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Recently the Dems have been floating the idea of Michelle Obama possibly running for President in 2020. We threw up in our mouths when we heard it. 

This is the First Lady who said that she stopped being ashamed of her country only after it began to support her husband. She regards America as a racist, sexist, homophobic nation, and supposedly has said that "the only thing wrong with America is the white people." 

This is a woman that was a member of the board of a radical racist group call the Third World Center while at Princeton...and let us not forget that she was admitted to Harvard Law School and only because she was given preference because of her skin color. That's right, some white woman didn't get into Harvard Law even though she was more qualified...because Michelle Obama is black and we had to make up for the bad things that our ancestors did to her ancestors. Yet she's ashamed of our country. White people are the problem. RIGHT. 

This is the woman who said on national television that her whole life she has been oppressed, that she has been told "no" her whole life, that ALL black people have been told these things. And because of this, people of color live in a constant state of fear that they're not good enough because that's all they've ever been told. 

What a bunch of CRAP!

WAKE UP. We're all told we aren't worth a shit by someone in our lives unless you're a sheltered little snowflake, so get over it and suck it up and contribute something of value to the world instead of making more hate and more division. Increasing racial tension and being a racist isn't a legacy you want, but it's the one the Obama's have certainly earned by constantly playing the race card.

Michelle, you were told "YES" to get into Harvard Law because you have black skin, weren't you?  How's that oppressive, you racist pig! You ungrateful woman, how dare you say you've been oppressed your whole life. Shame on you! All you ever do is play the race card. It's all you know how to do. It's really sad that the race card is all you got, girl! You're goal appears to be to constantly relive the slave era and to divide people along racial lines, and to inflame people. It's getting old. We're tired of it. Get over it. It was 150 years ago and you've been given EVERY opportunity and plenty of assistance by our government before your America hating husband and you came into office. You've had plenty of opportunities and privileges afforded to you over others so you could make something of yourselves, and many of you - including you - have used those handouts, those privileges, to get ahead. We don't blame you for it, but shut up already about your phony oppression. It's time to make the playing field level again because now the people that are starting to get ready to rise up are white people, because they are the ones being shut out of opportunity and they are getting tired of you always playing the race card. 

And if you run for President - you will get hoisted upon your own petard. We will hang you by your own racial comments, your own racism. We will point out that you flew on innumerable private jets, at taxpayer expense, to go shopping in NYC and Paris and elsewhere. We will point to the pictures of you and Barack on the billionaires yacht and we will call you a fake and a phony - we will call you out when you pretend to be the friend of the common man, because you're not. We will point to your husband first criticising Wall Street, then taking $400,000 from Cantor Fitzgerald for a speech. We will point to the $60 million you and your husband have earned for writing a couple books. You're elitists, you're left wing elitists and we have the proof. Millions in tax dollars to fly around the world and shop, go on luxurious vacations. You and Barack have leached off the system for long enough. Just go away and stay away. That is what the majority of Americans want. Move to Tehran...after all, the Iranians and other muslim countries appear to be more important to you than America. 

I didn't think it was possible, the the Obama's are like the racist black trailer trash version of the Clintons. 

Well I for one would like to see our country return to its roots where you are chosen on the basis of your talent and ability, not your skin color. It's time for ALL skin color bias to be eliminated in the admittance process at schools. Blacks have had 50 years of preference and privilege. Enough is enough. Why are we making white people who never had anything to do with discrimination pay for the sins of generations ago? Also - my grandparents and parents and great grandparents didn't own any slaves or discriminate. They were poor and lived in Michigan. The worked for a living like anyone else. So why are my children paying the price for what some southern cracker cotton plantation owner did? 

When they go low, the Dems go even lower, and Michelle Obama is the worst of the scum they've got. A one trick pony that can only pull the racist card out of her purse that she stuffed with taxpayer dollars and who is now trying to exploit the American capitalist economy for her own gain despite saying she hates it. You can't have it both ways, Michelle. Either love America or leave it. We would prefer you leave it because you're divisive, you're filled with racist hate, and we would prefer you take it elsewhere.

If you want a black female President, might I submit that Condaleeza Rice, who can run circles around Michelle Obama intellectually, and who never relied upon her race to get ahead, would be my choice. And just so you know that we're not racists over here at Totally Right, we would vote for Condi in a heartbeat and help her win any way we could, if she would only run! Not likely to happen. Imagine if the Dem's put up Michelle and we answered with Condi? I can hear Michelle now: "What the hell am I supposed to do now, Barack? I can't pull the race card, I can't pull the gender card like Hillary did, and that's all I've got!" Lord I hope she runs. It will be fun to destroy this black racist America hating loser.