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Totally Right Poised to Become Next Breitbart, TheBlaze, Drudge?

Totally Right Poised to Become Next Breitbart, TheBlaze, Drudge?

With page views, unique visitors and other online metrics beginning to soar since January 2017, is Totally Right poised to become another Blaze, Breitbart or Drudge? All we can say is that the growth has been so strong that we must have hit a cord, we must be reaching an audience and saying what they are thinking and wish that others would say but for some reason, can't. 

We try hard to be accurate, but we write a lot and we write quickly and we're not perfect. We sometimes go out on a limb and give you a prediction, or a gut feeling, but in large part, we reference our information with credible sources, and we make observations. Then we call it like we see it. We have no advertisers telling us what to do, we have no donations from anyone. We are completely self funded. Nobody tells us to "tone it down" or "edit this or that". 

One of our main observations and themes recently is that Islam is not a religion of peace as much as those on the left that are funded by Islam would like us to believe. This has caused a lot of people to probably wonder if we're anti-Islam or anti-Muslim. Well, let's be honest...we don't like the religion and we don't like the horrific things members of the religion do to other human beings. Their acts are horrific and would get them the gas chamber if done in the USA. Where they live, under Sharia Law, it's no big deal to lop off a head, mutilate a woman's genitals, or slit your throat for saying something bad about Islam. We have admitted that we think there are certainly peaceful Muslims in the world, but we also point out that no other religion we know of has spawned so many terror organizations and the peaceful Muslims will have to endure the consequences of not policing their own, not sweeping their own side of the street, not crushing the elements within their own religion, their own neighborhoods or their own families that are committing atrocities throughout the world. And until they do, we have no sympathy for the kind of discrimination they will no doubt experience. It's not on me to determine whether you're a bad muslim or a good Muslim. You're all bad until you prove otherwise, and I'm going to treat you as such simply because the consequences of not doing so is my death or the death of my family. Being politically correct will get you killed, especially if you're hanging out in "no gun zones". 

Another theme comes from the belief we have at Totally Right - that both Republicans and Democrats are to blame for the horrible shape our country is in. The Democrats are most evil in that they have an evil agenda and they have been in power for a long time and their policies have been disasters both domestically (ObamaCare) and internationally (NAFTA, Iran, the Middle East, N. Korea). And while the Dems were destroying our country, the Republicans in Congress stood by and didn't do anything about it. McCain allowed the military to become antiquated on his watch as the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee. He is as much to blame for the VA's condition as anyone else! He let it happen and said nothing, did nothing, to stop any of it.

Finally, we believe in the genius of our Founding Fathers and the document they wrote, the Constitution of the United States. We do not believe that the Constitution is a document you can circumvent by going to some "world government" like the UN whenever you like, or that you can "get around it" or amend it with executive action, both things that Obama did. Within that document both the first and second amendments are key - which is why they are first and second! Every dictator in history has controlled free speech and disarmed his people before taking total control of a population leading to human atrocities. The Founders knew this and they wrote the document before Hitler, before Mussolini, before Stalin, before Pol Pot, before Kim Jung Un. They believed that there was no need for a law dictating every movement of a human being throughout the day, which is what has become in much of our nation and certainly has become the case in the State of California. We believe that our Founders put a mechanism in place to change the Constitution should it require it, but that the threshold is high - and rightfully so. If an Amendment or clause in the Constitution no longer applies, and the population believes this to be the case, then there is a method of repealing it. Use it. Otherwise, shut up about it and leave our freedoms alone.  And don't think that we're so stupid that wee will allow you to put limitations on our freedoms that effectively accomplish your goal without a fight. And you know what I mean. 

Thank you all for your support and, as always, 



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