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USA Run By Arrogant Elites, Incompetents and Crooks

They Line Their Pockets and Loretta Lynch Protects Them All

The Obama Administration has allowed our Federal Government to be run by a group of incompetent liars and thugs, white and black, which includes at the very least, unethical and despicable activities, possibly as much as outright criminal behavior and possible treasonous behavior that has failed to be prosecuted by the Department of Justice, who is run by Obama and Hillary’s protector, Loretta Lynch. We wrote some months ago about Loretta Lynch in an article on this site entitled “Loretta Lynch Must Go”.

Now we have had scandals at the IRS, for targeting conservative groups and harassing them with audits. We have the Department of Education total failure ratings on its technology and safety, and yet they gave a $230,000 BONUS to the Chief Information Officer! WHAT? We have Hillary Clinton running a multi-billion scam out of the office of Secretary of State. We have Obama and Hillary leaving our people in Benghazi to die without any US military support, which ended with the death of a US Ambassador and 3 others. We have a $400 billion ransom payment to Iran. We have a “treaty” with Iran that Obama ran around Congress to get done, and did not ask America about before just doing it. We have an email scandal with Hillary where she was hiding her activity at the Secretary of State. Hillary’s lawyers did not have security clearance to look at her emails, and then DELETED classified emails. Now, we’re seeing that Hillary and her doctors and her people are covering up the fact that she likely has serious health issues and may have suffered a stroke or has Parkinsons and in any event is being covered up in classic Clinton style. Falling down, coughing, failing to remember things, forgetting important things that she was briefed on.

None of these activities have resulted in the prosecution of punishment of ANYONE in the Obama Administration.

You think there’s something stinky in DC? I think it smells to high heaven and I think what we have witnessed in the last 8 years with Obama and Hillary is embarrassing to our nation, sets a horrible example for our children, makes us look stupid to our Allies and weak to our enemies.

But you want more of this America? You want to elect Hillary Clinton to the most powerful position in the world? You’ve got to be kidding! You say you do when you look at the polls! What is wrong with you? 

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