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Maxine Waters - A Democrat Idiot on Full Display

Maxine Waters - A Democrat Idiot on Full Display

I have to say, if you listen to people like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Donna Brazile, and the other Democrat clowns, you have to love America. Because they prove that you can become an elected official, a congressman, a senator, a mayor in this nation even though you are an absolute idiot without an IQ. You can barely put together a coherent sentence, but you can be Nancy Pelosi. My favorite Nancy Pelosi quote is "every month we don't have an economic recovery plan Americans lose 500 million jobs." What?

This is who you elect, Democrats! How can you even look at yourselves and say that this is a good choice? Where is your shame when people like this stand up and speak? They can't even think! Where is your embarrassment when they don't know basic geography? When they can't tell the truth or respect the facts in just about any situation? How can you elect absolute retards into office? Are you retarded yourselves? It's hard for me to believe that ALL of you are so stupid that someone with the IQ of 10 like Maxine Waters is your choice as an intellectual superior to any other person you can elect, including yourselves. 

In America you can spout irrelevant meaningless non-factual drivel and you can be Maxine Waters. You can stand up in front of millions of people and lie and cheat and get caught and deny it, and you can be Donna Brazile. You can be a crook and obstruct justice and lie to Congress and you can be Democrat Attorney Generals of the United States Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. You can lie to the families of dead heroes and you can be Hillary Clinton and run for President! You can lie to the entire American public, and you can be Barack Hussein "I Love Islam" Obama. 

Maxine's latest? Impeach Donald Trump. We just have to stop him, she says. She attaches no factual evidence that he's done anything that would give cause for impeachment, but that's of no concern to someone with an IQ of 10. When asked why Trump should be impeached she answers with incoherent drivel, false statements about what Trump has done or said - because facts notoriously elude her. She makes stuff up or repeats something, incorrectly, that she heard on CNN. This isn't the first time she's pulled out the "Impeach Him" card. She did the same to George Bush, whom she called a liar, and she said that Dick Chaney was a thief. She called for them to be impeached. Come on Maxine - come up with something original for a change! Everything that comes out of her mouth is regurgitated CNN propaganda...FAKE NEWS...or something she heard Nancy Pelosi say. Not a good source of intelligence if you ask me!  

DUMB AS A BOX OF ROCKS: Now, ever since Maxine Waters got elected to the 43rd district of California, we've known she was as dumb as a box of rocks, a bar of soap, and a bag of hammers. And probably insane, too. Just listening to her talk, and you knew she was a liberal nut job with a low IQ. The FBI is still out looking for her IQ. It appears to be gone. Her district, BTW, is one of the poorest, most crime infested districts in the entire STATE of California, if not the entire USA. And she's done such a great job as its representative for the last 37 years in public service (and 13 terms as a congresswoman!), that what is termed South Central Los Angeles is known as the most drug infested crime ridden area in the USA. If I wanted to commit suicide, I'd walk down the streets of her district at night. Her district includes Watts, Inglewood, Hawthorne which are still among the highest crime areas in the country, the poverty rate is still among the highest in all the country, and the educational accomplishment level is among the lowest. The drop  out rate at South Central High Schools is around 35%. Great work Maxine.  You've sure figured out how to help your people you pathetic hack, you absolute failure.

CROOK: She doesn't like Charter Schools - God forbid the mothers of South Central should have a shot at getting their kids into a GOOD school! Not on Maxine's watch. She would lose the vote of the teachers and all the money they give her every year. She hates cops and introduces anti-cop legislation, she hates businesses apparently just because they make money.

What she does really well is get federal tax dollars siphoned into her district. In other words, she gets free stuff for her district. Using your tax dollars she houses and feeds the poor. She takes what you earn, and she gives it to people who don't work and don't contribute to society, except to keep the jails full, keep the maternity wards in the hospital busy, and keep cops employed. She's the Black Peoples Poverty Pimp in Congress. Pandering to a racial demographic is what she does best. Taking money from people that earn a living and giving it to those that don't is her greatest achievement. She's a pathetic failure and should be retired without a pension NOW. How has this "progressed" anyone in her district? It hasn't. Giving a man a fish does nothing for him. Teaching him to fish does. Democrats just don't get that. 

RETARD: She doesn't know where Aleppo is. 

FULL RETARD: She said that Trump is helping Putin advance into Korea...instead of Crimea...and she doesn't know the difference obviously. Maybe when she was a teacher back in the day she should have pulled down the geography chart. 

RETARD: She said that she thinks that Hillary Clinton was one of the best Secretary of State's we've ever had. Really? What country were you in the last several years? No Secretary of State in US history has been more flawed or more corrupt. None, without question. I guess Kissinger was a slouch? Come on Maxine, that statement is just like most of the things that come out of your big mouth...stupid, insane, and wrong. 

RETARD: She thinks that if you don't like Sharia Law, you're a racist and a bigot. Does she even know what Sharia Law is and how it treats women? You can't have it both ways Maxine. You can't be an advocate for women  - as you say you are on your website - and an advocate for Sharia Law. They're diametrically opposed to one another. (Maxine - diametrically opposed means they're completely opposite of one another.)

FULL RETARD: She said that sequestration would cost America 170 million jobs. There are only 134 million jobs in total in the entire country. I guess math isn't important for someone that sits on the Financial Services Committee in Congress. 

RETARD: Maxine told a group of oil company executives that she would like the federal government to take over and run all of their businesses. In other words, nationalize the entire energy sector? OK - sounds a little socialist to me!

IDIOT: In 2004 she stated that there was no financial problem with Fannie Mae because one of her buddies was running it. Well, it failed 5 years later and was one of the major reasons for the financial crash. Her buddy was a retard too, and he was running a government sponsored Ponzi scheme. But Maxine is a person we let sit on the Congressional Financial Services Committee?

STUPID: Maxine's district is where the Rodney King riots occurred. She condoned what happened, saying it was understandable and acceptable, and not a riot, but a rebellion. That's leadership. Nice work. 

Maxine Waters is what is WRONG with America and specifically California. She has kept her people in poverty through failed policies that have failed to bring her people  jobs and a chance to get OUT of the ghetto. She, and the other left wing Democrats that have failed so many blacks across this country need to get rid of the OLD FAILURES that have done nothing to further their people and bring in young, conservative, EDUCATED, SMART black and Hispanic leaders that have been kept down by the stranglehold of the old leftists that control our cities. If they can rise up and lead their people to jobs and out of poverty, out of gangs, get them off drugs...then we have a chance to see beautiful things happen in our cities across America. You leave the old guard in place, the swamp creatures like you have with Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, and you'll never see a change. 

Vote Them Out. Drain The Swamp. 



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