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In just the last few days it's come to light that President Obama funnelled millions of dollars to Islamic schools - not Christian Schools or Jewish Schools - just Islamic or Muslim schools using a devious tactic...he said the money was earmarked for them to use in helping fight violent extremism. NOT Islamic extremist terrorism, but simply "violent extremism". 

Obama would never say Islamic Extreme Terrorism or anything even close. Instead, he tried to portray violent extremism as a universal problem affecting everyone world wide, like some kind of mass epidemic, and not located within any one region, religion or culture. This is the Democrat way. Obfuscate, cover-up,  parse words, be obtuse...and lie and cheat and steal. We know the truth. Extreme terrorism is rooted in Islam and its rooted in the Muslim faith and countries and cultures of the same...and it comes from a real place - the Middle East. Sorry liberals, but that's the facts. I know you hate it when the truth smacks you in the face, but there it is. 

Obama was the master of weaponizing government agencies to do his dirty work and the dirty work of the progressive socialist left. He was also the master of simply issuing Executive Orders putting in place what were essentially laws that Congress probably would not have approved, so he simply went around Congress and did whatever he wanted. In order to stop him, Congress or someone else would have to sue him for creating something that went counter to the Constitution. By the time it worked its way through the courts, the agency would have been created and unwinding it could be fought by the Left by saying things like "Look at how the Republicans want to hurt children" or some other such nonsense.

Obama's transfer of your tax dollars to the Islamic Worldwide Nation and support its goal of taking over the world one nation at a time either through terror, intimidation, genocide...or in the case of America, in a much more sneaky  and insidious manner: Poison the minds of our children through the educational system, hammer home rhetoric that makes our kids think that Muslims are peaceful when in fact, their actions throughout the world show otherwise. In this case, Obama used the smoke screen of saying that the money he was sending to Islamic schools was going to be used to fight something we don't want - violent extremism. As usual, the Democrats and Obama say one thing, but you can never count on it being what they say it is. You can't believe them if their mouths are moving. You have to look at their actions. I for one, would like to see what that money produced in the way of anything designed to change the way Islam operates here in the West. 

Look at some of the similarities between Hitler and Obama: 

1. Both Hitler and Obama were not up front about who they really were. Hitler had Jewish ancestry and Obama was essentially raised a Muslim. Not paying attention to Obama's real history was a massive mistake for America. 

2. Both Hitler and Obama advocate using young people as a force to drive "change" and "hope". Hitler had the Hitler Youth, Obama had the Obama Youth Brigade. 

3. Like Hitler, Obama ruled in direct disregard to the will of the people. He just didn't care what people thought. If he wanted it because it was on his agenda, then he just did it and went around Congress and ignored the people. Iran nuke deal, Iran cash payment in the middle of the night in secret airplanes and "washed" money, done specifically to get around Congress and the law.

4 Both Hitler and Obama were mesmerizing speakers which allowed them to lie to the population and advance their agenda. They said one thing, and did another. Obama made people feel good with his speech, but his actions were often directly opposite of what he said. 

5. Like Hitler, Obama has a distaste for Jews. He damaged Israel at the UN on his way out of office and he jammed the Iranian Nuke deal down through the UN circumventing Congress and in direct disregard for what the Constitution has to say about who can create treaties with foreign countries, and in direct disregard for what Israel - the only democracy in the Middle East - said they wanted. 

6. Hitler and Obama loved themselves. They loved to have songs of adoration written about them and people in Obama-land made reference to him as a deity. Whenever a political leader is also referred to as a deity, bad things are about to happen. Obama loves being a rock star. He loves the spotlight too much to fade away now. He will try to become the head of another country or the UN or the EU or some other massive bureaucratic organization where he can attempt to control the world. 

If you take anything away from this article, know this: With the Left, THE ISSUE IS NEVER THE ISSUE. The true agenda is obfuscated by the way they spin the issue and use clever names for their proposed laws and agencies. The truth is never what they say it is. It is always something else. For example, here in California, they named proposition 63 "The Safety for All Act". What it really is, is the beginning of the confiscation of firearms from the populace. The removal of one of your key rights, the Second Amendment. The Left has already proven (Berkeley riots) that they are NOT about supporting free speech. That happens to be the First Amendment. But not if you're talking about things the Left doesn't want you to hear. They have proven they will use violence to shut down open discussion and free speech in order to intimidate you into submission to their agenda or at the very least, silence you. 

Who's acting like Hitler now? Confiscation of firearms? Check. Suppression of free speech? Check. Indoctrination of our precious children through an educational system that is brainwashing our kids? Check. Demonize a specific group - like the rich?. Check. Sounds familiar to ANYONE that knows history and what happened under Hitler. 

What's next? 



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