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They call themselves the Identitarians. They're in Austria - and they're young, largely white, and very good at staging peaceful "events" that are essentially messages of protest, and using social media to broadcast their message. They are law-abiding counter protestors to the outlaw terrorist muslims that use social media and bombings, beheadings, rape, and torture as the subject of their message of jihad. The Identitarians and the Britain First parties or groups that we hope can become political parties, are consistently attacked by the left as Nazi's or racists. We think they are neither. We think they are watching their countries culture and traditions eliminated, literally extinguished, by mass immigration of Islamic animals that will not assimilate and whom have, at their very heart, the evil intention of overthrowing western Judeo-Christian governments with Islamic goverments and ruling us with Shariah Law and killing anyone that disagree's with them. After all, hasn't that been their history to date? 

The Idenditarians and groups like them, such as Britain First, are a growing sign of opposition to the global elite leftists policies of mass immigration of muslims into thier countries. The globalists are either stupid and unaware of the true nature of Islam, or their goal is much more devious - it has to be one or the other. It's either a lack of intelligence and no recollection of history and no understanding of the true culture of Islam, or they want Islam to take over the Western World. Neither of these choices meets the approval of the opposition groups which are fighting to retain their homelands culture which is basically under siege by the animals of Islam that do not assimilate, have no desire to assimilate, and use Western cultures welfare system to live off of until they can come up with schemes to kill innocent people within the very cities that have taken them in and housed them and fed them. It's actually sickening what is happening in many parts of Europe and now, some cities in the US are beginning to see it happen, too. Dearborn Michigan is one. Sweden has seen its crime against women skyrocket, Paris is a sewer that nobody wants to visit anymore due to the homeless immigrants in the streets and there are "no go" zones all over Europe where it isn't safe fore even fire department personnel to enter without a police escort - and these are largely muslim immigrant parts of town. In Norway, 50% of the welfare receipients are immigrants. When you talk to the social workers in these countries, they will tell you that the immigrants don't as about where they can get jobs, they just want to know where they can get their welfare check and which country has the best deal for them. They don't even want jobs, they just want their check. No intention of assimilating or contributing to society according the the social workers in UK, Germany, Sweden.

Of course, if anyone says anything about these immigrant animals that are ruining European traditional society, you're immediately called a Nazi or a racist by the liberal elite leftist progressive European multi-culturalists whom are so wrapped up in their idealism that they're missing the fact that their sisters are being assaulted in the streets and that these animals abide by a law that calls for their own personal extermination. Blind idealism? Ya. I think so.  

IN Germany, Angela Merkel's ability to govern is falling off like a lead balloon. She has consistently doubled down on a policy of immigration that is destroying her country. German media has clearly identified the migrant crisis as a key causational factor in the collapse of support for Angela Merkel. According to media giant Die Walt: “The fate of these discussions (coalition talks) was already sealed on 5th September 2015. Merkel’s decision to keep the German border open for refugees for a variety of reasons led to the closing of the door [on this] Sunday for the first German multi-party coalition”. The 5th of September date cited by the German newspaper refers to the day Angela Merkel spoke to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a private telephone conversation about the migration crisis then building along the Balkan route. Later that day, Merkel announced through a government spokesman that Germany would not turn refugees away." Merkel doubling down and tripling down on a policy that is getting Germans killed and destroying her own country. When will the German people revolt and throw her out? Merkel has failed miserably in protecting their citizens and there are roughly 440,000 homeless muslim "drifters" that just roam the country. We think the German people have just about had enough of her open border, liberal European multiculturalism bullshit. 

IN Poland, 60,000 right wing people marched in the capitol city saying they had no problem taking immigrants from other parts of Europe, but no more from North Africa or the Middle East. 

