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I can't tell whether this coming revolution in the US will be isolated to just California, or if it will simply start there and spread nationally. I can feel it, though. The seeds of a revolution are already planted. Most intelligent friends and associates are stocking up on provisions and ammo. They feel it coming. In fact, throughout most of the nation, the feeling that "something big" is coming is palpable. It's been brewing for a long time.

The forgotten people, the 'flyover nation" as it is called by Dana Loesch, hard working tax paying law abiding God fearing praying Christians - forgotten by the Left, minimalized by the Left, ignored by the "in power" Republicans like McCain and others who are essentially in the pocket of the Left and whom have gone along with the Lefts agenda, allowing it to happen without so much as a peep. This is the group that came out in droves for Trump, and this is the group that has had enough of Black Lives Matter, "safe places" for snowflakes, liberal left teachers poisoning our children's minds, removal of our Constitutional rights such as the 2nd Amendment, open borders, taking care of illegal immigrants before our citizens, a welfare state where it pays NOT to work, free housing, free phones, free food and free cash to those that don't work, slots for minorities in schools over more qualified non-minorities. Our women are made to feel bad because the believe in the Bible, because they believe in family and what it means to be woman in a family. God forbid she actually believe in a traditional family in the Biblical sense - where the man is the protector, the provider and a strong leader of the family!. These are just a partial list of the grievances of a marginalized, but very large group of Americans that are about to boil over with rage against the left.

The division in our nation is obvious. Our nation has almost never been so divided, and this has occurred for several key reasons. Obama was the great divider, the biggest divider of our nation in history, pitting the rich against the poor, black against white, black against police, Muslim against Christian, as a method of gaining power using the Alinsky "chaos" model. The Democrat Party has been taken over by Islam and Islamic money. Islam, and its imbedded belief in Shariah Law, cannot coexist peacefully with Western Culture - or any other non Muslim culture to be honest. We all know this to be true. This is a truth that men like Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill spoke to the world about very clearly. Islam has a history of 1400 years of human rights atrocities, barbarism, rape, murder, violence, bombing the innocent, female genital mutilation, stoning of women, beheading of Christians and Muslims alike. 

There is no living in peace with Islam. I believe that there are peaceful Muslims, but to date, they have done NOTHING to sweep their own side of the street and put a stop to the radicals born within their own religion and in their own neighborhoods.They have just stood by and allowed the radicals to take over and do the horrible things that they do in the name of Allah. This is very different than other religions. There are no Buddhists, Christians, Jews making tapes of kidnapped victims heads being cut off. Christians are not blowing up buildings. Christians aren't putting women and children into slavery and saying it's Gods will. Muslims are. And the atrocities are worse than what I've just described. 

The problem therefore, is that peaceful Muslims are going to experience discrimination and worse until and unless they do something about it, which so far, they have not. So although I intellectually know that there are peaceful Muslims, I cannot tell which is peaceful and which wants to kill me and my family. Until the Muslims themselves ACT to change this and police the radicals out of their own religion, all Muslims are going to be subjected to discrimination and racism. This is sad, but this is what is happening and its not my fault or your fault - its their own fault. This is what they get for doing NOTHING of substance to eradicate the cancer that grows within their own religion.  The absolute best commentary on Islam and Terror is Dennis Miller...its on the mark and hilarious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucweexNqbgg

California has the largest population of Muslims, followed by New York and then Minnesota. California also has a massive number of illegal immigrants from Mexico, and there is an undercurrent here in California that is very close to bubbling over. That undercurrent is a hatred of the illegal immigrants from Mexico that are taking jobs and taking resources from legal citizens and taxpayers in this state. Combine this with the fact that California has accepted the largest number of refugees from Syria and you push the good citizens of California even harder to the right. 

California also has draconian, unconstitutional laws on the books, and adding more every day, which are essentially designed to disarm the population and infringing upon the people's Second Amendment right. Government oppression begins with the elimination or radical limitation of Constitutional and God Given rights and freedoms. And its happening in California in a big way. It's gone way beyond being a "nanny state". It's become oppressive and intrusive. Every little thing you do is governed by some law. This is NOT what the forefathers had in mind. In fact, they had the OPPOSITE in mind. They didn't WANT intrusive government. They didn't want a law for every possible human action. They prized FREEDOM above all else and having an oppressive set of laws, governing every little thing you do, is oppression, not freedom. Hear me on this. It's become insane, and you know it. There are laws in California governing virtually every human action and they have, one by one, step by step, eliminated your ability to be a free person in this state.

Finally, the state of California has some of the highest taxes and an insane regulatory structure in place making it financially unfriendly to individuals and practically impossible to live with for corporations. New taxes have been levied on the people of California without any vote of the people. The state legislature, which is controlled by the left, simply imposes the taxes and this goes unchecked by anyone. They do whatever they want in California. And its ruining the state and making a huge percentage of people very, very angry. Remember taxation without representation? That is what it feels like to conservatives and Republicans in California. And the people that these consumption taxes hurt the most are the poor and the middle class. So your Democrat Party, running the state of California, who portrays itself as the party of the people, is absolutely not. Their taxes crush the budgets of struggling hispanic families and single mothers, blacks, and the white middle class. 

