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Washington Killer Not a Citizen - But Voted 3 Times!!!


Totally Right has been pounding on the fact that the DNC is behind a massive voter fraud that is illegal. We wrote about it in August and twice in September in various articles. Now, we have a high profile case of voter fraud by a non-citizen...the killer in Washington named Arcan Cetin from Turkey who killed 5 innocent people in a mall there. Despite his not yet being a citizen, he registered to vote in 2014 and cast ballots in 3 elections. He proclaimed his choice on social media this year...Hillary Clinton. Of course. 

Federal law since 1996 expressly prohibits non-citizens from voting in federal elections. So why is this not happening? Why is there no execution of the law, no punishments for violations? Because liberals don't like it. It doesn't jibe with their game plan, which is simple: Bring in as many illegal aliens as you can, and give them free money and food and phones, and get them to vote for you. Doesn't matter that its illegal. Doesn't matter that they are not eligible to vote. Doesn't matter that there are penalties for violation, including deportation. The liberals have rigged it so that nobody is required to provide proof of citizenship in order to vote, saying that to do so is too much of a hardship on the poor and is therefore discriminatory. Give me a break! Its not too much of a hardship for them to sign up for the food stamps and free cash! They sure know how to show any documentation required for free stuff! Why is showing that you're a citizen so tough in order to vote? 

If you go on the California Food Stamp website, they actually have a link "Register to Vote" on the site. All part of the plan, you see?  And to make matters even worse, the food stamp website has a special section for you if you're here illegally. You can still get free stuff - you just have to ask for it and fill out the forms. Doesn't matter that you're NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! And you were wondering why they pour across the border. It's laughable. And its wrong. And its insane. And its going to bankrupt our country. But if you've been reading Totally Right for any length of time, you know that bankrupting the country and putting more and more people into poverty are key elements of the Progressive plan - and are pages right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook on how to overthrow the US from the inside out. 

Let's use some common sense like other countries. First, if you're here illegally, you have to become a citizen or get out. Second, if you're not a citizen, you shouldn't get welfare, food stamps, and cash paid for by me and all my working fellow citizens. Third, if you're not a citizen, you can't vote. If you do, you will be deported for corrupting our system. Finally, in order to vote, you need to PROVE you are a citizen. Show up with your passport. If you can't afford the $200 bucks to get your passport, sign up for food stamps and use one of your food stamp payments at the ATM to get the money. Believe it or not - you can. 



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