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When we were kids, most of us were taught that cops are the good guys, that cops are your friends, right? 

Well, they're very often not your friend at all.  

What has become apparent to me is that the CONSTITUTION is your friend, and the rights laid out in it are your shield. Cops on the other hand, when they pull you over, when they come to your door, when they start asking you questions, are usually looking for some way to BUST YOU. Because that's their job and that's how they get rewarded. They want you to give them PERMISSION to enter your home or search your car or go into your back yard. And they are really slick about it. So in order to protect yourself, I've laid out below a few things that my research with constitutional attorneys has uncovered that will protect you from cops trying to be slick and get you to give up your Constitutional rights and then search around and find some reason to bust you. 

Rule number one - if at all possible, always VIDEO a traffic stop or an encounter with any cop that wants to talk to you about something.

FIRST: Whenever you encounter a cop who may have stopped you or come to your door - state the following: "I do not agree to a search of any kind." State this clearly and state it over and over again if necessary. Cops can be very slick with their words. "Hey - I just want to come in an talk to you for a minute." "If you have nothing to hide, then why not just let me look in your trunk." "I'm sure you won't mind me taking a look in your backyard, right?" All very slick, very benign sounding, all designed to psychologically get you to comply and say "OK". DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. By stating clearly that you do not agree with a search of any kind, you are asserting your 4th Amendment right. Unless a cop finds probable cause, he cannot just stop you for no reason, he cannot just come into your house or into your car or onto your property for no reason. He has to TELL you why he stopped you. As you know, cops always ask "Do you know why I stopped you?" Always say "No, I don't". Make them tell you. Never offer up a reason. Never. If they can't tell you a good reason why they stopped you, then you can ask to be released and drive on. Now keep in mind, if you come to the door with a bloody knife in your hand, that will give them probable cause to come into your home, so don't be an idiot. If you like to smoke pot, for example, don't keep a pile of pot on your coffee table in plain view of the front door...that will give them probable cause. So although the fourth amendment is strong, you can't be stupid. 

SECOND, even when they give you some BS reason or make up some probable cause and start asking you questions, you MUST say the following: "I don't have to answer your questions and I want to talk to my attorney." This is you asserting your fifth and sixth Amendment rights in one sentence. Right there, at that moment, you've stopped his or her ability to keep questioning you. They will usually get REALLY pissed at this. They want you to comply with their slick attempts to get you to give up your rights and let them search you, your car, your house, etc. They want to keep the dialogue going with you so they can say "he said this, or he said that or his words were slurred" or any number of things. Remember, they're really slick. They say things like "If you have nothing to hide, whats the problem with me just taking a look in your trunk?"...or taking a look in your house or you property. Unless they have a search warrant signed by a judge, they have no right to come onto your property, into your home, or search your car (with the exception that if they see something that gives them probable cause. And believe me, they are looking around like crazy to find anything that they can use as probable cause. A knife, a gun magazine, anything that they can use to order you out of your car and complete a total teardown search of your car or your house. So no matter what they say, you keep repeating "I've done nothing wrong, you have no probable cause to stop me, and I don't have to answer any of your questions and I want to speak to my attorney." At this point they're going to start to use other tactics - like yelling at you, or threatening you. They will claim you're not being cooperative, but in fact, all you are doing is stating your rights under the Constitution. They hate that, but it is what protects you from allowing them to just come into your home or car any time they want and look around. Our forefathers fought the British to stop this nonsense, and over a million people have died in wars since then to maintain that right for us. 

THIRD AND FINALLY: The last thing you should know and do in any encounter with a cop is to say, "I don't agree to stay here with you for any reason. Am I free to go?". If they cop can't seem to find probable cause, if he cannot force you to give up your rights voluntarily - even through using anger and threats to throw you in jail - he cannot detain you without a reason and has to let you go. If he says, yes you're free to go - GO - NOW!! He might say, "I'd like you to wait while my boss gets here" or "Can you wait a bit until my drug dog gets here?" None of that is OK. You say "Ar you detaining me? You've just said I'm free to go, you're not detaining me, so I'm leaving" and leave. 

Now, he might make something up - cops lie all the time - so don't be shocked when he does. But the facts are, since you hopefully have this on camera or have a witness, even if he makes something up and handcuffs you and takes you to jail, he will not prevail in court. The court will throw the case out. 

The point is, unless you VOLUNTARILY give up your constitutional rights, they can't be taken from you by the cops. Cops are well trained in how to very slickly get you to allow them to search your car, your house or your yard, or your garage. They're experts and making you comply with them. Don't fall for any of it. Simply stick to the script. 

I   don't agree to a search of any kind. 

I don't have to answer your questions and I want to speak with my attorney

I don't agree to stay here with you for any reason. Am I free to go?

If you do this, and you have it on video, your attorney, no matter what the cops do to you, will have a huge advantage and might just get your case dismissed on the grounds that your Constitutional rights were violated. Cops are constantly violating people's constitutional rights, using threats and anger and such to get you to comply and voluntarily give them access to your car or home. They often lie in court and say that you gave them permission even when you didn't, which is why the video is important. Remember, they don't want to look bad, so they will lie, and they do lie - according to any number of defense attorney's I've talked with. 

The cops are not necessarily your buddies. Especially the young ones since they all seem to have a chip on their shoulder and are trying t impress their superiors with what a good cop they are. And although I run the risk of being a called a misogynist, watch out for female cops if you're an Alpha. They can be your worst enemy. 



Obama Officials Socialist Samantha "The Unmasker" Power and Susan "Race Card"  Rice = Democrat Spies for Obama and Hillary?

Obama Officials Socialist Samantha "The Unmasker" Power and Susan "Race Card" Rice = Democrat Spies for Obama and Hillary?