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Obama Department of Education Throws 43,000 Students Out of School and Gets 8,000 People Fired

At TotallyRight we have long felt that the Department of Education is a waste of taxpayer money. A haven for whatever administration is in the White House to give high paying government jobs and then pensions to their buddies and those that were loyal to them during their run for office. There is no real reason for the Agency and is one of the many Federal government agencies that searches for a reason to be, and when it can’t find a legitimate reason to be, it makes one up and is ripe for the abuses of an administration gone absolutely mad with its own power. Just like Obama has done with the IRS, the DOE has been turned into an attack dog for anyone that makes money…because making money is apparently bad in Obama’s land of Utopia. Where money just comes from taxpayers magically, and then is redistributed to the masses regardless of whether they EARNED it.

In its typical arrogant fashion, Obama targeted ITT Technical Institute, probably because it is a “for profit” institution (and we all know that Obama hates a company that actually makes money). Remember his famous remark about how “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. If you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own.” He then goes on to say that because American has built roads and bridges and installed infrastructure for you, you then owe the Government for your success. How much do you owe? Whatever he decides you owe.

Well, the Department of Education, a federal agency that gets $77 billion annually of our tax dollars, decided to attack for profit educational institutions, putting down bans on their ability to enroll any students that get government loans, which is a large percentage of their enrollment – just like it is with any college. ITT Corp tried to work with these government attack dogs, and in the end, realized that no matter what they did, the goal of the Obama Department of Education was to put them out of business. So today, in a move that I applaud, they put it back in Obama’s face and fired everyone and closed all 50 campuses around the USA. 8,000 workers are out of work. As the school year starts,  43,000 students have nowhere togo to school.

Nice job Obama and Department of Education. Nice job.

When you do a bit of investigating into the DOE, where’s what you find. The CIO of the agency built a home theatre and had a car detailing business which were installed by the very companies that had won lucrative government contracts with the DOE. Clearly a conflict of interest. Clearly unethical. Clearly a method of payoff.

Loretta Lynch, of course, declined to prosecute just like she did with Hillary Clinton. The acting secretary of the DOE asserts that the CIO named, Danny Harris, did not violate any law or standard of ethical conduct. WHAT?

Of course, when you see these buffoons on video, you can see they got these jobs because they were “buddies” of Obama. They are way over their heads at these agencies, with largely suspect qualifications to have held the positions in the first place. They are Obama stooges and buffoons from the old “hood” that clearly need further education themselves before they should have been considered to be in charge of a $77 billion agency of the US government. What a joke. 

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