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The Democrats are becoming more and more out of control. Their followers rant and protest. Nothing is too out of control or over the top for them. Promoting disrespect and violence against police officers (Black Lives Matter), setting things on fire and destroying public property (Berkeley), physically attacking conservatives in the crowd (everywhere), pepper spraying conservatives, showing pictures of the Presidents severed bloody head on national television (Kathy Griffin)...there is nothing that is over the top, nothing that counts as "too far". They've lost touch with reality, they've lost the respect of anyone that was brought up to have respect for property and our President and our police officers. They've become human waste in our opinion, not worthy of being given the time of day. Kathy Griffin is a perfect example of a liberal today. A do nothing, a self righteous moron, someone not at all funny, just annoying and idiotic, someone that does nothing to better our economy or our planet or humanity, but whose actions are dangerous, subversive, destructive and downright disgusting. She couldn't have done anything more disgusting even if she took a squat in Times Square...and I guess she won't be visiting that place again since her actions got her fired from her NY Eve gig she had with Anderson "I Like It In My Pooper" Cooper. As far as we're concerned, both of them can go to hell without passing "Go". 

What the liberals are actually protesting isn't quite clear, they just feel like protesting something, so they protest Trump. They just don't like him, so they've become truly unhinged without much substance to what they're complaining about. When you ask them specifically what they're protesting about, its nebulous, unclear. Trumps racism. Trumps hate for the environment. Trumps this and Trumps that. It's never something without Trump being the cause of it. I think what it boils down to is a frustration that Hillary lost, and they just can't deal with it. Well, when Barack the Islamic Traitor was elected, we didn't show pictures of his severed head to his daughters, we didn't protest...in fact, we wished him well because in the old school, we were taught that if the President does well, even if you don't like him, that's good for America and therefore good for us. I guess the old school is gone now. The Democrat progressive liberal communist socialists have no clue how to be classy and how to pull for America or how to pull America together. Obama taught every one of them how to divide, how to use race and money to divide. He taught them how to disrespect the police through his actions. He taught them how to be anti-American and he showed tham, in his actions, that being anti-American was alright. 

Well, it's not alright. And 60 million Americans voted to say that it isn't right. 

Republicans and conservatives may not have been happy when Barack Obama came into power, but we didn't march in the streets and hold up pictures of his bloody head or burn the American flag or incite riots like Black Lives Matter does, or create superPACs like Hillary's new scam called "Onward Together" which is really another Clinton Crime Family money grabbing vehicle to raise  money for the Clinton Crime family. They, like other liberals,  have to create this money scam entity to raise money because they offer nothing of value to the real economy...like jobs or work or products or services that anyone is willing to pay for. The rest of us have to create value, do the hard work, build the houses, plow the field, raise the chickens and cows, create a product and sell it, hiring people to help us grow. Liberals don't do that. They get subsidized. They take money from the government. They lecture at colleges which pays them from what? Government funds. They hold public offices and get paid by... the government. They work for law firms that get paid...by the government. They sue people. They make TV shows that promote gay families and the gay lifestyle and nothing that honors the traditional family. They belittle the role of a man in the family. And they would NEVER do a show that actually puts God at the center of a family's life. That would be just unheard of. 

This Onward Together superPAC is just a personal piggy bank for the Clinton Crime family masked in a resistance movement against Trump instead of something that actually stands for specific values. It allows Hillary to raise billions and not report who the money comes from. It allows her to spend the money any way she wants to spend it. It allows Soros entities to funnel money to Clinton without it being seen. It allows Hillary and Obama and Soros to fund progressive attacks on our Constitutional rights, our freedoms, and meddle in our elections. It doesn't give to charities - the Clintons actually tried that scam and when the heat got to hot they closed the Clinton Crime Family Phony Fraudulent Money Laundering Foundation and shredded all the documents. Hillary is good at disappearing evidence, remember? Her new scam doesn't create anything of value for our economy like a product or service. It is simply and clearly the Clinton Crime Family personal bank account funded by ignorant snowflakes who go online and contribute $5 each, and jihadi-sponsoring nations like those that contributed billions to her phony baloney Charitable ISIS Money Laundering Foundation a few years ago while she was Secretary of State, selling access to the US Government and our uranium to the Russians. Putin must be laughing all the way to the bank on that one. And Hillary handed it to him on a silver platter. He's just smarter than her. It's that simple...and that's how that happened. He knew she would take the $145 million his people "donated" to her charity and in speaking fee's, and he got the deal done. He now controls 20% of the uranium that is under the ground in the United States. 

