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Right now, as I write this, the news is breaking that yet another mass shooting has apparently taken place and - you guessed it - it's at a school - a gun free zone - and you guessed it again - it's in California, where the state's Democrat leadership is anti-gun and "proud" of its gun control laws. 

We have a message for California: You're stupid, your gun laws don't work, and those laws are nothing more than a means for you to make money and try to circumvent the Second Amendment and make law abiding citizens submit to your control.

Your laws have nothing to do with the safety of citizens. If they did, you would enact laws that actually work to enhance safety - that are proven to enhance safety.

Stop lying to us and do the right thing.

Allow more CCW's in CA.

Promote handgun self defense training for women.

Stop denying women the right to carry a gun!!!

Stop violating the Constitutional rights of law abiding citizens with illegal, ineffective laws and regulations which you pass just so you can say you "did something" even though what you did doesn't work.

Stop CCW license denials!!!

These IDIOTS in power in California continue to pass laws that wind up getting kids and other innocent people DEAD. When are we going to tell them that it’s time to try something different? Well, we've tried, but nobody is listening. 

Salt Lake City has almost no gun crime. Why? Almost 30% of the population has a CCW - a license to carry a concealed weapon. In California, almost nobody has a CCW. California has 70,000 CCW holders. Less than 0.2%. The national average is 5%. More guns in the hands of good guys that are trained to use them...is one answer. It's preventative. 

Statistics show that uneducated poor people kill using guns a lot. Affluent, educated people don't. (Source: The Trace: Benjamin Hart Article - May 30, 2017) So that may explain why Chicago wants to eliminate guns from everyone's hands because the politicians know they have a large population of stupid, uneducuated poor people. The Democrats like it that way. They LOVE it that way. Alinsky said its much easier to control the population if they're poor. So that is who he targeted with his "community activism" methods. Stupid, uneducated, poor people mostly vote Democrat in America. It's just a fact. It's the same with most other major cities. Large number of stupid uneducated poor people, large number of Democrats, large number of gun violence cases. The same source states that there is no apparent correlation between gun laws and a drop in homicides. Texas, which rolled back gun laws and allows you to carry your gun down the middle of the street in open view, has experienced a massive drop in gun crime, while the same has occurred in CA which has more gun laws on its books than anyone other state. 

OUR THESIS: The most telling reason for the drop in gun crime, which occurred throughout the nation from 1991 - 2007, is a booming economy. Jobs. People could make money and get a job. Now that the jobs have been shipped overseas and the poor can't get a job, gun deaths have begun to tick up again. (Statistical Source: The Trace, May 30, 2017) So you can enact all the gun laws you want, if you allow animals into this country that like to kill people as a part of their religion, if you allow our jobs to be shipped overseas until there is nothing left for our young people other than fast food jobs, then you're going to have higher gun crime.


I don't know why I waste my breath on California. The state’s major cities are basically crime infested sewers and home to rabid drug addicted homeless tent cities and the disease and public excrement that comes with them. The illegal aliens and homeless are more important to the liberal idiots that run the state than taking care of the tax paying citizens of the state. Highest homeless population in the US, lousiest schools, the most illegal immigrants, the worst taxes, the most restrictive gun laws. Good going Democrats, you've had control of the state for decades. Good going. Is this what success is supposed to look like?

Democrats in CA - Why don't you take care of the millions of your citizens instead of sending Jerry Brown over to Europe to talk about global warming? Why isn't he down here in San Diego and visiting the leaders in Mexico to talk about the sewer sludge that is floating from Mexico up to the beaches in San Diego and LA? You want to do something for the environment that matters, Jerry, come back to handle that issue right here in your home state. At least we can actually see and smell the problem you'll be dealing with instead of the phony global warming BS you're talking about in Europe which is the biggest lie ever told to the world by liberals as a means to transfer wealth from rich countries to poor countries. 





Who is Using Guns to Kill Innocent People? Democrats, Not NRA Members, Not Republicans

Who is Using Guns to Kill Innocent People? Democrats, Not NRA Members, Not Republicans