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I grew up next door to Berkeley, CA. It has always been screamingly liberal, but the liberals that I knew growing up were peaceful and stood for the rights of all people, most of all, the right to free speech. They were inclusive, not racist or discriminatory. They were not violent. The New Left is not the Left that I knew. 

The New Left is filled with anger and hatred, a sense of entitlement, they are racists - anti-white to be specific, and they use violence and discrimination, targeting and stalking and spitting on conservatives. And that's if the victim is lucky he isn't hit over the head with a pipe or baseball bat. Berkeley campus, city officials, Berkeley police are doing next to nothing to help the minority on campus, which is the Conservative student. They let the violence go on against conservatives, they arrest practically nobody, and in certain areas of the country at other conservative rally's they arrest the conservative and allow the violent perpetrators and rally crashers to go free. They don't make the Antifa terror group take off their masks. President Obama invited Black Lives Matter domestic terrorist organization to the White House. Liberal foundations and liberal Hollywood types give millions to them. JayZ and Beyonce gave BLM over $1mm according to news sources. This is aiding and abetting and assisting a domestic terror organization which has yet to be declared such only because our politicians are too weak to stand up to those that are now using violence and intimidation to squash our Constitutional rights and physically attacking conservatives when they are in the minority in certain places like Berkeley or San Francisco. 

Michelle Obama, one of the most racist "leaders" in America - not to mention an America hater - just yesterday stated that "the reason Americans don't trust politicians is that the Republican Party is all male, all white" another divisive comment that once again proves her own racism and bigotry and displays the Democrat Party's proclivity for entirely false statements. Better yet, it gives us insight into her own view of the world which she obviously see's in terms of white and black versus a more constructive and peaceful, unifying view of all of us as Americans. Even in retirement, she continues to be a divider, a racist, and spout her damaging propaganda and lies to America. 

More important is the question of why the Left moved from a peaceful, constitutional rights loving, inclusive group to one that is violent, racist, and wants to overturn and remove people's Constitutional rights? 

The answer is actually very, very simple. 

The world is made up of the collective thoughts and feelings and actions of all humans on the planet. There is a balance between good and evil. A slight shift in the number of people who are thinking loving and kind thoughts puts the world on a path of peace, love, and kindness. Obviously, we have undergone a massive shift towards evil and the result is a world that has tilted off balance towards violence and evil.

I blame much of this shift on the racism, hatred, and divisiveness of Barack and Michelle Obama, the obvious massive level of evil that surrounds Hillary Clinton and her Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, the evil nature of George Soros, the thoroughly corrupt Democrat National Committee (DNC), the evil empire of our time - Iran, and the inherent, permanent, and pervasive evil within Islam and Shariah Law. When you stack on top the complicity of the main stream media it starts to feel overwhelming at times for conservatives, I'm sure.

These multiple evil forces have aligned with one another in recent years under Obama and Hillary Clinton. These evil forces - all of them - have come together to eliminate our way of life and the core beliefs that our country was founded upon, namely, every single important human right and God-given right that is in the Constitution of the United States. Frankly, with that many enemies, the fact that we haven't already been ruined is a miracle, much the way the miracle of Donald Trump winning the election was, to many of us, the hand of God giving us one last chance to right the ship, end the madness of the Clinton Crime Family Syndicates march to a socialist, communist, bureaucrat run country instead of a country where the ruling class is the people, not the politicians and bureaucrats. Where government officials SERVE the people, not one in which the people become servants to the masters in government - which is exactly where the nation was heading. The steady erosion of our freedoms and Constitutional rights, the increase in taxes and poverty, the control over our health care and educational system - it's all part of the Rule for Radicals outlined by Alinsky and followed by Clinton and Obama. 

This evil alignment of Islam, Soros, Clinton, and the DNC has put our world on chaotic tilt. It's more chaotic than ever, more violent than ever. And this is how evil likes it.

Evil does its best work when people are divided, not unified. Another example of this is immediately after the shooting in Las Vegas, Hillary Clinton politicized the event and went after the NRA and the second Amendment. It's why Obama spent his life dividing people - white against black, rich against poor. It's why he aligned himself with the most evil empire on the planet, Iran, and gave them support, money, and signed treaties with them without the support or approval of Congress. Obama knew that you can't "organize" people to get them marching or protesting unless you have a target you can make evil, identify it, divide the people and get them riled up about it. It's why Hillary left 34 people to die in Benghazi. It's why Michelle Obama comes out and says that the reason politicians aren't trusted is because the Republicans are mostly white and male. If that isn't a racist, anti-male statement, divisive statement designed to make people hate one another instead of loving one another, what is? What a twisted combination of racism and misandry. A racist man-hater! It's so hard to pick who might actually be more evil, Hillary or Michelle? No it's not. Sorry. It's far and away Hillary. Michelle is just a racist divisive clown, Hillary is pure evil, deep to the core and dangerous beyond all understanding, probably straight from the devil himself. But it is both of them and the rest of the new Progressive Socialist Democrat Party that have become more and more extreme, more and more hate-filled, more and more violent. 

The result has been the rise of violent, racist, domestic terror groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter that have been given credibility, money, acceptance and support from the left. It's why a lawyer and Vice President at CBS, Hayley Geftman-Gold, felt fine coming out with one of the most disgusting public statements ever heard in history, stating, "I'm actually not even sympathetic (to the people that died in Las Vegas) because country music fans often are Republican gun toters." It's why conservative students are being targeted on Berkeley's campus and the University and the Police and the Politicians there are doing nothing to protect them. It's why illegal immigrants rights are being put above those of our legal US citizens. It's also why there is rising white anger in this country and a rise in the number of people prepping for a civil war or some other domestic disturbance at an increasing rate. 

When you take these violent, racist, anti-white, anti-America. anti-Constitutional people and you combine them with the hatred and murderous savagery of ISLAM, and you embed that evil force inside one of your country's political parties the way Islam - Communism - Socialism - is embedded now into the Democrat Party, you have a recipe for more violence, revolution, death, and possible anarchy.

The most simplistic description of what has happened is that evil is on the rise and challenging the balance of our planet, and that perhaps the only way to get the balance back is for good to fight evil, as it has always had to do, and win, and restore the balance and restore peace.