 You know what happens when people feel like they are being unfairly taxed? First, they look for ways to cheat and get around paying the tax. After that, things get a little more dangerous. The people revolt. We did, as Americans, in our own Revolutionary War against the British, primarily for this reason. We were being taxed, we felt we had no say in what the laws were that governed us, we felt the taxes were too high and therefore not fair, and the British government was not listening to us. The British had also put down laws and regulations that created an overbearing oppressive feeling amongst the people who felt that their lives and freedoms were being intruded upon. There are millions of Californians that feel that their rights are being infringed upon with the tidal wave of anti Second Amendment legislation that the Democrat Party has consistently rained down on the people of that state. Many of these laws are now being overturned one by one as unconstitutional, but the onslaught of the left with these laws is exhausting. 

You know what happens when you start to remove, or limit, rights and freedoms that millions of people believe in their hearts are GOD GIVEN RIGHTS, and which are clearly stated as such in our country's Constitution? You get people that refuse to abide by the insane regulations that have been put upon them. When the state of California decides to go door to door and confiscate or arrest people who have refused to register their AR-15's in January 2018, or who have bought "too much" ammo according to some random bureaucrat or Attorney General in Sacramento, or bought the ammo online, which the state says will be illegal in 2019, you're going to have conflict. No law enforcement officer that I have talked to in the state of California wants to be the guy that has to come to the door of a law abiding human being, a patriotic American, and arrest him for some infraction related to a law that is essentially unconstitutional. But being the government thugs that the police are, they will come. They will relish the opportunity to take away your guns and your ammo. I'm just telling you, its coming. 

Not to long from now, California will begin the process of disarming its citizens. This is EXACTLY what will happen unless the SCOTUS steps in and REVERSES the outlandish, draconian, oppressive, intrusive and unconstitutional laws that the state of California has passed upon its citizens. If SCOTUS doesn't clarify the rights of gun owners in California, and the State begins to go door to door, it's going to get bloody. Nobody wants this. In fact, everyone I know just wants to be left the hell alone by the state government of California. This is just one of the issues creating the coming revolution that is putting it in motion, but I'm here to tell you in no uncertain terms, a civil war will break out in California if Sacramento begins to disarm people. Law abiding gun owners will not allow this to happen, even in California. 

So here are the ingredients of the coming revolution:

  • Unfair, High, and Rising Taxes Imposed by Government in Power (Democrats)
  • Benefits for Illegal Immigrants and Homeless - Government in Power (Democrats) Ignoring Tax Paying Citizens
  • Removal or Limitation of God Given Constitutional Rights Imposed by Government in Power (Democrats)
  • Racial or Religious Division, Encouraged by the Government in Power (Democrats)
  • Citizens Feel Oppressed, Over-regulated, Over-taxed
  • Unfair taxes that hurt the poor and middle class, without a vote of the people
  • Civil Asset Forfeiture - the removal of personal property and cash without being given due process and without being charged with a crime of any kind

These things create the perfect equation for a revolt and this is EXACTLY what exists in California RIGHT NOW. The stew is nearing the boiling point. Maybe these ingredients also exist in Massachusetts, Illinois, New York and Connecticut also. I think they might. Where will the first "shot" be fired? Where will the revolution start? It will probably start where a law abiding citizen is being harassed or criminalized by the left and refuses to take it anymore, and he fights back. Things could get a bit insane at that point. Law enforcement might just find that there are many citizens that will come to that man's aid. And this is how it will begin if something isn't done, if things don't change direction soon. We need SCOTUS to step in and clarify the Second Amendment issue in California quickly, and we need Sacramento to recognize the threat on the horizon that has occurred as a direct result of its failing policies, higher and higher taxes, more and more regulations...and reverse course. I have confidence that SCOTUS will do their job, but I have no confidence in Sacramento and the liberal leftist lunatics that run the state of California. (UPDATE: The state of California has, since this article was written, issued even more taxes on cigarettes and gasoline - which frankly hurt the middle class and the poor a lot more than the rich, and they have put yet more restrictions on guns.)

This WAR doesn't have to happen but I feel it coming if there aren't serious changes. Will the first spark be in California? I don't see any hope for change from Sacramento or the Federal representatives or senators we have representing California. So this war might just happen and start here. I hope I'm wrong. Sacramento can head some of this off by lowering taxes on individuals and corporations and cutting its own bloated budget. Sacramento can also start taking care of its legal, productive, tax paying citizens first instead of illegal immigrants and the Islamic refugee's that will never assimilate into our culture, have no desire to assimilate, overwhelmingly believe in Shariah Law, and overwhelmingly hate America and Americans. 

How many of you have your Bug Out packs ready? I sure as hell do. 





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