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We all can feel how divided America is today. Some blame Trump, I blame the great divider and his racist wife Barack Hussein Obama. But it doesn't matter who you blame, the fact remains that conservatives and traditional American families feel like they were totally disrespected, ignored, even hated, and run over by the Left and Obama for a decade...and they are angry. They feel like their vision of America - a strong Constitutional vision - one with equal opportunity, not equality of result - one of fairness and equal treatment under the law - is being destroyed by the Left. The Left wants to totally change America into a Socialist/Communist state, they want to operate above the law, and they are angry that Hillary lost the election and refuse to admit defeat. They are acting without any class, without any precedent, trying to take down just about everything that has been America - the Constitution, the memorials and statues that commemorate great men, and they want to shut down free speech. They hate traditional America for some reason, they want free tuition, they want free health care, and they don't seem to care about how that happens or who pays for it. Both sides are at each others throats, literally in some cases, and things have become violent. The violence - strangely - is coming from the left, once a peaceful advocate of free speech, now an advocate for shutting down any speech that they don't like by calling it hate speech. We wrote a piece some ways back entitled "Hate Speech is Free Speech" because according to the Constitution and the Supreme Court, it is. You can't outlaw speech just because you don't like it's content. They've demonized Trump because he happened to be the election winner. They would be demonizing whomever is in that seat. If Ted Cruz had won the election, he would be their whipping post. 

On the right, we have our own whipping posts in Obama and the Clinton Crime Family. They have earned their position as such with outrageous moves, outright criminal and possibly treasonous acts, and there are too many to list. Let's just leave it that they've earned it many times over by destroying evidence against a Congressional order, spying on Americans in direct violation of the law (unmasking), lying to Congress and the American people, circumventing Congressional authority and giving terrorist nations secret cash in the middle of the night, and on and on. 

So how do we heal and somehow bring these two sides together? Can it be done? 

First, Trump is not a good communicator. He is not going to be the guy that heals our nation. His purpose will be well served if he re-establishes our military strength and instills some fear of America in some foreign nations that got used to that weak apologist Obama and how he did virtually nothing to raise our status in the world, but instead allowed everyone to run us over for 8 years. Further, if Trump can cut the fat in our government, lower taxes, install justices that will uphold and respect the Constitution of the United States, and reverse the stupid trade deals that are bleeding this country financially, then he will have done a lot to get us back on the right track. But it will have to be someone else that brings the two sides together in our opinion. 

If a person doesn't come to the forefront as a potential healer of the nation, then we fear that there will be a division in this country that will last for a longer time and possibly escalate into a new form of civil war. What will trigger it is always impossible to predict, but it can be a little thing that gains momentum and blows up into something very big. The left isn't about to start acting with any class and accepting their loss, and the right isn't about to give into the insane "vision" that the left has for this country of socialism and communism and open borders and higher and higher taxes. And there is the stand off.

Complicating this Rubics cube is the role of the Deep State - which might be the most dangerous and insidious piece of this whole puzzle. I mean, it's easy to find a resolution to a conflict when you have just two sides that are at odds, but when you have another very dark and powerful third party in the middle of the conflict with their own agenda, it get hard. People buried deep in the bureaucracies of our government, mostly by Clinton and Obama, whom seek power over the people instead of serving the people. People hard to reach, hard to find, hard to identify, making who needs to be targeted for removal difficult and confusing. They want to undermine the Constitution from the inside, like a cancer cell, and destroy bit by bit every single one of our freedoms and rights and essentially turn us into slaves to the government. They use laws to do it. They use the police and FBI and ATF and DOJ to enforce their laws which are designed not to protect you, the American citizen, but to entrap you, make you a criminal without you doing anything different than what you've been doing your whole life, and to take your property either through restrictions upon ownership, taxation, or outright confiscation. In their minds, what you have - your money, your property - isn't really yours, its theirs. It belongs to them, and if they want it, they're just going to use these agencies to ruin your life and take it. If they don't like it, they ban it. Then make you a criminal for having it.

This out of control big government, big brother, controlling us, spying on us, restricting our freedoms and continually increasing our taxes is what our forefathers warned us about over and over again in paper after paper. It is why the Constitution and the Bill of Rights was written the way it was. What is in those documents is not trivial, it was put in there because of the experiences of a people that had been oppressed by big government who DID take away property, money, and tax them without check. It is why the Second Amendment was put into the document. So that regular people, at that point in time when the government had finally overstepped its bounds with the people, and had stopped serving the people but instead was more interested in lording over the people and controlling them and taxing them, we could stand our ground and take back our country from a government out of control. They told us that governments move in this direction as a natural path and that it would be only a matter of time before the Constitution would be tested. 

