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Hillary Clinton is possibly the most corrupt human on earth. There are bad guys - you know, like warlords in Africa that kill people, and ISIS guys that torture people, rape women and children and cut off heads, and they are genuinely bad people. But when it comes to corruption, when it comes to lying, cheating, stealing, covering up, destroying evidence and lying some more, there is nobody better at it or more guilty in our eyes than Hillary.

It started a long, long time ago while she was working on the Watergate affair. According to Fox News, it was here that she did some very bad things which would continue to occur and become a theme throughout her criminal career. Her boss fired her after the investigation and when he was asked about why he fired her, her boss Jeff Zeifman said in an interview, "Because she was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality." Well, now there you have it directly from the mouth of a coworker way back 40 years ago.

The zebra did not change her stripes ladies and gentlemen. She learned that without evidence, they couldn't get her, so she maintains her method of operating - the destruction or movement of evidence such that it cannot be obtained by investigators. As with her illegal email server and her unauthorized blackberry devices and such, she did what she learned years ago to do - destroy it, destroy the emails and use her lawyers to bleachbit the evidence so that nobody ever will be able to see what really went on in Benghazi, or what really went on with her pay for play scheme at the State Department taking in billions of dollars from Islamic terror sponsoring states and selling uranium to the Russians. All of that evidence was "scraped clean".Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for a falsified and phony FAKE report about Donald Trump (the infamous "dossier") which the Democrats and Hillary used over and over again during the campaign to attack him.

Jim Comey of the FBI wrote a letter exonerating Hillary of any wrongdoing regarding the email server scandal BEFORE he had even questioned her or the people around her. His original draft apparently said she committed gross negligence, which is a crime, but he was somehow "convinced" by someone (Loretta? Bill? Hillary?) to tone down the language to say she was "extremely careless". The fix was in. Now it is coming out for all to see. Jim Comey is nothing but a corrupt bureaucrat. What a shame - he tainted a great organization, the FBI, which will survive him and be better off without him.  

The FBI actually had knowledge of more information than they led on about the meeting on the tarmac between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. Now that is coming out.

The FBI knew that the Russians were using bribes, money laundering, racketeering, and more to influence people - including Hillary while she was at the State Department and they did nothing about it. Now this is coming out. They knew of all of this before the Uranium One deal - 9 months before - and said and did nothing. Did they go to Obama?

We know all about the gun running cover up lies that Hillary told abot Benghazi in order to make herself look better. She would rather the truth in the movie 13 hours not ever come out but it did. She did nothing and left 34 Americans alone to die in Libya that day despite all the warnings, all the begging for help from the people she left there to die. 

We also know that the Clintons jumped on the opportunity to make billions off the Haitian earthquake. What happened was a 7.0 earthquake that devastated the country. Hillary was Secretary of State and Bill was the "Ambassador for Aid" to Haiti. Convenient. All the companies that got contracts to rebuild Haiti with American dollars sent from the State Department - for some reason they all had given generously to the Clinton Foundation. So even BEFORE the "pay to play" scheme for Uranium One, the Clinton's were holding people up for money in order to get lucrative government related contracts. 

Of course, Hillary and Bill just want you to forget that stuff, it was so long in the past. So let's set all that criminal racketeering aside for a moment and come back to the relative present. 

So we have the DNC, the Clinton Crime Machine, the FBI, the CIA, Obama, the DOJ under both Holder and Lynch, the NSA under Susan Rice, the IRS under Koskinen, the UN under Samantha Power, Doug Band over at the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, and various others like CNN and Donna Brazile, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills - all conspiring to weaponizing the various government agencies to get information on their adversaries and spy on Americans, all using their positions to create wealth for the Clinton Crime Machine through the phony Clinton Foundation, all being used to cover up for Hillary, all of these people and more that are coming out every day as part of the Clinton Crime Syndicate, working together to get the payoffs into the foundation which had many of them on its payroll and still does to this day, covering up and silencing anyone that has information and might talk, destroying cell phones and laptops and emails from illegal and hidden email servers and lying about it...even those within the FBI that were fully aware of the crimes she and others in the syndicate were committing, and nobody was going to be the wiser if Hillary won the election - it would all get swept under the rug and go away. That was the idea. We can do anything because Hillary is going to win the election without a doubt, and she will make all of this go away. She will cover all our crooked backs. 

