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Before Obama, never in the history of the US has a President gone from one government agency to the next and systematically weaponized each one to push his agenda. It didn't matter why the agency was formed in the first place, the new agenda of each agency became whatever Obama wanted it to be. Obama's goals were: cripple the competition and any opposition to his agenda, allow illegal immigration, allow open borders - particularly for Islamic immigrants, pay secret money to Iran's Mullah's so they can keep moving money to terrorists, increase laws and rules and regulations that advantage minorities over whites, put laws and rules and regulations in place that criminalize corporations so that he can "fine" them or order them to make reparations by "donating" the fine to one of his preferred liberal "charities". He also infiltrated the minds of school children through payments to Islamic schools and through the indoctrination of our public school children to the idea that "Islam is a peaceful religion", which we all can observe is totally false. Ultimately the  goal is like that in parts of Europe where childrens school books have been Islamacized and the teachers are required to carry their own Qu'ran with them everywhere. Obama then had the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, cover for him and his henchmen - like Hillary and the head of the IRS - before Congress over and over and over. No matter what Obama did, no matter what Hillary did, no matter what the evidence was against any them, no matter how many lies they told to the American people about Benghazi, about ObamaCare, the IRS scandal, or anything else, when Loretta went before Congress to testify about it, she covered for them. FBI investigations were so constrained and skewed by Lynch that nothing of substance was even allowed to be asked, so nothing could be said to have been found within the context of what Lynch allowed to be investigated.  It's just more dirty pool from the dirtiest President in history. 

Here are just some of the examples of where and how Obama weaponized governnment agencies:

CUSTOMS AND IMMIGRATION: The latest revelation is the US Customs and Immigration Services Department, a part of the Department of Homeland Security. Formed to ensure that people looking to enter our country are doing so LEGALLY, formed to make sure that our Border is secure, formed to PROTECT OUR CITIZENS, Obama instead appointed Leftists at every position of power in the agency. They're new agenda? Fight FOR the illegal immigrants, figure out how to let them in and get them in, even if it means that you go around the rules, as Lori Scialabba, the now departing Head of the USCAI apparently did for so many of her friends from Iraq according to Breitbart. This crook didn't care if the applicant for immigration had been denied through regular channels, she let everyone in Iraq know her email, and allowed them to email her, and she would over ride her own people who had denied an entrant and force her underlings to let them in. There are another 7-8 people still at this agency which are all Left wing lunatics that want open borders and who ALL are diametrically opposed to Trumps agenda. They have to go and go now. Trumps agenda? Simply get this agency and the others that Obama filled with anti-American garbage - back to doing what they were originally formed to do. 

The real agenda, which we like, is what Bannon said it was: The total "deconstruction of the Administrative State." Trump and Team are beginning that process, and there are so many on the Left that are still left-overs in the bureaucracy that they haven't gotten to them all yet. These left overs have a lot to lose in this process, so they're fighting tooth and nail, like the head of the USCAI did, ignoring Trumps orders, issuing memo's in contradiction to the Presidents orders within their own agencies. It's maddening and its frustrating, but one by one Trump and Team will simply have to root out all the liberal cancer cells and put them out in the street. 

THE IRS: Before this latest US Citizenship discovery, we saw what Obama did with the IRS. He weaponized it against conservative individuals and organizations, going after them, harassing them, refusing to allow them tax-exempt status or holding it up in order to prevent them from raising money to oppose him in his second term. Of course, complicit in this and all other matters of criminal acts done by Obama and Hillary Clinton, was Loretta Lynch, who was the Attorney General, covering up for Hillary, covering up for Obama, shamefully stonewalling Congressional inquiries. I have to hand it to her: It was obvious what she was doing every time she got put in front of the firing squad in Congress, but she stood there and denied and lied and the firing squad never got her. And they never got the crooks Hillary and Obama and Kerry and Donna Brazile and Wasserman-Shultz and on and on and on. 

CENSUS BUREAU: Even the Census Bureau was weaponized against corporations. Obama decided to turn this peaceful and innocent data collection business into a means to punish companies for not buying enough from minority firms, or not hiring enough minorities. IN other words, he was looking for a way to find "racist" companies, so he could punish them - extort money from them. So, instead of simply tracking what was naturally occuring in the US statistically as it relates to demographics as the Census has done for decades, Obama got a law passed that said that corporations HAD TO ANSWER the questions by law, and do so annually, in a survey that the Bureau sent around. A lot of the information they asked for was confidential, especially to a private company. I know this to be true since I got one of these questionnaires for one of my former companies. I responded to the questionnaire by writing on it: "Go FARK Yourself Obama" and mailed it back. I was shocked that Obama had taken the innocent little Census Bureau and turned the damn place into a witch hunting department looking to make companies out to be racist. I shouldn't have been surprised and now, anything we uncover about how this radical Muslim anti-American President did to our government and our country doesn't surprise me, it only makes me sick to my stomach every time another story surfaces. 

INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY: He weaponized the CIA and the NSA in his paranoid quest to find out what Trump was doing, tapping Trump phones, building a case against any of his close advisors just in case Trump might win. Well, Trump did win, and the information that the CIA and the NSA had on Trump appointee's is now being used to bring them down if at all possible. General Flynn is the first example, and they're going after Jeff Sessions as hard as they can. Other attacks will happen one by one as they go after all of them. 

Obama is now staffing up his "Anti-Trump" war office in DC. This is subversion and he is conducting acts worthy of being called a traitor after leaving office. He conducted acts far worse as President which we think were the acts of a traitor: Iran Nuke deal, Iran Secret Cash, and ObamaCare. He's now got at least 12 people working full time to combat what Trump is doing to dismantle the Un-American policies, laws, Acts, etc that Obama put into effect. The Republicans that allowed all this to happen are not innocent. They should be tossed out as well, particularly nasty bastards like McCain who allowed our military and our VA to erode to the point of embarrassment ON HIS WATCH. 

The more we discover about Obama and what he did, the more we realize that he meant it when he said he "fundamentally wanted to change America". He tried and he's still trying. He did it with things like ObamaCare, and he did it quietly with things like the Census Bureau, the IRS, US Citizenship and Immigration, and the CIA...all done behind the scenes, appointing radical liberals like himself, to run these agencies NOT for the American People, but for the advancement of the EVIL LEFTIST GLOBALIST AGENDA.

Remember, they will not give up on trying to bring Trump down. They cannot allow him to succeed. If he does, the Democrats and Global Elites will be in deep trouble for several decades as Trump and Team will have the TIME to dismantle the Deep State,  the administrative state, the liberal bureaucracy that has strangled our country and taken away the power of the people and given it to crooks like Obama and Hillary. We can never make another mistake like Obama. Never. 



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