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The homeless are becoming more threatening, aggressive, violent and more belligerent and disgusting than ever. And they're costing us billions. 

The LA Fire Authority just said that the LA fires were caused by homeless people in a camp along Sepulveda Blvd cooking on fires near the 405 freeway. The cost so far is over $100 million from that little mistake. I guess none of them were Boy Scouts. Hard to abide by fire safety rules when you're shooting up and/or drunk. 

According to the CEO of a major company that recently moved its headquarters to downtown Portland, Oregon - he's already considering moving out! His employee's are faced daily with their cars being broken into, laptops being stolen so often they call the parking lot "the laptop donation lot", and with the homeless taking a shit in the Company's doorway on a daily basis, pissing on them as they walk by, threatening to kill them when they are trying to walk from their office to their cars forcing them to run into the street calling for help. It's just become too much. The stupid liberal mayor of Portland doesn't have much to say except that he's trying to make it better for the holiday shopping season downtown. What an idiot. He doesn't get it, does he? Liberals won't take matters into hand and fix problems, they create them. Coddling the homeless has led to an epidemic of crime and drugs and disease throughout the country, and no place is better at creating that kind of disaster than the totally liberal state of California.

In Los Angeles, we have an outbreak of Hepatitus A from the roughly 50,000 homeless living on the streets there. They are aggressive and demanding and have become emboldened. They know that nothing happens to them when they break the law. In fact, they've found that the liberal DA's and cops actually protect their rights more than those of the citizens they torment on a daily basis, so they've got it all going on for themselves in most of the cities of California and other liberal states. 

The homeless issue is now so pervasive in California that there are literally miles of homeless drug camps along the LA River in Anaheim, and when there is a strong rain, the lifeguards issue warnings to surfers not to go into the water near the river mouth due to the number of used syringes that are washing into the ocean. Do the liberals say anything about that? No. But God forbid you have a car that's using gasoline instead of batteries in CA. Jerry Brown isn't doing anything about all this, he's over in Belgium talking about global warming as it that is something a state politician should be doing. What a liberal moron he is and always has been. 

in San Diego, the Hepatitus A outbreak started here and was due to all the needle shooter bums that camp in the streets and shoot up and crap and piss all over the place. The city doesn't have an answer for all of them except to put up temporary shelters to house them and give them more sanitary bathrooms to shoot up in. At night you can hear the pressure washing trucks and street sweepers running as fast as they can to try to clean up the homeless filth before dawn when working people actually try to come to work.

In San Francisco, there are swelling tent encampments throughout the city and according to the SF Chronicle, the only solution the liberal mayor (who just died suddenly in office) had was to put up "pop up" housing for them with 120 beds. Like that is going to solve the issue. Again, a band aid that does nothing, and no real solution from a liberal idiot mayor in SF. 

New York City spends about $1.2 billion a year on homelessness alone. This is just to handle the filth and related daily crap they initiate. It doesn't count the money going into programs to give these people free government stuff. Even in Salt Lake City the people are revolting against the homeless because the politicians and the law enforcement people are more concerned with the rights of the homeless than they are with the taxpayers that pay their salaries.

For some reason, if I crap and piss on my neighbors lawn, I'll be arrested and charged but if some homeless guy pisses on my car tire and on my front lawn and I throw him off my property physically for his bad behavior, I'm the one that gets arrested. I know this to be true because I was arrested for doing just that. I was charged with 2 criminal misdemeanor counts and had to pay an attorney a lot of money to get the charges dropped, but not until I paid that disgusting homeless drug using loser that was encroaching on private property and harassing people and sleeping and defecating in front of our place. He's the guy that trespasses, he's the guy that defecates in public, he's the guy angrily harassing people and I'm paying him. Can you believe it? That is how it is today in California. 

In Burlington, VT, shops that have been there over 20 years are leaving. The homeless are out of control according to one owner of a business. He says, "People say to me all the time, 'What's going on in that block? I don't even like going there anymore. It's terrible down there,'" MacKillop said. He says he's sympathetic to panhandlers and those struggling with mental illness, but he says what he won't tolerate is the growing bad behavior of the city's homeless population. "There is a lot of drunkenness. There's a lot of vulgarity and there's a lot of harassment."

