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Khalid Sheik Mohammed Told Us How They Plan to Take Over Western World - Only Fools Ignore Him

Khalid Sheik Mohammed Told Us How They Plan to Take Over Western World - Only Fools Ignore Him

The famous "mastermind  of 9/11" known as KSM was interviewed by US officials in 2006, well after he was done with the last of his terror attack planning. In his interviews, he told our people exactly how Islamic Jihadist would take over the West, first probably in Europe, then finally, the United States. 

He said that the best method would be to flood our countries with immigrants, then wrap themselves in our welfare programs and human rights protections. This would allow them to continue to worship in their own way and get money to sustain themselves through obtaining our tax dollars and then proceed to out breed us. They would breed and breed, raising little jihadists, and wait until the right time to rise up and attack us. He called our structural openness and our kindness to outsiders a "gift from Allah" to the jihadi movement - weaknesses that Allah had built into our system for them to exploit in pursuit of the ultimate goal of Islam, which is, of course, total world domination and a world run by Shariah Law. 

So here we have the plan, spoken simply and plainly and directly by one of the leaders of Al-Qa'eda, the man that master planned the 9/11 attack. With this knowledge, with this plan clearly outlined by one of the captured leaders of the movement against the West by radical islamic terrorists, what did our President Obama do about it? Nothing. In fact, he befriended Islamic nations. He gave them money in the middle of the night, without Congressional approval, in cash, using secret airplanes loaded down with pallets of cash so large that they required to be wrapped with plastic to hold it all together. President Obama couldn't write them a check or wire the funds, as that would have made him open to prosecution for treason, so he leaned on foreign banks - whom he wired the money to - who then converted our dollars into Euro's and other currency, which was then loaded onto the planes overseas and delivered to Tehran in the middle of the night. That's right, it was delivered to the capitol city of Iran, the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world. THE NUMBER ONE STATE SPONSOR OF TERRORISM IN THE WORLD!

How can this happen, and there be no repercussions to the former President?

He signed a nuclear deal he signed with Iran - also without Congressional approval - by going around Congress and using the UN as his method for getting "approval" for the deal.  This was simply and clearly a means for Obama to get a deal done with Iran that would lead to it becoming a nuclear power eventually, without having to go through Congress, which is the law for any President signing a treaty. Any President that wants to sign a treaty of any kind with a foreign entity has to run it by Congress. But not Obama! He found a way to get it done without even asking Congress about it once. 

Our former President was clearly in the camp of supporting the total overthrow of Western society as we know it when you look at his actions, and ignore the lies he used in words. If you focus on his actions, all becomes clear. Apologizing around the world for America. Giving money to our enemies and doing so secretly. Circumventing our Constitution to get his evil deeds with Iran done. There has never been a President more evil than Obama or more dangerous to the values upon which this nation was founded. 

Now that we have revisited the ultimate plan as laid out by KSM, what will we do about it? Why are we even listening to the left, who wants more refugee's, more immigrants, from these horrid nations  filled with animals that want only to eventually overthrow us and kill us, who plan to infiltrate our schools and our politics, taking advantage of our openness and our kindness and our welfare system and our legal system to protect them and feed them while they plan for the uprising. After last night in Manchester UK why would we listen to an open border discussion again from the left? They're killing our children for Christ sake! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

And you thought that preppers were crazy? They're not. You thought that III percenters were a bit "off"? They're not. The risks to our freedoms from both inside and outside our nation have never been higher. The risks from within come from the Democrat Party which is funded by Islam and led by Islamic jihadists Keith Ellison and Tom Perez who co-head the DNC. The Clintons have already proven their willingness to take Islamic money in exchange for whatever the jihadists seem to want. That's what the phony Clinton Family Fraud Foundation was built to do - take in Islamic money and do their bidding from within our government. Now, that's what Hillary's new "onward together" PAC is all about. Overthrowing the conservative party, pushing "progressivism" which is the same thing as socialism or communism only probably worse, overthrowing the rights given to the people in the Constitution. This is the goal of Progressivism. Centralize power and money in the government. This is EXACTLY what our founding fathers feared and were adamant about protecting against...and we're letting it happen now in this country. It's shameful and it has to be stopped. The Clinton's the Obama's, the Chuck Schumers, the Nancy Pelosi's must be stopped and checked. The State of California has to be stopped and checked - its run 100% by Democrats from top bo bottom and its ignoring everything about personal freedoms and ignoring Federal laws designed to protect our citizens. 

The second major risk is from outside. This is where the immigrants come in. They establish the beach head in the US, take over certain cities (likee Dearborn Michigan), infiltrate the schools and the local and national governments, then wait for the word to attack us. The attack will be a coordinated attack from terrorists abroad and terrorists inside our country. They will use whatever means necessary to shut down our grid, turn us into a third world nation for a time and overthrow our country. Lord knows our police are too weak to do anything about it. They're cowed to the winds of politics already and don't do crap except to write reports on what happened after the fact. They've been politicized. Our leadership in DC will have been paid off, like McCain and Ryan and Pelosi and Schumer so they won't act against the uprising. They will be on private jets to Switzerland when the SHTF. 

So that leaves us, the American people, here on the ground to handle it. Like we did the first time around. You know the reason they are called the III percenters? Because it was only 3 percent of our nation that took up arms to defeat the British. Just 3 percent fought the British, the mightiest of all nations on the planet, and we won by some miracle. These were the people that made America great. They established our nation as a sovereign nation  and they gave our leaders, which were men of learning and great intellect and vision, a chance to establish a fragile, but potentially powerful, nation of laws and freedoms governed by a Constitution. The next time we were faced with armageddon was when Hitler was bent on taking over the world. Another great group of men and women in this country stepped up and sacrificed and fought to the death to preserve our Constitution and the American dream. What I'm saying is that we are just about there once again. With the Democrat Party being the party of Islamic jihad, we are almost at that cross roads where the enemy has buried itself deep inside our government now, and one man named Trump is not going to be able to solve it all and root all of them out. At some point, we may see ourselves in a very strange place, a civil war of a type which we have never seen, here on our soil, socialist progressives on one side, trying to overthrow the Constitution and our sitting President, and conservatives on the other, trying to preserve what the founding fathers set in place...namely OUR FREEDOMS. 

Are you going to be a III percenter? Are you prepared to stand up for our rights and freedoms as our forefathers laid out? Or will you tell your wife to put on her headscarf? Will you allow our nation to be run by Islam and our country governed by Shariah Law? Well, what are you willing to do? 


BTW - KSM is still alive, and is housed in Guantanamo Bay, which of course, Obama wanted to close down. Before Obama left office, he let a number of the detainee's in Guantanamo Bay be released, many of whom are now suspected to be back with their terrorist groups killing Americans, Christians, and westerners throughout the world. Another "success" by the former Traitor in Chief. 



Democrats - "America Last" Party - Still No Agenda or Leadership for American People

Democrats - "America Last" Party - Still No Agenda or Leadership for American People