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Kaepernick: Go F*ck Yourself in Iran

As Lowell Cohn, the writer, said about Colin Kaepernick, “Never has an athlete been so arrogant after accomplishing so little.” So true. So true.

We predict that it will come out that Colin Kaepernick has converted to Islam. That would explain a lot, wouldn’t it. Radical Islam is looking for role models like athletes that it can use to undermine our society in every possible way. Allowing for the disrespect of our flag and our anthem is a good start in their minds.  Maybe he’s going to get some of the $400 billion if he gets dumped out of football. Maybe he and Obama have vacation homes in Tehran. Right next to the nicest mosque.

I’ve always thought that being a professional athlete, where kids adore you even if you’re not famous, you have a special place in society and with that special place comes a special responsibility. A responsibility to give back to kids, to spend time with them, to sign your autograph, to be friendly and kind, to represent your sport, your team, and your nation well and be a role model especially to the millions of kids that are watching you. I was a professional athlete. I remember feeling this responsibility.

If Colin has a right to protest in the USA, then so do the fans and the police. We have a right to boo him. If we’re cops, we have a right to call in sick the day we’re supposed to work the 49ers game and provide security. As fans, we have a right to burn his jersey. We have a right to tell the 49ers that we’re not going to renew our season tickets if this ass is still around next year.

Apparently he thinks that there is too much police brutality against blacks. This is his main issue. Oh – and racism.

Well, Colin, if you happen to care about the statistics, they don’t lie. Your stats don’t lie about how you perform (or fail to perform) on the field, and the statistics on racism and police brutality against blacks don’t lie either.

White people are more likely to be shot by a cop than blacks in a confrontation. The simple fact is, there are way, way more police confrontations with blacks, so there are way more shootings (in real numbers) of blacks. Why? Blacks are committing more crimes, and it’s in the black communities that the cops always have to be present - because this is where all the crap is going down. This is where the crime is, where the shootings occur – black on black shootings 99% of the time by the way.

American police are not targeting black people, Colin. Black people are, however, targeting police here in the USA because of your kind of rhetoric. I give you Dallas. Black Lives Matter. Kaepernick. These are the true racists, the true “targeters”, the true provokers of violence in our society. These people and groups are NOT to be held up as role models and they are NOT to be held up as great people. Their facts are incorrect, their protests are racist in nature, and their targeting of police is criminal. Totally Right calls them out as con men, pushing an agenda based upon lies, incorrect facts, providing dangerous misleading information to their communities, and inciting violence against whites, and cops in particular with incendiary rhetoric. And Obama, the Islam-loving, America hating failure that he is actually tried to give BLM credibility by inviting them to the White House. I've never been to the White House, and I always thought it would be an honor to be invited, but not now, not after those thugs and criminals were invited there. Obama and his policies stunk up the place. 

Finally, let’s be clear about who Colin Kaepernick really is, and let’s not be confused about what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. First, he splashed onto the scene and won a top spot at the 49ers in late 2011 by displaying some outstanding physical skills. He wasn’t particularly bright as quarterbacks go, but the team thought that they could work on that. Then, he gets a bit sideways in 2014 in Miami with his pot smoking. This is when I started to really watch this guy, knowing that a pot smoking, under-performing quarterback whom had won a spot just a short time ago, was apparently not paying much attention to how tenuous his starting spot might be or how he might appear as a role model to others. Not to mention, instead of partying and dressing like a fool, he should have been studying his play book and toeing the line. Like many radicalized Islamic fools, he's been brainwashed by an Islamic extremist women most likely. 

Kaepernicks record isn’t that spectacular. It just isn’t. He’s won 31 games. There are 21 current quarterbacks in the league that are still active that have more wins than he does. Russell Wilson has over 50 wins. In the record books, Kaepernick doesn’t even show up anywhere. He’s set ZERO records. He has no ring. No championships. Nothing. He’s a non-event right now. He hasn’t proved himself to be a leader, a winner who can command a team and take them all the way. He has proved he can dress like a clown and smoke pot and be totally into himself and disrespect America, American service men and women, his team, the NFL, and the 49er fans. I've seen this before. The 49ers won't call him out, they'll just get rid of him. Quietly, he will be eliminated from their lives as a pain in the ass loser, and good luck getting another team to sign you on you crybaby loser piece of garbage. 

Now that he’s lost his starting spot, he decides to choose now as his time to be an anti-patriot, to stage his publicity stunt protest. Sounds like the little boy is stamping his feet and saying “pay attention to me!” now that he’s sitting on the bench. It would be humbling to most of us, but Kaepernick’s ego is so large that he isn’t humbled, he decides to stage a protest, make anti-cop statements to the press, throw the race card out and align himself with the most racist criminal group of modern times, Black Lives Matter.  A bunch of racist thugs. Of course we can't say anything about them, right? If we do, they'll call US racists! That's the Democrat way. Perfectly happy to shut down my right to free speech if it doesn't align with their agenda, but you can't shut down Totally Right because we just don't CARE. We have no advertisers! We have bosses! We write it as we see it and if you're a black person and you're racist, we're going to call you a racist! 

Joe Montana was a quarterback. Steve Young was a quarterback. Jerry Rice was a great footballer. All of them represented the San Francisco 49ers and the NFL like football players and like men. They were excellent at their craft. Hell, they were super human in some cases, and they didn’t act like spoiled brats or forget where they lived or who wrote their paychecks…and I’m not talking about the team, I’m talking about the fans. Ultimately, we write the check for these guys. We, the fans, pay for the tickets and the gear. We, the fans are the ultimate decider. If we stand up and voice our disgust with this idiot, tell the 49ers to dump his ungrateful ass, he will not be able to find a home in the NFL.

Finally, I will close with more Lowell Cohn, who covered the 49ers as a reporter for decades: “Kaepernick is all about fame and stardom and appearance and hype. At this point in his career, he is an illusion. If he doesn’t get his act together, his career will be an illusion.”

Totally Right prediction: In a year, we won’t even know who Colin Kaepernick was. He’ll be in the NFL somewhere as a backup QB to a real football player. 


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