But then she lost!

Which means that all of this garbage, all the vile, stinking, rotten garbage that the Clinton's and the DNC and Obama deal in, all the criminal acts, the unmasking (SPYING) on American citizens, all the cover ups and crooked dealings, are all being flushed to the top of the swamp, and all the players that are part of the conspiracy, even the supposed Republican swampers like McCain are all being shown for what they really are. Crooks in on the game, part of the conspiracy to defraud the American people and lie to us. Republican or Democrat, they are all arrogant bureaucrats that think very little of the American people and our American values of being a servant to the people. Instead they take our assets and enrich themselves. They take our tax money and spend it as THEY feel best, doing favors for their friends, enriching themselves with backdoor deals, covering up for one another when necessary, burying the truth when expedient.

Then Trump comes along, telling us that this is what's been going on, and 50% of the country is too dumb to listen. 50% of the country doesn't want to believe it, but now it's all coming out! Most of what he said and says turns out to be true! 

Now, and FINALLY, there is a secret source that is about to blow the whistle on Hillary, her Clinton Crime Family Foundation, and the Russians that bought US Uranium while paying off Hillary WHILE SHE WAS THE SECRETARY OF STATE. This source supposedly has proof - emails, recordings and video - that will tell America how the Clinton Campaign and the Clinton Foundation ran a "pay for play" scheme - a criminal act against America - a treasonous act against our Homeland - and took in $145 million in payoffs from the Russians linked to the Uranium deal. Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and Obama tried to keep this source quiet by making him sign a non-disclosure, but Congress just got that waived and now its ON! This source is about to talk and tell all. This could be the capper in the lengthy criminal and scandalous history of this evil woman Hillary Clinton and her Crime Family Syndicate  members, and make it forever clear to the American public that this woman is a crook and a liar and a cover up artist of the highest magnitude, of the first order, and is pure evil at her very core.

But since this source has been revealed, have we heard anything about it? No. We have direct evidence of Hillary's crimes and her attempts to cover them up, and does Jeff Sessions issue any DOJ order to even investigate her? No. Many of us are very, very confused about why Sessions has not appointed an investigator to this, or why he hasn't filed charges against her and other in the Clinton Crime Family and this needs to be explained to the American people clearly because many of us want justice done, we know what we know, and we know that if we had done what she has done, even a fraction of it, we would be arrested and prosecuted. But not Hillary! So why, Jeff, have you not filed a criminal case against Hillary and her money laundering Foundation? Why haven't you charged Huma and Cheryl for lying to the FBI but allow the FBI to rough up a good man, Lt, General Michael Flynn? 

Hillary is still a liar and she still has disdain for the Constitution of the United States just as she did when she was in her 20's and working on Watergate in DC where they ran her out of the town. She continues to conspire and lie and engage in cover ups. In fact, they never stopped their criminal ways which is why, instead of outlining a few scandals here, we have at least 22 now that she is involved in going back 40 years not to mention so many strange deaths that have occurred around her and Bill that it bears some thought. I mean, when someone got on the wrong side of Hillary, how is it that they suddenly ended up dead right about when they were going to reveal some information that might impact her or her husbands future? It's staggering the number. Now she runs around the country leading a so-called "resistance" movement. Since when does a losing Presidential candidate then support the over throw of the duly elected new President?

Since when does any losing Presidential candidate act to subvert the sitting government in ways that are borderline or possibly outright treasonous? Only the scum from Arkansas, only this woman. Only trailer trash that has no concern for the good of the nation and has only concern for herself does such a thing.  

