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Who is Paying for Hillary's New Big Private Jet?

We know that Trumps plane was paid for by Trump. He bought it. He paid for it. He EARNED THE MONEY TO PAY FOR IT.

So who is paying for Hillary’s jet?

In March of 2016, Hillary had already spent around $2 million on private jets. Must be around 5 times that by now. And now that she has a new big private jet which burns something like 1,000 gallons of fuel per hour…which I’m sure helps stop global warming, Hillary! What a joke.  

She has tried so hard to re-brand herself as a person of the people, a down to earth fighter for the everyday American, but that has hit a wall of hypocrisy that makes the majority of voters thing=k that she’s untrustworthy and clearly just not authentic.

I mean seriously, how can you say you’re a regular person when you have clearly been flying around in private jets for years, paid for by either:

a) The American Taxpayer, or

b) Donors (international criminals and thugs) to the Clinton Foundation, or

c) Donors (more thugs and idiots) to your campaign?

When she was Senator, she took more than 200 privately chartered jets flights. The cost to the American taxpayer? $527,000.

The Clinton Foundation spent more than $50 million (of charitable contributions mind you!) on travel between 2003 and 2012 because of Hillary’s love of the private jet setting life-style. I wonder how may women and children from oppressed countries were invited on board. What a joke. 

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