A review on TripAdvisor about Boston Common, a historic park in the city says this: "Drugs being done. Sleeping on benches. Panhandling. Just disgusting. It's a shame because it should be welcoming to families, couples, singles. Would never walk through here alone. Shameful"

In  Austin, Texas, a man writes the following: "The incident: I was walking from Whole Foods down 5th to the Hyatt where I am staying. It was about 7pm. Out of nowhere I felt an arm around my shoulder and when I looked up a panhandler was in my face asking for something (money, I'm guessing). Obviously I was freaked out and I told him to F***off. He continued to walk next to  me and I became more agitated. I finally stopped and told him to F***off again and not to mess with me. He got annoyed at this point and began to issue threats about "taking me down" and "I'm a Navy Seal, I have already taken down two guys tonight" and "I'll fight you anytime". I kept walking trying to ignore him and that's when I heard him spit in my direction (it did not hit me) and he stopped following me and began hassling someone else. I would have called 911 except I honestly though this guy would attack me if I did that."

A few months ago I took my daughter to dinner on Sunset Blvd in Los Angels. After a nice meal, we stepped out onto the street and immediately a homeless drunk gets right in my daughters face and starts sticking his tongue out at her and saying profane things. I was a few steps behind her so he didn't see me at first. I'm a big guy and there were a lot of people on the street, some probably his friends. I wanted to crush his head with my fist then bash his filthy drunken teeth out on the curb and kick him into the gutter, but I knew that if I did that, I would spend the night in jail and be charged with something like assault and this vulgar loser wouldn't be touched. Instead I was left to verbally assaulting him and he then got in my face and followed me down the block taunting me and begging me to hit him. He was asking for it, but I wouldn't give it to him. He wanted the confrontation so that he could sue me and get money. That's what they've learned and that is why they are acting the way they are acting. 

The issue with most people isn't that a person is panhandling or homeless. We aren't unsympathetic to people that have hit hard times. It's that the homeless have become angry and violent and harassing and threatening in nature. They're attacking people who are just walking by as if we owe it to them to give them money or somehow allow them to harass us as it its their right. And it is in many cities that re now run by liberal losers that protect them and ignore the rights of upstanding citizens. If we beat the crap out of them, we're the ones that get arrested even though they are the ones that instigate through harassment and taunting and generally bad behavior which the liberals now say is their right I guess. 

The problem with the homeless is really a problem that has come about due to liberalism, and the Democrat Party and its policies. It has become an epidemic in America under Obama, and now we are in a situation that has to be fixed and fixed for real with some real tough decisions that have to be made and some tough new rules that have to be administered. 

Liberal socialistic and communist leaders in the Democrat party love the homeless situation. The poor are perfect for them as they are easier to control and manipulate. A large poverty situation is exactly what they want. It's all part of the Alinsky model of taking over a capitalist society and turning it into a socialist one. First, control healthcare. Obama has done that with ObamaCare and it's a very dangerous weapon that will cause even more poverty of American families. Second, control the education system and poison our children's minds to your way of thinking. Brainwash a generation and you'll have total control over the population. Third, institute polices that will cause massive poverty as the poor are more easily manipulated bu controlling their food and housing. There are about 6 more such rules, but you can see that Obama was working down the list and did a lot of damage to our way of life before we got rid of him. 

Anyway, what we're experiencing throughout the country is a different type of homeless person. Not the one that is temporarily out of work and needs to get back on his feet. No, that is the homeless of old, just like the liberal of old protected free speech and the new left is violent and anti-free speech, the new homeless is aggressive, has no desire to work, and basically expects you to take care of him. He wants his free stuff and dammit, if we don't give it to him, he's going to take what he wants and do what he wants and guess what? The liberal run police and DA's in our stupid ass liberal cities do nothing. The do literally nothing. In fact, they spend more time protecting the homeless bum that craps on your car or in your doorway, than they do protecting you as a small business owner in this country today. 

Do I have a solution? Ya, but no one will implement it, and it's pretty harsh. It starts with Rule number 1: If you're not working, then you don't get any free taxpayer government stuff. No free Obama-phone, no free food, no free shelter, no free cash just because you're breathing. You have to work at something, even if its a government provided job, you have to show up and you have to work 8 hours a day. Otherwise, you get nothing from the government tax dollar. Rule number 2. There are no exceptions to rule number one. None. Rule number 3. If you are on drugs, you get no free stuff and you get no government sponsored job. There is no reason why the US taxpayer should be supporting your drug habit. 

People will start to work at government supplied jobs fixing roads and bridges and giving you cards at the DMV and helping you with your bags at the airport and all sorts of things that will make our lives better and easier. But their behavior will only change if the rules of the game change, which the liberals in government, and the liberal snowflakes that our colleges our producing that go into the leftist jobs that supposedly "advocate" for the homeless continue to push the very policies that have created this problem and that do not work. Until we change the mindset of the liberal idiots that work at these institutions and change the rules that govern how and when these homeless people get free stuff, the homeless will continue to rise in number and continue to become more belligerent and more aggressive and more violent and continue to plague our streets with needles and human waste.