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Obama said he was going to have the most transparent administration ever. He lied.

The lies and cover ups of the Obama administration are now so numerous that its getting hard to keep track of them. Most recently, we are now discovering  that our National Security Advisor, a person charged with making sure that America is safe and that Americans are safe around the world, lied - and knew she was lying - when she told America that there were no chemical weapons in Syria. We know now that there were because Assad just used them on his own people. She wasn't alone in her lie however. John Kerry said the same thing. And so did President Obama. 

Susan Rice is just one of the habitual liars that were given jobs by the Traitor in Chief, Obama. This is just the tip of the iceberg of lies coming out of Susan Rice alone. Remember, she was the liar in chief for the Benghazi affair. She went on 5 different television shows on a Sunday morning to tell the WORLD and the American people that the attack on the CIA compound and the killing of the US Ambassador and 3 of his security people was not a jihadi or ISIS attack, but was caused by an anti-muslim video. It turned out that this is the story that Hillary and her team dreamed up when they found out how bad it was going to look that Hillary, then Secretary of State, didn't do her job and come to the aid of 30+ US citizens trapped in a gunfight in Libya, and instead, left them all there to die. She got off because the investigations were run by Loretta Lynch. Also, Hillary herself lied to get herself out of hot water during her testimony on Benghazi. 

Susan Rice outright lied about unmasking American citizens for Barack Obama, essentially weaponizing the CIA and the FBI and the NSA for political gain. Senator Tom Cotton calls here the "Typhoid Mary of the Obama Administration Foreign Policy". In other words, she's a super villain. Not one indictment.  

Now, let us turn to Hillary. As Secretary of State, she took money from foreign entities, people and governments into her personal, that's right, her PERSONAL charity, in exchange for access to her, and favors from her. One of these favors was the selling of 20% of the US uranium to a company that is now controlled by Putin himself. That's right, she sold 20% of OUR URANIUM - and asset owned by all of us US citizens - to the Russians, in exchange for approximately $135 million in contributions and speaking fee's paid to her foundation adn her husband. Not a bad deal for the Russians, a great deal for the trailer trash couple from Arkansas, but a crap deal for all Americans and America. 

Then she lied about her server and 30,000 emails went missing. She had them deleted by her attorneys using a program that wiped the hard drives clean forever. And she did that AFTER she was told not to destroy evidence! Are you kidding me? That alone should be indictment number one. 

She lied to Congress and to the American people. When asked by a coal miner about her comment about putting him and his buddies out of work, she couldn't even step up and take the heat and admit it. She said that her comments were taken out of context or were misunderstood. What a bunch of total BULLSHIT. We all saw through it, saw her lie on camer to this man and to us. And now she wants to blame her loss in 2016 on mysogeny and the FBI? How about this theory on your loss, Hillary: You're a crook and a liar and your ego was so big you thought you could get away with it all. you were wrong. Your loss should be just the first part of the pain you feel for the rest of your wicked life. The next part should be called "The Indictments". But there have been none. 

Now let's not forget that Barack Obama did the nuclear deal with Iran, allowing the number one state sponsor or terrorism have the ability to get nukes eventually, and he did so by going around the US Constitution. A President is supposed to get approval for treaties from Congress. Instead, Obama used the UN, a phony organization set up by the left in the first place to eventually rule the world according to leftist ideology. So Dictator Obama gets the UN to OK his treaty without Congressional approval and thumbs his nose at Congress and the American people because, after all, in his arrogance, he knows what is best for the nation and doesn't need to consult with the people's elected officials in Washington DC or find out what the people of America themselves might think of it. He KNEW we were overwhelmingly against it, so he had to find a secret around the back way to get it done, proving once and for all his love for Islam is supreme, above the the interests of America or Americans. 

And let us not forget Barack Obama's SECRET PAYMENT of cash, in the middle of the night, flown into Tehran on unmarked planes, of $1.5 billion dollars. Cash that he said we owed them. Cash that he paid to them, like a dictator would, in secret, without Congressional approval or notice. Cash that will no doubt go to sponsor yet more attacks on our soldiers and innocent people throughout the world.

Let's not forget the weaponizing of the EPA against corporations, the weaponizing of the IRS against conservatives and the subsequent cover up, Operation Fast and Furious under Eric Holder as attorney general and the subsequent cover up attempt by Obama administration, and finally, the Obama led practice of having the DOJ fine companies, but then making companies pay the settlements not just to victims, but to liberal friends of Obama which Jeff Sessions just stopped.  

Not one indictment of Barack Obama. He has never been called before Congress to testify. And he should be. At the very least. So much for your transparent administration, Barack.

Loretta Lynch? Well she turned out to be one of the most successful obtructionists in history as attorney general for Obama. She obstructed Congress, she stonewalled them, she essentially wouldn't answer any questions, mo matter how simple. She double talked the double-talkers. She made Trey Gowdy and all the supposedly badass Republicans on the committees look like fools. They yelled at her, they chastised her, but she beat them, she bested them. Doesn't make her a good person, in fact, it makes her complicit with Obama and Hillary, part of the Democrat Crime Family Syndicate that should have multiple indictments, and has none. Not one. Not even for those Democrats that have admitted to or have been downright caught red handed lying to Congress or the American people! 

So today, we wonder, at what point do we bring indictments and charges against former members of the most corrupt administration of all time and their two main leaders, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? 


And America....REMAIN VIGILANT!!!


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