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We don't know much about the shooter in Las Vegas. They aren't telling us much, are they? But something doesn't smell right here at all. Rumors of the shooter and his girlfriend taking trips to the middle east have been squelched, rumors of multiple shooters being seen in the room have not been picked up by anyone, rumors of the shooter having a picture of his girlfriend - in the middle east - in the room at Mandalay Bay with him have gone silent. Rumor of his having traveled to Kuwait for a month just a little while ago - nothing. Finally, late on October 3rd, one of the Sheriff's mentioned that they're looking into or want to know if this guy got radicalized without their knowledge. That means that they don't know, or if someone does know, they aren't talking to the local Sheriff about it. 

What we have here is a mystery and it shouldn't be. We at TotallyRight.us smell a major cover up. Las Vegas doesn't want the US and world population to know that this might have been a major jihadi event and attack if in fact that is the truth. Really bad for business. Even the President doesn't want that to come out I suspect. 

Another theory was proposed by an associate of mine. She is very well schooled on the Alinsky Model for destroying a capitalist society and supplanting it with a socialist government. She has been tracking how Hillary and Obama and the Democrat Party have been moving down the path to make America a socialist society for a long, long time. She says that Soros and Clinton and Company have spent multiple billions, and probably had people killed in this effort to crush our Constitution and replace our capitalist society with a socialist, bureaucrat run government - and they have accomplished quite a lot on the Alinsky list. The key elements of the Alinsky path are to increase poverty so that you can control the population easier. He states that poor people are easier to control. You give them enough government assistance (I call it government crack cocaine) and you can get them to keep voting for you forever. He said to control the health care system, which the Democrats accomplished by lying about it and jamming ObamaCare down America's throat and using the IRS to enforce it upon us. Alinsky also said that you have to remove firearms from the people. Hitler did it by first making people register weapons (like they're doing in California, Massachussetts and elsewhere), and then confiscated them all later. My associate says that this part of dismantling the Constitution, the gun angle, the second Amendment, is what the Las Vegas shooting is all about. She goes pretty conspiratorial here, but follow me. 

Soros and the Left were supposed to have Hillary in the White House. They've been having a heck of a time getting rid of an armed society here in America, but they've been pretty successful in other parts of the world that have been over run with Progressive Socialists. Hillary was supposed to accomplish the removal of guns from the people of America during her reign. She would do it by putting in a liberal Supreme Court and that would be that. They would overturn the second Amendment legally - or at least allow the government to start the registration and confiscation process. But Trump won and put Neil Gorsuch in the Supreme Court. This was a major, major blow to the Progressives timeline for accomplishing their ultimate Socialist takeover of America. I mean, look at how insane they've become! The violence, the vitriol, the insane statements, the hatred and the "RESIST" movement, BLM and Antifa, etc. 

Las Vegas, she says, is the planned "option B" for the left and the anti-gunners and the socialists. How better to jam an anti-gun amendment through our government than to have a middle aged white man shooting up other white people that are mostly conservatives and Christians? Now you have a chance of turning the tide and changing the minds of the middle of the road and young conservatives. Maybe now you can kill off the NRA. Maybe now you can get guns out of the hands of the public. Certain states like CA will use this event to start all out bans and outright confiscations. The left is already using it to counter existing CCW legislation that is before Congress even though CCW had nothing to do with Las Vegas! 

Regardless of what the truth is about Vegas, which we may never find out, we do know that the Left has become increasingly dangerous and violent and the MSM is a part of it, promoting it. Just like the angry Progressive that targeted conservatives and shot Steve Scalise in Washington DC - the increasingly angry and violent Left in this country has now possibly targeted conservative Christian country music fans in Las Vegas and killed 59 or more and shot another 526 in a sickening display of the Left gone crazy. This is, of course, the result of a Left wing that has been encouraging people to "RESIST" and has become increasingly violent as we have seen with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, who have been at the heart of a domestic terror effort for several years now, encouraged by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and the DNC's Islamic leadership. And of course, the left instantly blamed the entire event on the NRA - Hillary Clinton and Hollywood idiots leading the charge, politicizing the horrible event before the bodies had even been moved and while people struggled for their lives on operating tables throughout Las Vegas. In fact, Hillary's instant move on the NRA practically during the event reminded me of Benghazi - it was as if she knew this was going to happen and had her target - guns and the NRA - already in her sites and shot at them a bit too quickly for my comfort. Can you imagine the person that politicizes a horrific event like this within minutes of it happening? What kind of cold-hearted evil human is that? Her name is Hillary. 

