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Obama Officials Socialist Samantha "The Unmasker" Power and Susan "Race Card"  Rice = Democrat Spies for Obama and Hillary?

Obama Officials Socialist Samantha "The Unmasker" Power and Susan "Race Card" Rice = Democrat Spies for Obama and Hillary?

SEnator Tom Cotton says that when it comes to the unmasking (spying on Americans illegally) investigation, it will be revealed that Susan Rice is the Typhoid Mary of the scandal and illegal activity. We agree. But we also think that she was "infected" by Obama and Hillary, more likely Hillary, as it was her campaign that was at risk and she was paranoid that she could potentially lose and wanted dirt on all the potential threats to her becoming President. One way to get the best dirt is through spying on all of them - including Trump and his campaign people and inner circle - and using the sitting President and his people - like Power and Rice - to do it. We thank that is a quick summary of what really happened, and if we're wrong, we'll publish an apology, but we think we're pretty much dead on right here. In fact, Totally Right. 

We already know that Susan Rice is a bonafide liar (Benghazi) and that she will basically go on television and tell lies to the American public at the direction of Democrat leadership. She did it at least 5 times for Hillary Clinton in re the Benghazi matter, telling Hillary's lies for Hillary all over television over and over again. She was quite eager to get on TV and tell those lies. She's much less eager to answer for her actions as director of the NSA under Obama. Her appearance was supposed to take place yesterday, yet it has been mysteriously "delayed". We also know that she will pull the race card and the gender card as she's already done it, saying all of this is just because she is black or a woman.

Susan - they're only out to get you because you're a lying crook.

Susan Rice: You overstepped the bounds of privacy while at the NSA, unmasking people that you have no business snooping into and then reporting it to the President. That's spying on Americans, and its illegal and we're going to bust you and Samantha Power for doing it, and we're going to make sure we get it out there that Obama was involved and that he knew damn well what you all were doing. Remember, its hard for a man like Obama to act stupid on any matters now, since he spent his entire career telling us that he's smarter than all of us, knows better than all of us, and was essentially the most arrogant President in American history. 

We are going to bust you , too, Samantha Power. As Ambassador to the UN, Power essentially was responsible for enacting and executing Obama's foreign policies at the UN and, as it seems to be rurning out, was responsible for ordering a lot of unmasking - something that a UN Ambassador would not normally have a lot of cause to be doing according to experts. What she alsoi did, while at the UN, is ruin our relationships with long term strategically important allies that Trump now has to heal, she abandoned Israel and weakened its position at the UN. She used her position to spy on Americans that might be considered anti-Obama or were Republicans, such as Trump and people in his campaign or who were his advisors and then illegally leaked that information to the press.  They did this, at the order of Obama, in order to make sure they had dirt on potential rivals to the Democrat party or Hillary's run for President. They intended to, and did, use this information gleaned by spying illegally we believe, on Trump and others - to try to derail any potential candidate opposition to Hillary.

You're about to hear about private testimony of Rice and Power about their unmasking and their spying on Americans. The left will try to spin it "It was part of their job" and "There was no wrong-doing". But the facts will be that they DID use their positions to SPY ON AMERICANS, and they did it on the order of the White House/Hillary in our opinion - otherwise why do it? The White House/Hillary wanted to know dirt on potential candidates that could derail her train ride  to the Presidency, and so they broke the law. Nixon was impeached for this and the following cover up. This is no different. These people should serve time, and Obama should be punished in some way. It makes me sick that we have to spend millions of US tax dollars protecting that traitor and his wife as they jet set around the world and vacation on multi-million dollar yachts. A traitor has never had it so good. 

The fact is, these traitors and spies among us in the Democrat Party are just going to lie before Congress, take the 5th, or they're just going to obstruct and refuse to answer questions, the same way that Loretta Lynch did every time she was brought before Congress, and there was nothing that Trey Gowdy or Jason Chaffetz could do about it. They didn't serve a day of time, they weren't even brought up on charges FOR ANYTHING. The Committees have proven to be POWERLESS against anyone in the Obama or Hillary criminal camps. The powerlessness is frustrating and this has to change. People - the American people - see this and they now feel like there is rampant corruption in DC, and that the people there including both Republicans and Democrats are not treated the same under the law as a regular person. This is tragic. This undermines faith and trust and the perception of equality under the law and encourages lawlessness at every level. It especially encourages the Democrats to break more laws because they see that they can't be touched! 

Remain Vigilant America!!!




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