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Well, here we are on our one year anniversary, and we're frankly blown away by how things have progressed. We have ignored what might be considered politically correct and have called things as we see them from our "totally right" point of view.

Here's what we've covered over the last year:  

First, we've covered an historic election and called it RIGHT - or TOTALLY RIGHT - by sticking with the Trump Team and supporting and promoting him. We had our doubts along the way, but we got the result we wanted. Mostly we felt that the most important thing was to get a Supreme Court Justice in place that would protect our Constitutional rights.

We got him. 

In addition to the Supreme Court pick, we covered skyrocketing crime in Chicago, the numerous crimes and scandals on the left including those at the DNC and the Clinton Crime Family Syndicate. We covered the failure of Democrat run cities all across America and have called for a change. They've had 60 years and they've screwed it up. Time for new leadership. We've covered California and its unconstitutional gun laws and insane elected politicians such as Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi. That's been fun because they give us lots to work with! We've outed public school teachers that are using their positions at taxpayer funded schools to put forth their liberal views and bend our children's minds to vote for Hillary or resist Trump. We feel strongly that this is an abuse of their position. We've stood up against Civil Asset Forfeiture which we believe is the government in cooperation with dirty law enforcement in a scheme to take our property without due process. We have shown that gun control doesn't work and we've written extensively about it and proven statistically that it doesn't work and is actually the wrong direction. Gun Free Zones are nothing more than killing fields, and a very bad idea. Gun control is not about guns, it's about making you give up your individual constitutional rights and submitting to the power of the government when it is the government which is supposed to be submitting to the power of the people at all times. That is ALL that it is. If they can get us to submit, then what constitutional right will be next. Your property? Your right to free speech. Your right to be left alone and not be harassed by an over zealous, ever growing, constantly encroaching government? 

We've attempted to educate our readers to another view of what may really be happening in our government - a view that you haven't and won't hear from the mainstream media, the true plot and evil plan of the left which involves destroying virtually everything that our country was founded upon, destroy or totally weaken the Constitution, and create a world government, run by the leftist elite bureaucrats, forcing us to give up our sovereign rights as a nation and abdicate decisions to the UN as Obama did so many times, hiding behind them, using them to circumvent our Constitution. All the while they will be trying to sell you on some lies about how Utopian their society will be and give you enough free stuff to win you over and make you dependent upon the government, just like a crack addict needs his dealer. 

We have taken a very strong, albeit sometimes unpopular, view on Islam and its destructive nature to western society. We have called out the European countries for not protecting their citizens from this Islamic scourge. We question how it is that a religion that calls itself peaceful is responsible for more violence and human atrocities than anything else on earth at this moment in time. 

We wrote extremely popular articles on why our founding fathers wanted you to have a gun and why California is at the heart of the criminal illegal immigration and voter fraud that the Democrats have been promoting for so long. And for some reason, you can't get enough of Maxine Waters: A Democrat Idiot on Full Display, an article we wrote some months back. It must be getting passed around by Omar Navarro's campaign people.  

We identified Venezuela as a failing socialist state early on and have sadly watched it continue to spiral down into the abyss. Socialism doesn't work, and our young people don't seem to understand it, but the people in Venezuela understand it very well. They can't get food or medicine. The country has run out of toiletries for God's sake. 

What started as an idea to voice all the wrong we felt Hillary and Company had done in the past and how she simply couldn't rightfully be our President, has grown into a significant body of opinion pieces on Constitutional rights, individual rights, government intrusion, immigration, politics, economics and society. 

We have seen our page views skyrocket. What was a few hundred unique viewers has turned into tens of thousands of unique viewers. According to my IT guys, page views have skyrocketed up over 9,000% over last year, and last year was the election! That's one hell of a trajectory. Last month the number of RSS feeds hit a new record. We've been picked up by TheGunFeed.com more than once for our pieces on 2nd Amendment rights and other gun related articles. We are being read all over the world. Hannity and Fox are routinely reading what we're writing and then building segments around our topics which routinely air two to three days after we publish! Well, maybe that last one is a bit much, it sure seems that way at least! The arc of our growth is exciting and humbling. We never know what piece is going to really resonate with the public, so it's exciting to see what articles grab you and get passed around FB and other sites.  

Don't forget, the items you see linked at the bottom of our articles are items we have used, we own, we've tested, and we swear by. The only financial support we have is the $ we get from Amazon.com that comes from the items you buy there through our site. 

We thank you and as always, 





Former DNC Head Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT Guy is Arrested Trying to Flee the Country!!!

Former DNC Head Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT Guy is Arrested Trying to Flee the Country!!!