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There's another new term being thrown around by the leftist socialist snowflake losers, and its called "Toxic Masculinity". This is the ultimate tool in the toolbox of liberals to condemn men, denegrate them and reduce their place not only in the home but in society. It's all part of the gender nutralization of humans by the Global Leftist Multiculturalists. It's insidious and damaging to men and to families and to the Judeo-Christian - American way of life. 

The proponents of this, the people who believe it exists, basically state that masculinity is, by its very nature, toxic, and is a "social virus" that should be stamped out. In fact, there is a teacher, a professor Bryant Sclos, at Florida International University, that says that this is a real thing, this Toxic Masculinity. You got to wonder about this guy, right? After all, the proponents of this view are the leftist globalists, the Democrat Party and all its bitter old hag female voters who don't have any friends other than their dogs. You know the type. They all look like Elizabeth Warren or Hillary. Ewwww. Gross. 

So once again, we see the Left coming up with yet another attack on men. But naming it and teaching it schools is what the Left is doing now. That's the insidious nature of the left. They are trying to imbed their poisonous views into our children through leftist teachers and professors. This attack is just another way to poison our children's minds with nonsense, creating something that doesn't exist, making our kids scared of things they don't need to be scared of, things that weakens the mans place in the home or their view of their fathers. What this really is, is a direct attack upon Christian values and traditional American values. 

For years now we have seen Hollywood denegrate the male in sitcoms like Married with Children and Everybody Loves Raymond. In these and countless other long running shows produced in the heart of the most morally vapid place on earth, we see the man in the family ridiculed and made out to be an idiot throughout each show. It's relentless and pervasive - and its damaging to our culture and our children. Through this, they are taught that the man in the house is stupid, not to be taken seriously, and not the leader of the household. It's an insidious attack on the traditional family, something that almost every psychology study on the planet shows is actually the most powerful way to raise a family. A man, a woman, and the kids, together as a family. Oh, the Left is just cringing at the very thought of this actually being the case.  In fact, the leftist globalist elites and the LGBT community and Hollywood have been working tirelessly for years to make us believe the opposite is true, that it's perfectly OK for a family NOT to have a Dad. And so how is that working out for America? If Chicago is any example, it's not working out so good. EVery study you can find shows that having a strong male in the family, at the head of the family, works better than any other method overall and in general. 

So you might ask, "What is masculinity then?" I don't claim to have all the answers, but in general, it's taking care of yours. Think primal. What does a male lion or gorilla do? He protects his females and his family, is pride, his pack. He does so violently if necessary. Which is why, BTW, men have testosterone coursing through their veins. It gives them the ability to get angry enough to kill when threatened or when his familiy is threatened. Somehow, though, the left wants men to be without testosterone or what it does. I mean, look at the Antifa pussies and the light in the loafer city boys that our schools are producing. Most of these guys are pathetic. Hard to find a real man among them these days.

What has a human male historically done? He's gone to war to protect is country and his wife and children. He fights and kills.  He takes a bullet for them, he recognizes and confronts danger to keep them safe. This is what men did in the past, but it is not being taught much today, certainly not in our educational system who wants our young men to believe that men are toxic and that there is no need for them in a family anymore. How depressing it must be to be a strong young man today and have your professors and others try to make you feel so irrelevant and that the source of your strength is something that society doesn't like or need anymore. 

I have a son and I know that his reaction to this attempted indoctrination and humiliation of him as a man has been to become a conservative, live in the South where traditional values are more accepted, and he stands up for his beliefs and takes care of himself. He asks nobody for a handout, he earns. He works hard. He takes care of his girlfriend and his sisters and his mother and aunt. He is rare, today, among our young men, unfortunately. But I am proud of him. He hasn't bought into the lefts view of what a man is or should be.

The left has even succeeded in destroying the Boy Scouts of America by suing them relentlessly over the years in order to crush that institution with legal fee's and now, they actually have had to come out and say that you can be gay and join, you can be gay and be a leader, and recently, you can be a girl and join. Right. A girl, joining the Boy Scouts. A leader that is gay, taking young men off on hiking trips into the forest. What could go wrong? What the hell? 

And to make things worse, the left decided to make fun of the woman in the traditional family and home. The mother. If she doesn't work or have a career, then she's somehow not up to their standards. Being a foundational rock at the home for both her man and her children isn't good enough for the left. They mock her. They dismiss her as irrelevant and make fun of her. They think of her as somehow less than they are. That is a mistake and she showed them how much of a mistake it is to discount her in the last Presidential election. She didn't vote for Hillary - Hillary disgusted her. She voted for Trump. This is not the kind of person that marches, but I saw her marching in this last election. I marched along side her. The left met its match, the anger of a usually quiet but very strong woman and her family, who believe in God and the American way of life. The left should never have poked that mama bear because when she is pushed - and it takes a lot - she will eventually strike back and now, with Trump and his message, she has found a voice and we doubt that she will remain silent going forward.

So when we see that Hollywood isn't the place to find heroes, and our sports stars won't stand for the national anthem so they're not heroes for us or our children, where do we look to find out heroes. 

When we wonder about how we should conduct ourselves and who to hold up as heroes, there are solid examples that we can look to, knowing that no human being is perfect. They are not famous, they work at normal jobs, they give without wanting credit, they are kind to children and dogs, they are men that revere their wives and hold them up high, they are women that lead the family from within and are like a river of strength that her man and her children can come to and become restored, they stand for what they believe in, they take care of their children, they accept responsibility for mistakes and do everything they can to make things right. They are not famous, but they are among you right now. They are right in front of you and you may be one of them.  They are the fireman that goes out of his way to take a kid under his wing and teach him how to lift wights at the fire stations weight room. They are a coach that teaches his kids how to be good men and helps get kids in the ghetto OUT of the ghetto by picking the at-risk kids up every day at the crack of dawn and making sure they have a ride to school. It's a single mother that humbly works 3 jobs to pay for her kids college education. These are your American heroes. Honor them as they pass among you today. Honor yourself because you are that hero. You may be ignored by Hollywood, the Main Stream Media and the corrupt leftist globalist multiculturalist criminal organizations like the Clinton Crime Family and the DNC, but we know who you are!