Hillary's criminal history and scandals continued after Watergate. Below, we have given you a link to the top scandals and crimes, and show you how serious these crimes are and who was involved within the Clinton Crime Family Syndicate. Whether she was convicted yet or not is irrelevant. What we know is that she lied consistently, she broke the law consistently, she intimidated anyone that she felt was a threat to her or her husband consistently, she destroyed the lives of the very women that her husband preyed upon and raped - and yet runs around saying she's an advocate for women.

This is the ultimate joke on the liberal female Democrat voters if you ask me. She actually got women to vote for her after spending years destroying the lives of the women whom her husband raped or sexually assaulted. It's all the more incredible in that it's the truth! She actually did that and got away with it and was able to then tell everyone that she was an advocate for women! And they voted for her! No wonder she has such contempt for the law and contempt for the American people's intelligence! How dumb are the women that vote for her? She's a known liar, a known crook, a known supporter and defender of a man that raped and assaulted women, and yet these women vote for her? It's got to be a case study in psychology. I guess that's why some people say that being a liberal is a mental disorder. 

The Clintons are masters of diversion. When they get pinned on something, they immediately hit the media with interviews and try desperately to create a new and different dialogue, come up with a new story for the American people to think about, and divert as much attention as possible from their recent crime. When it comes up, they try to minimize it by saying "I've already apologized for that, I've addressed it. I can't understand why this keeps on coming up. It's nothing really, why can't we all just move on, it was so long ago. What difference does it make now?" Watch Hillary, even toda, when she's questioned about  new allegations - she deflects it as "the same old thing they've been peddling for years" or when she was asked if she would be indicted, she said "How absurd" or something to that effect. She knows how to do three things: Lie and lie and lie until they actually catch you and confront you with absolute proof, then simply apologize and say it was "a mistake" and blow it off like it was nothing. Second, she knows how to remove and destroy evidence. She started doing it while a young woman working at Watergate, and she is doing it still by "bleach bitting" (erasing) her emails and destroying phones and emails and taking files out of the State Department when she left. Finally, she knows how to enrich herself at the expense of our country. She figured out how to get rich selling our nations assets, and how to get contributions into a phony foundation as a means for foreign countries to meet with her when she was Secretary of State. She is one of the most distasteful humans on the planet and I'm ashamed that she's an American. 

The seriousness of the Clinton crimes are not to be overlooked. From Whitewater to Benghazi, we're talking about very serious crimes here, and we're talking about crimes that a regular person would pay for with life in prison in many cases. The level of criminal activity seems to have escalated after Hillary got into the State Department, which would make sense since that was the most powerful position she had ever held, and opened the door for the most corruption to take place. Instead of being wary of that, she grabbed that power and the ability to work behind the scenes, and used it in any number of schemes to enrich herself and Bill and lie about all of it to the American people and Congress. 

It's all here: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/11/tracking-the-clinton-controversies-from-whitewater-to-benghazi/396182/

CONCLUSION: It is imperative that as long as she is alive, the American people never forget how corrupt and evil she is. As long as she is alive, we here at Totally Right will work tirelessly to simply remind the American people of her crimes, her scandals, her lies to both Congress, the American people, and the families of fallen American heroes. We will never let America forget how she and Bill created a political crime family syndicate, a money laundering foundation that took money from terror sponsoring nations, and how they enriched themselves from the public's coffers and the public's assets, all the while, destroying anyone that dared to speak out, including the women that Bill raped and sexually molested while Hillary continues to run around saying that she's a women's rights advocate. As long as you are alive Hillary, there is an army of us that will not forget how you lied to the families of the hero's of Benghazi, how you lied to the American people, and how you lied to Congress about your emails and your illegal email server, and how you destroyed evidence in direct violation of a Congressional order. As long as you keep opening your mouth and taking up oxygen with your vile lies and your reprehensible resistance movement against our duly elected and sitting President, we will be here to remind the world of who you really are and the disgusting, tainted historical marks you've left on America. We pray for leaders that can clean up your mess and restore the integrity of our government and agencies like the FBI, the DOJ, the NSA and others which your evil corruption seeped into. God Bless America.