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Our country is an amazing place and our founding fathers set it up so that radical things like a Trump victory could happen so that their most important work would be preserved and not destroyed by the likes of crooks like the Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and the Traitorous Socialist Obama. A country like ours is founded on freedom, and in that freedom is strength...but at the same time freedom  is a fragile thing...it can be lost without someone - and a nation of someones like you and I - who are aware of how fragile it can be and be willing to stand up and fight for it - whether against external forces or internal ones.  Right now, our country's most important foundations are being attacked by BOTH external forces of jihad and the internal forces of Progressivism - which is really Socialism, led by the Democrat Party. They so badly want to tear down our great nation that they are actually working TOGETHER to destroy America. The Muslim Brotherhood and other jihad nations are providing billions of dollars to the Democrats. The co-head of the Democrat National Party is a muslim. The Democrats have become the useful idiots for the Islamic Jihadists because they can be bought. And some of the Republicans have proven they can be bought, too. Never has it been more important to stand up and fight against both the internal and external forces and anyone in either party that tries to deny us the freedoms that our forefathers and God bestowed upon us all.  

As we go through our days now, and as the MSM continues to pound on our man Trump, making up stories about Russia that have no basis in fact, while the liberals put on plays that portray Trump being killed, while liberal journalists show total disrespect for human life by writing #HUNTREPUBLICANS in the press, we have to stay clear about how important the Trump victory was to our Constitution, to the vision of our Founding Fathers, and how important it is to all of us that work hard, pay our bills, work two jobs, pay for kids college, go to church, try to raise our children in the face of liberals teaching them outrageous things in our corrupted public schools. 

We have to remember the way we felt on Election Night 2016. This is how we can remain strong and vigilant. Remember the joy and the amazement and the gratitude you felt that night. Remember how you thought that God had worked a miracle, because he did. 

I remember my family sitting in our living room watching as the state by state returns were coming in. None of us felt that Trump really had much of a chance - after all, the corrupt media and the Clinton News Network had is all worked out mathematically for us! Remember how they said "There is no path for Trump to get to the number of delegates he needs to win. Any way you look at it, there is no path to a Trump win." How many times did we hear that? 

And for awhile, it looked like that might be true, but even then, it was still close. But Trump needed to pull off a miracle. He needed to win states like Ohio, where the idiot Governor Kasich himself would not endorse his own parties candidate, even though he had previously promised he would. He needed to win Michigan, which hadn't voted Republican in like 60 years. He needed South Carolina, Wisconsin. If you were playing pool, you would say that in order for Trump to win he would have to "run the table". 

Then, one by one, they started to come in. Trump wins South Carolina. North Carolina. Wisconsin, Michigan., Ohio, Pennsylvania, and then, to turn the dagger, Trump takes Michigan. Oh my God! We danced around the living room, we hugged each other, I had tears of joy and so did my woman. We were in shock! He did it! He did it! 

For 8 years we had a President that talked a good game, was able to rally the poor against the rich, black against white and essentially ivide the nation along race and social status lines. He travelled the world and cowed to leaders of Islamic nations and apologized all over the place to nations that he felt we had wronged over the centuries. In his actions, he worked to dismantle everything that we felt was important about America. He weaponized every government agency against us. He HATED Americans and America it seemed. He hated businesses and the people that worked hard to build them, taking the credit for what they built, saying that "you didn't build this". In his twisted and sick mind, the government has a right to your money because they let you build your business on American soil. What a twisted view of the world.

He weaponized the EPA in a scheme that was nothing short of a money grab on corporations. He weaponized the IRS to attack his opponents. He weaponized the Department of Justice to cover up for the IRS scandal. His Attorney General, Eric Holder, was the first AG in American history to be found guilty of obstruction of Congress. He was fired. Loretta Lynch was brought in and she was even worse, covering up the Clinton email server scandal, covering up the IRS scandal, weaponizing the FBI and other intelligence agencies against conservatives, and now we're learning that she and other members of the Obama/Clinton Crime Syndicate were spying on Americans, probably illegally. He jammed ObamaCare down our throats, forcing Americans for the first time to pay a government agency for a product or service whether we wanted it, or needed it, or not. A pure government takeover of one of America's largest industries! What the heck!??? And he then said that if we didn't pay it, he would use the IRS to penalize us and take away our homes if we didn't pay for it.

He hated the entrepreneur, literally saying that what the entrepreneur created he didn't create on his own and that he owed some of his success to the Government. This arrogance, this belief that the bureaucratic class was more important than anyone else in our country, was always palpable with Obama. His moves with Iran, where he went around Congress and essentially signed treaties without Congressional approval, were treasonous moves. He was caught giving Iran billions of our money in secret, in the middle of the night, on secret planes, and when he was caught, he didn't care. He just said we owed it to them from the 1970's. This man gave the number one sponsor of terrorism, islamic jihad terrorism, billions of our dollars, and didn't notify Congress. If these actions are not the actions of a man bent on deconstructing our nation and putting it back together as a muslim nation, I don't know what more he could have done to prove his true intentions. The book that should be written now is "A Jihadist In the White House." Maybe Sean Hannity will write it. 

Imagine our relief from this oppression when Trump won! Imagine how the market would react! Imagine how our country could grow if we had lower taxes and less regulation! We literally felt like there was now FINALLY hope again. Hope for jobs, a better economy, more take home pay. Maybe we could have a good life again instead of this malaise that we experienced for 8 years under the traitor. 

We have to remember this feeling of joy and exultation we had that night, because the left is going to come at Trump - and us - every day. We have an election coming in 2018 and we have to win a solid majority in the Senate. We MUST REMAIN VIGILANT AMERICA!!! Trump happened for a reason. It was a miracle. Miracles don't just happen.  They happen for a reason!



Democrats: Conduct Unbecoming Civilized Humans

Democrats: Conduct Unbecoming Civilized Humans