I submit that we may be within close range of a government that is out of control. Not just federal, either, but there are certain states that have overstepped Constitutional boundaries without check, namely, the State of California. The Patriot Act, the NSA, the now obviously corrupt FBI and DOJ and all the law enforcement agencies from the Feds to your local police are geared up like never before with weapons of war, not simple "keep the peace" type of weapons. Why have the local police around the nation under Obama been acquiring military-type rifles, ammo, gear and vehicles unlike any time in the past? I don't think they need all that to make traffic stops and investigate domestic disputes and arrest the occasional bad guy. I think they might be getting ready to put down an uprising of the regular people. I think they may see it coming and are getting prepared for it. 

The civil war we already fought in this nation was not about slavery. It was about the Federal government telling a large group of people how to run their lives. It was about what the people of the South saw as an infringement on their freedom to live their lives the way they had for generations. It was about forcing the will of the government down upon the people...and for that reason, the South went to war. Not to protect slavery, but to protect their way of life as they saw it. In the end, they lost, and slavery was abolished. It needed to be. But slavery was not the central issue as much as that may be what leftist teachers tell us as children. It was about government control over the people and the removal of freedoms that had been previously not a crime, that the government made into a crime. 

Telling me I can't speak my mind freely because it isn't what the left - or the government - wants to hear is a violation of my First Amendment right. Not protecting my free speech is what the police and government officials are doing, like in Berkeley, CA. They let the left bash us, shout us down, hit us with baseball bats, pepper spray us. That is happening now and in certain liberal cities, the police have been told by the mayor and the city to "stand down" - do nothing. Let it happen. This is outrageous. Telling me that I can't have a gun, or ammo, or making it impossible to procure a gun or ammo, is an infringement on my Second Amendment right. That is happening now. Taking my property without due process, which the government and police agencies do every day, without ever even having to charge me with a crime, is a violation of my Fourth Amendment right not to have my property seized without probably cause and a violation of my Fifth Amendment right to due process.  That is happening now. If all of these things are unconstitutional, then why are they allowed to happen every day in America? Why are we allowing the US Government and its bloated bureaucracies act in these ways and take these actions against it's own citizens? Why isn't someone standing up and vocalizing how wrong these things are? 

Allowing people like Hillary Clinton and all her Clinton Crime Family members to go without prosecution totally undermines the average American's feeling that there is equal justice under the law or any fairness at all in our country. Looking the other way on her multitude of crimes will not serve to heal this country. Someone has to go down. Nixon, after Watergate, was a man of honor in the end. He understood that the nation needed to heal, that his personal reputation and feelings and whether he was right or wrong were all secondary in importance to the health and well being of America and that it was his own head that had to roll. He did the honorable thing and stepped down, in order to heal the nation. You may not have liked the man, but in the end, he did exactly what the nation needed, exactly when the nation needed it done - in order to heal America. He fell on his sward and he sacrificed for the good of the USA. And it worked. We quickly healed as a nation and we went on. 

What we have today is Hillary and her co-criminals, who won't do the honorable thing. They continue to lie and obfuscate and take the 5th, and Hillary herself won't go away. We're not even asking that she fall on her sword - we just want her to shut up and go away! That alone would help the healing process. But she won't take the high road and work towards healing the nation, which is a view into her tragically dark, evil and selfish soul, isn't it? She instead wants to promote treason and is supporting conflict and "resistance". She is furthering the divide. No healing will come from her "doing the right thing", so she's going to have to be prosecuted and she and her conspirators will have to pay the penalty that way. 

Can we heal? Can we come together? 

In the end, the healing can occur with the elimination of Hillary on the national stage. If she just goes away, that will go a long way towards the healing of America. Better yet if she were to admit to her crimes and get pardoned, even that would help heal America. Another option is for her and her people to be fully prosecuted and the divide will be closed in large part with some kind of final conclusion in that event. Finally, the worst possible resolution would be a violent clash - right versus left - Constitutionalists (traditional American values people, conservatives, and mostly Christians) versus Communist-Socialist-Progressives (Antifa and BLM, the left wing, Democrats, non-believers, liberals, located primarily in large cities like NY, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami, Denver). 

Our government was designed to serve the people, to be subservient to the people, to take up the will of the people, NOT work against the will of the people for their own selfish ends. Government was formed NOT to violate our rights, NOT take our money and property, and encroach upon our lives and our ability to live free but instead to protect those freedoms at all costs. Unfortunately, all too often today in America, the opposite is very true. 




Who is Using Guns to Kill Innocent People? Democrats, Not NRA Members, Not Republicans

Who is Using Guns to Kill Innocent People? Democrats, Not NRA Members, Not Republicans