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The Left has been successful at making the NRA out to be some big bad boogeyman, a gun rights organization that doesn't care about gun related deaths and the like. They really have done a decent job of making the NRA out to be a real villain. After all, they hate that there is an organization that stands in the way of their desire to ban guns - and therefore ELIMINATE a Constitutional right that is laid out clearly in the US Constitution. What most people don't know is that the NRA assists in the fight for other Constitutional rights as well. They have partnered with the ACLU, for example, to fight for the elimination of Civil Asset Forfeiture - which is really just fancy words for "the government stealing your cash and property without due process." In fact, over 80% of people that have their property or cash stolen from them through this government and  law enforcement scheme are never charged with any crime. 

As a result, this creates a very strong argument that EVERY American should support the NRA regardless of whether you like or hate guns. The real question you have to ask when contemplating joining the NRA is whether you like the Constitution of the United States and your right to free speech, freedom of religion, freedom not to have your house or car searched without probably cause, freedom to protest peaceably, freedom to speak your mind verbally or in writing, freedom to own your own property and not have it seized.  If you value your freedoms, then you value the very same principles the NRA stands for and fights for every day. 

The NRA spends most of its time fighting for a particular Constitutional right. The fact that it is the 2nd Amendment is almost irrelevant. Over years and decades and centuries, some rights will be under attack more than others. In our current lifetime, it just happens that the 2nd Amendment is under attack by the left on a constant basis, but what if it was the 1st Amendment, the right of free speech? In fact, we are beginning to see a rise in violence - from the left - to suppress people's right to free speech right now. What if it was the 4th Amendment, the right not to have someone from the government - like a police officer - just come into your house and search it without probable cause? What if that started happening in ever increasing numbers? Wouldn't you want someone - some organization with a lot of money - to fight that? I know I would! The NRA does. The NRA fighting for ANY Constitutional right gives weight to the importance of ALL Constitutional rights, and you and I benefit from that every day and should support that with our money. 

So, just because for now it's the 2nd Amendment that is under attack, and the NRA happens to be the lead organization that is fighting to maintain that Constitutional right, who is to say that in 10 or 20 years the 1st or the 4th Amendments won't need to be defended the same way? The government jack boot law enforcement thugs may be trying to take away your rights and saying they are "just doing their job" - just like the Nazi's did. It can happen, it does happen, and over time, it will happen again. This is inevitable because government, as it gets bigger and bigger, intrudes more and more into our daily lives, telling us what we can do, where we can do it, how to live and how not to live, what to eat and what not to eat, what we can drive and what we can't, how much we have to pay for this and for that, taxing things that THEY decide are sins like smoking and drinking. New York taxes soda's. Not good for you, supposedly. No actual proof, no study, no vote by the people. Just put the tax down on everyoone. And taxes like this, and like the tax on cigarettes and gasoline impact the poor WAY more than the rich. So these liberal leftists that claim to be "for the working men and women of America" are full of crap! Taxing guns and gasoline, limiting how much we get of all these things, making us submit to approvals and wait lists to track how much ammunition we buy. Would you like it if the government said you can't buy dairy products unless you submit to a background check? And then, when you do, they limit how much cheese and milk you can buy in any one month or any year? And then they track you? What if they said that if you're Catholic you can't buy cheese? This is what is happening in our country, it has already happened in California where individual rights and Constitutional rights are irrelevant to the leftist Nazi's in charge of the government there and the number of rules, regulations, rising taxes, things that are being taxed, restrictions on movement, on privacy - are all reaching epic levels. 

Every American, if you like your freedom and your privacy, should be very upset with ANY attack on your rights and freedoms - your right to free speech, your right to privacy, your right to bear arms and protect yourself, and your right to due process. All of these rights are VERY MUCH under attack right now. The police can take cash that's on your person or in your car and just claim that they think it's drug related. They can also take your property if they "think" your property is involved in drug crimes. If you show up at a Trump rally, protestors show up and spray you in the face with mace. This is an attempt to shut you up - cut you off from your right to peaceably assemble and use your right of free speech. It's happening now. Right now. 

Our right to privacy was severely compromised by President Bush and the Patriot Act. After 9-11 the Patriot Act was passed with the idea that we had to cut off the funding of terrorists and we had to monitor communications better so we could intercept international terrorist plots. Instead, what has happened is that ALL of your communications are now being monitored. Your phone calls, your text messages, your emails. All of them. Your bank account is being monitored. There is no privacy with your money anymore. The government can come and look into your account without your approval, can freeze your accounts, can take your money, and just say that they think you may have done something illegal. Your local cop can stop you coming out of a casino where you just won $15,000 and TAKE YOUR MONEY stating that he thinks that you may have done a drug deal and that this is drug money. You will have not been given any due process rights, the money will be turned over to the federal government who then kicks back around 80% of it to the local cops that took it from you - and they use if for new equipment and other things like trips to Hawaii for conferences. You can fight to get it back, but it will take years and you will likely never see it again and you'll spend 100,000 in legal fee's. This is wrong. But it happens every day and its called "Civil Asset Forfeiture". What it should be called is "Government Stealing Without Due Process". 

There are countless stories of people that have been victimized by this. A small businessman taking $50,000 in cash in his trunk to a meeting where he was buying a restaurant business. He was stopped and the money was taken. He was an asian immigrant and this was all the money he and his family had saved for years to get their own business. PBS has covered this and Fox Business News John Stossel has recently covered this in detail. Over a billion dollars of people's money and property has been essentially confiscated by the government. The NRA and the ACLU have BOTH fought Civil Asset Forfeiture together. This is why, without the NRA, its not just about guns. Its about ALL your constitutional rights, and frankly, if you're not a life member of the NRA, which only costs around $500 and can be paid over time, you're not being very Patriotic. Over 80% of people who have their assets forfeited (stolen) by the government are never prosecuted or even charged with a crime! (Study of 500 cases by Pittsburgh Press) The potential for abuse is massive. The collusion and kickback scheme between the Federal government and local law enforcement to make this happen without any recourse upon them so that they can enrich themselves by stealing your property or your money is astounding. The abuser is the DOJ and the local cops and sheriffs. They can seize your property with just a "suspicion" of illegal activity. That is not a very high bar for a cop to hurdle. They're suspicious of everything anyway! 

What should occur RIGHT NOW is new legislation that doesn't allow any asset forfeiture property of money grabbed by local cops and sheriffs to come back to them in any way. This will eliminate their incentive to rob you. Further, any property or cash they do grab can only be held for 30 days, and if they don't charge you with a crime and set a trial date within 45 days, then they have to return your money and property. This will prevent them from taking money without having a crime attached to it, and it will stop them from circumventing your due process rights under the Constitution. 

Take your Constitutional rights and freedoms seriously. The NRA does and it spends its money to wield a ton of power over government and government elected officials. Over 1 million soldiers have died for this nation to protect our Constitution and our way of life. They took our Constitutional rights seriously enough to die for it. Shouldn't you take it seriously enough to contribute to an organization that will protect ALL of your constitutional rights, starting with the ones that are under attack right now? Respect that, be a patriot, and help in the fight for ALL your rights. 




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Obama Officials Socialist Samantha "The Unmasker" Power and Susan "Race Card"  Rice = Democrat Spies for Obama and Hillary?

Obama Officials Socialist Samantha "The Unmasker" Power and Susan "Race Card" Rice = Democrat Spies for Obama and Hillary?