliminate your right to privacy (already gone).  

Which liberty or Constitutional right will be the tipping point?  






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