Islam - the Democrat Parties best friend and whom has funded and led the Democrat Party for some time now, may have successfully converted a man who did their dirty work for them by targeting conservatives at a country music concert last night in Las Vegas. ISIS claimed responsibility within hours after the event happened and said that he had been converted a few months ago. The Feds and other Law Enforcement are being very vocal about the fact that there is no international terrorist influence here. Again, this seems to be a little too adamant. This may be the cover up. A neighbor said that the shooter and his girlfriend were gone for 6 months last year. Sounds like plenty of time to be indoctrinated. Another sources says he went to Kuwait a few months ago. Maybe this is where he got the plan and the training. His brother says he had no military background and wonders where he got the guns and where he was trained how to use them! Other people on the same floor o the Mandalay Bay casino as the shooter said they saw more than one shooter. I've looked at every video f the event and do not see one video with muzzle flashes from the 32nd floor. I see flashes from the 4th floor. Nobody is talking about that, though. First, the security guard went up to investigate an alarm and was shot after the shooting had taken place. Now, the story has changed and he was shot BEFORE the shooting took place. Some have said that perhaps the guard was the other shooter. The video's clearly sound like there was more than one shooter. One in a location close by to the recording device, the other further away from the device. Nothing is being said about that.

Some people have said that this guy is a deep state plant, a patsy, and that this is the Deep State of Hillary and Obama at work, through the CIA and FBI, to further the lefts agenda to disarm Americans and eliminate the second amendment. 

Man, there is so much more to this story than we know and who knows if we will ever be told the truth?! What if it turns out he was picked off by ISIS and recruited and trained? What if they assisted him in getting the guns? What if he was co-opted by Soros and company to further their leftist disarming America and destroy the US Constitution agenda. Killing a few people has never been a problem for Soros or Hillary. They both seem to have a history of doing it or allowing it to happen and then lying about it to further their agendas.

To be honest, its very early in this story and we don't know if any of this has been or can be qualified as true or just rumor, but this feels like a man that was converted or comprimised by someone, somehow. He simply doesn't fit any profile of a guy that would do this without some kind of outside influence pushing his buttons. And to physically do what he did, well, its possible but I don't know many 64 year old men that can haul 3000 rounds of ammo and 23 guns up to a 32nd floor room hotel and not have someone see him or help him? But somehow this guy did it in a city that has the best security and camera's on planet earth? 

These kinds of acts, however, arise when you have a Left that encourages them through their rhetoric. You can blame the Alt Left - Antifa - and Black Lives Matter - and our previous President Barack Obama for giving those groups credibility and refusing to punish them for their CLEARLY TERRORISTIC acts and instead actually invited BLM - a racist, terrorist group - to the White House. You can blame Hillary - her message of RESIST is anti-government and traitorous. What a horrible human being. She loses the election, and instead of taking the high road, she starts a movement encouraging acts of violence and resistance to the current sitting government of the United States. The Lefts encouragement of these kinds of groups, the Lefts encouragement of Islam in America and the Democrats willingness to be the voice of Islam in America, becoming friendly with and aligning with CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood which are terror organizations, Obama's numerous acts of "kindness" to Iran - the number one sponsor and funding source for terrorism throughout the world - all of these acts of encouragement on the Left - including Hillary's call to arms to "RESIST" - has led to a country that is more divided than ever and is cause violence like this act in Las Vegas.

Young conservatives were targeted and slaughtered. I'm sure Antifa and BLM and the DNC are happy. Certainly we know that killing Christians has to make ISIS and CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood happy...all good buddies with Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the leadership of the DNC. 

The Main Stream Media doesn't want to say what really happened here. The Government and the city of Las Vegas doesn't want us to know the truth I think. They're holding back. They don't want the truth to be known here, which may be that this man may have purposely targeted conservative Christians and killed 59 and shot more than 500 others and hat he may have been influenced by Islamic terrorists or an even more evil plot to counter the Trump Presidency and conservative movement. If the later is true, it doesn't surprise me a bit. Hillary wanted all 34 people in Benghazi to die in order to cover up her gun running through Libya into Syria backing groups trying to overthrow Assad! She and Barack were afraid they might have had an Iran Contra scandal on their hands and needed to cover it up. Well I guess if you can leave 34 people to die in Benghazi and lie about it to the faces of the families of dead heroes you can let 59 people in Vegas die to get your gun legislation through. You may think that this is far fetched but I stand by her capability to do it. She is pure evil, and this is what evil does without even thinking twice.  

In summary, we don't know what happened. The truth is being covered up. But we know that there has to be more here. This mild mannered, well to do, white retired man didn't just snap and do this without a motive, without help, without provocation of some sort in our opinion. Something very, very strange is going on here, and we may never know what the truth really is.