IN the UK, Leo McKinsey has written in the Express News the following: "Mass immigration is destroying our once great nation. The day of destiny has almost arrived. Another stage is about to be reached in the destruction of national identity and our existence as an independent country. The higher the rates of immigration, the harder integration becomes. We are now a land scarred by practices that would have been unthinkable 30 years ago, such as forced marriages, urban shanty towns, predatory grooming gangs, genital mutilation and tribal gangsterism. But such problems could just be the precursor of what is to come. "You Western Europeans have not quite registered the level of criminality you are about to face," says a retired Bulgarian colonel. The EU and the self-styled progressives do not care about any of this. Mass immigration and the abolition of nationhood are central to their goal of a new federal entity in Europe. But the rest of us can only feel despair at what we are losing."

IN Sweden, sexual offenses, beatings, fraud, threats and harassment claims are skyrocketing, especially against young women. Swedish media reported in September that crime reports at piling up so rapidly that even very serious incidents, such as child rapes and gang rapes, are being left uninvestigated for extended periods of time due to lack of resources.

IN Austria they are near declaring a state of emergency. Gatestone Institute article is entitled Migrant Rape Epidemic reaches Austria". As in Sweden and other formerly peaceful low crime countries, they've seen massive increases in rape and other crimes against persons, and 6,500 of 21,000 immigrants - asylum seekers in the Capital city of Viena - are ow known to have committed crimes in 2015! When 25% of the people you're letting in your country are committing crimes like rape and theft and fraud and harassment you've done a really lousy job of vetting people. In fact, the politicians should be charged with negligence. This destruction of traditional western and uniquely Austrian values has given rise to a movement embodied by the Identitarians whom seek to stop the mass immigration.  

IN France, the French Postal Service won't deliver to certain areas of immigrant "no go zones" because of the risk to their personnel. The problem in France is now approaching epic proportions. We wrote a piece some time ago predicting that France would be the first Western power to fall to Islamic rule. Now it's actually about to occur according to some. As evidence, we offer up the comments of a political scientist in Paris Christian de Moliner, whom has come out and is recommending that France be divided in two in order to avoid a civil war. He states that France will never be able to eradicate radical Islam and that the 30% of muslims that WANT Shariah law will never be pursuaded otherwise, so lets just solve the problem by dividing the country into two states to avoid a civil war.  

Some are trying their best to stem the tide of globalism and the goal of the progressive left in Europe and here in America by standing up to the power elites and telling them NO to immigration and multiculturalism. They like their traditions, just like we do. They like their history and don't want it squashed, just like we do. They want to live in peace - under western societies laws, just like we do. But Islam runs counter to all of those wishes. They want Shariah Law, a prehistoric insane set of laws that if you actually take the time to read them, will leave you aghast. They cannot, by a matter of their faith, adopt an attitude of "live and let live". They must support the takeover of everything, and make everything submit to Islam and Shariah. This means, simply, that gays are to be killed. Women that are accused of being unfaithful are to be killed. Little girls are to have their clitoris cut off. Non-believers are to be beheaded. You think I'm lying? Making this stuff up? Check into this site and you will have all the evidence you need in order to make a decision about Islam: http://www.actforamerica.org/.

We predict that the crime rates in European countries will continue to escalate and that the existing crime rates are being under-reported because they are so bad that the governments can't allow the truth to be known. We believe that the goal of the liberal leftist globalists is to create a "one Europe" and that they believe that the way to do that is to literally fracture the fabric of each individual countries societies and traditions and cultures. The most expedient way to do this is to allow mass immigration of muslims from North Africa and the Middle East (using some BS excuse like "we need them for workers"). By allowing this fracturing to take place, you reduce the number of homogenous people in the country and thereby reduce their power as a group to overthrow the liberal globalist elites and counter their actions. The faster the immigration, therefore, the better for the globalists. This explains why they're allowing just about everyone into the country and the upheaval has been insane. Third generation Germans are moving out of their country, out of homes that have been in their families forever, to get away from the crime and the infiltration of the Islamic animals that are taking over their neighborhoods. 

We still predict that France will be the first Western nation to become ruled by Shariah Law and by Islam in some fashion due to their own liberalism and reluctance to act to stem the tide of the most destructive, the most retrograde force on earth - Islam.