Progressivism is socialism. Hillary is a socialist, a Marxist communist. She even dresses like Dr. Evil. She and Obama are truly the most dangerous people in America to America.

Throughout history, our world has shown us that socialism doesn't work for the people. The insidiousness of socialism is that it proclaims that it is for the people, but in fact, it is a means for bureaucrats at the top of a political hierarchy to control money and power and people. It is a means for those liberal elites, those socialists, to make themselves king and queen. All the money goes to the government. The government solves all your problems. You become dependant upon the government. The government makes sure you have food and water and shelter and a job, not the free market. The government takes care of you. It also tells you where you can live, what you can do, how much you can have - regardless of how much you contribute to our economy - it tells you what you can have and what you  cannot have. It is not a free society. And this is exactly what Hillary and Obama and Tom Perez and Nancy Pelosi want. Total control over you and your life and your money. 

If you think I'm full off it, just look at California to see what a socialist government state looks like. Watch how it operates right here on our own soil. Highest taxes. Most restrictive laws governing your freedoms. Skyrocketing poverty and homelessness. You want to see how well socialism works, just watch how California is faring. Budget deficit. State is on the verge of being broke constantly and what does the government do? It raises taxes. Punishing the very people it claims to want to help. A gas tax, a cigarette tax...these don't effect the rich - they are devastating to the poor and California just passed  them both. As a percentage of income, an increase on gas and cigarettes is a huge tax on the poor, but California's governor doesn't care and neither do any of the Democrats that run this state. Personal rights? You can kiss them goodbye. The state of California is systematically ignoring the Constitution of the United States and removing and limiting personal freedoms one by one. Within 10 years you will not be allowed to have a gun - any gun -  in the state of California if the Democrats have their way. After they disarm the people, what right will they take next? You're right to own a home? Sure - maybe you can live in one, but it isn't really yours in their mind. It's property of the state of California, and you can have it as long as you pay insane taxes for it. You're right to free speech is already under attack, just look at the University of California, Berkeley! A conservative voice isn't allowed on the campus. You get punched, sprayed with pepper spray, attacked physically if you wear the wrong hat or support the wrong candidate. 

You want to watch what it looks like to have a Democrat Party run a government completely unchecked? Just watch what is happening in California. It's a Democrat Party run state without any check on what laws they pass. They don't care about the Constitution of the United States. They don't care about the Federal Governments rights and powers, they simply ignore them and issue laws opposing the Federal governments laws and powers. Is the state getting to be a better place or worse place to live? Well, according to the most recent study, homelessness is up over 23% in California. People can't afford rents, which have increase 75% since 2000, while real incomes have dropped 3% during the same period. Good job Democrats. You're doing great for the people of the state of California. NOT.

Watch California if you want to see what a socialist government run amuck looks like. Freedoms disappearing, taxes skyrocketing, infrastructure crumbling, poverty skyrocketing, illegal immigration actually being supported by the government? Yes, it is. California just earmarked $15 million of your tax dollars to provide legal defense counsel to illegal immigrants. Who the hell approved that? The Democrat run California government and its nutjob Governor. The average citizen of California certainly did not. 



UPDATE 6-4-17: News has leaked that the Democrat Party and its leadership in Congress have quietly gone to Hillary Clinton and told her that they would prefer she stay off television, stop doing interviews talking about how the Presidency was "stolen" from her and all the 25 different reasons why she lost. We think its hilarious that Hillary's own party has finally had enough of her BS and is telling her to STFU!