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Paul Ryan is weak. He blew in the wind like any other career politician when it came to who to back as President, and now he's damaging the party again with his weakness, unable to create a health care bill that would pass Congress, unable to pull together the various factions within the Republican Party to get it passed. I have to say one thing about the Democrats - at least they didn't step on their wangs when they had a chance to pass ObamaCare - they put any differences they had aside and they rammed it through. Republicans are so FUBAR and arrogant and self righteous that it's maddening to us at Totally Right to see an opportunity like this - and an important one given its the first piece of legislation that would have shown Trumps ability to govern is strong - and instead they blow it. There's no excuse for it. I want to simply take them all out to the wood shed and give em what for. 

In 18 years in Congress, this weak-assed politician Ryan has passed 3 pieces of legislation. That's right - 3. It was important that ObamaCare be repealed, but Ryan couldn't do the job. He failed. Now, Americans will be stuck with it, and it is already proving to be a disaster that will only get worse. What good is health care if your premiums are so high you can't afford them, you can't go to the doctor you want to, and your deductible is so large that you will be bankrupted the first time anything major happens to your health? 

Perhaps its for the best. Since ObamaCare is a Democrat platform, passed without even one Republican vote, they own it, not the Republicans. So when it finally dies and ceases to function, and people scream for something new, or enough families have gone bankrupt because of it, maybe a conservative plan can be presented and passed. And maybe Ryan will be gone and a strong leader will be in place. It's hard to figure who that would be - since it appears that almost every guy in Congress that is in a power positions is a wimp. I do like Ryan Zinke - he appears to be a man that won't back down and would have the ability to twist your arm to do the right thing and go along when its this damn important. But he's the Secretary of the Interior for Trump and can't fill that slot. 

The optics are bad for the President in any event, and someone needs to take the fall. Since this was a plan written and presented by Ryan, he's the one that needs to go. He appears to think he's skating on this, but if I were him, I'd watch my back. If you're a Republican that will be fighting for your job in 2018, you might just have Ryan to blame for it. Trump will never trust this ass to bring anything across the goal line again. Ryan has lost a ton of political capital. His weakness is now fully exposed. 

This also has broader implications to the Republicans that are going to have to campaign in 2018. They came into Congress, many of them, and were re-elected, all of them, by Trumplicans that heard them promise to repeal and replace ObamaCare. They have failed to do that and have left a very damaging program in place that is hurting American families, and will eventually implode entirely up itself, making it the largest single bailout the government will ever have to pay for. The implosion of ObamaCare will cost 10 times more than the Wall Street bailout.

And this is EXACTLY what ObamaCare was designed to do...Fail. It was never intended to work financially. It's failure creates the need for the Federal Government to step in and provide 100% of healthcare to the American people, which is EXACTLY what the Democrats and Obama and Hillary had planned all along. Remember the Alinsky model of how you take over the government and control people. First, you control their healthcare. Then you provide them with food, housing, free phones, etc. Now you have millions of sheep, dependent upon the government for their very survival, and they will then relinquish all other freedoms you ask them to in order to stay on the government teet. It is at this point you can disarm them, control free speech, tax the hell out of the ones that have money, and take private property. This is how you begin the process of changing the Constitution and eliminating the freedoms in our Bill of Rights. 

So this Ryan failure is a huge win for the Democrats and a massive loss for the American people, and Paul Ryan is the Republican who had the job of making the right moves to correct this evil Democrat plan from coming to fruition...and he failed. Anything that allows Hillary or Pelosi to tweet out a victory is unacceptable, especially if its PREVENTABLE! It's just kills  me to give those crooks anything to talk about. We should be wiping the floor with their tears and instead Ryan is giving them little victories. 



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