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Important Things We Learned in 2016

Important Things We Learned in 2016

Progressive's are really just Socialist/Communists using a new name. 

Colin Kaepernick is an asshole.

Hillary Clinton is a liar and really, just not that smart. But her ego sure is big.

It's now OK to say "Merry Christmas" again in public, loudly and proudly.

President Obama loves Muslims, hates Israel, holds America in disdain, loves terrorist sponsor Iran, hates Americans, loves Black Lives Matter but hates cops, and his racist wife thinks that the only real problem in America is "the whites". 

Gun restriction in Chicago and Illinois hasn't stop it from becoming the murder capital of the USA. 

Obama thinks he's pretty hot shit...and he just isn't. He's likely the worst president since Carter. 

Obama gave Iran 100+ billion, some of it in cash, on pallets, flown into the country in secret, in the middle of the night, without Congressional approval.

Obama should have gotten Congressional approval to do the Iran Nuke deal, but he didn't, going around the Constitution that he was sworn to uphold and by doing so, has aided and abetted an enemy of the USA. That - by definition - is an act of treason. 

Obama went around the Constitution of the United States by essentially signing a treaty with Iran, the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world, without Congressional approval. 

Obama's foreign policy has been a dismal failure. The world is not safer, it is in total disarray as a result of his policies of inaction and weakness.

John Kerry is totally lame - nothing he did stuck. But  he sure enjoyed flying around the world in his private jet and staying at every 4 seasons hotel in the world...on us, the US taxpayer. 

John McCain is a weak ass Republican that hasn't been doing his job for years and has been paid off by the same people that paid off Clinton. 

Paul Ryan is a weak ass Republican that only stepped up to support Trump AFTER it was obvious that he could win. 

Loretta Lynch is a damn liar and a cover up artist for both Obama and the Clintons. The DOJ under her became a disaster. 

The Clinton Foundation is a fraud and should be investigated by the IRS and the FBI under RICO statutes for the organized crime family that the Clintons have run for years. 

Black Lives Matter is a racist criminal organization. Obama invited them to the White House. Beyonce and Jay-Z also supported BLM by giving them 1.5 million. 

The Main Stream Media is so biased that it's not even funny...we didn't know how bad it was until Wikileaks exposed all the dirty details of how the Democratic Party was working hand in hand with the media to support Hillary. It was so bad it looked like the MSM was on the Clinton payroll. 

The experts said that if Trump won, the market would drop 20%. More fake news obviously, more of the MSM trying to scare people off a Trump vote. The market has instead climbed to record highs and Trump hasn't even been sworn in. Watch Obama take credit for it. LOL.

Facebook is a left wing organization.

85% of the counties in America voted from Trump. 85%. That's, uhhhh...almost all of them. 

The Democrats have abandoned the Jews in America and is supporting organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood that want Jews and Christians dead. No Jew with a brain should ever vote Democrat again. The Republic Party welcomes you. 

The Muslim Brotherhood, a criminal organization supported by Obama, should be outlawed in America. 

Homelessness exploded in America under Obama.

Racial division is higher than when Obama came into office. The great black hope didn't unite us, he divided us. 

Winston Churchill said Muslims are bloodthirsty and intolerant...and it appears he was right. 

Venezuela, the Lefts shining beacon of Socialism, is essentially crumbling and burning down. The socialistic experiment has failed yet again. 

Europe is being taken over by Muslims and crime rates are soaring. Germans leaving their own homeland, leaving family homes that have been in their families for generations. Open borders not working out like the Leftist Elites had promised. Socialist leftist elites open border policy has failed. 

Hillary Clinton has blood on her hands with the abandonment of Americans in Benghazi and she's never been forced to answer for it. She lied about the events that really took place and she abandoned 30+ AMERICANS there and left them to die. 

ObamaCare was a fraud, and is failing miserably. Trump will have to try to fix Obama's disasterous health care.

Obama spent $83 million in US taxpayer money on his personal family vacations while President.

Elizabeth Warren is a fake. She says she represents the little guy, the average guy. She's worth millions, lives in a house worth millions. She can't even relate to the average person. She is angry and likely more insane and more dangerous as Nancy Pelosi...and that's saying a lot. 

Nancy Pelosi is a big phony too, only worse, She's worth a ton more than Warren. 

Democrat Progressive Socialist Communist Liberals hate guns and don't care about the Constitution of the United States, they want to eliminate the 2nd Amendment. 

Most of the nation would be happy if California and the people in it just went away. 

Totally Right wishes you a very Happy New Year which, for us all, looks like it will actually take place on January 20th, not January 1st! 


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