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Republican Patriots Speak for Hours Defending Constitution and Bill of Rights

A powerful group of Congressmen stood in the House of Representatives on 9/14/16, including legendary Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke, Republican from Montana, and defended our Bill of Rights and specifically the Second Amendment, against the onslaught on our fundamental rights from the Progressive/Socialist Party (which we used to call the Democratic Party).

These patriotic Congressmen and former warriors for our nation reminded us that all of them had taken an oath to defend our nation and the Constitution of the United States, from all enemies foreign and domestic. First as warriors, and again as members of Congress. They told us that they were shocked at in just the last 3 months, they have seen attacks on SEVERAL of rights named clearly in our Bill of Rights from the Progressive-=Socialist Party. They reminded us that our current President and our former Secretary of State have been supportive of these attacks despite their own taking of the oath. They are shocked and appalled that the real risk to our country is currently both foreign, but is just as real here at home where they have seen up close the evil and insidious threat from the Progressive-Socialist Democrats.

These Progressive-Socialist spin the truth and rely upon emotional appeals, NOT FACTS, in their attempt to overthrow the Bill of Rights and erode the foundations of our countries Constitution.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. Ronald Reagan said that. And he is being proven accurate, again, and right now. Here we are, a generation down the line from the Reagan era, and we see the attack on our rights like never before. And it is coming from the party of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Tim Caine, who have clearly stated that they intend to “transform our nation”. That transformation includes policies that erode the foundation of our Constitutional rights and the rights given to us by God as outlined in the Bill of Rights, eroding the value of the traditional family, eroding the value of proper roles of men and women in family and society, erode the value of the freedom of speech – particularly if that speech disagrees with their narrative.

As we have said in Totally Right in the past, America’s strength does NOT come from our diversity, but comes from our UNITY…that our strength comes from the fact that although we come from different backgrounds, and worship differently, and that we may have different views on many things, we are FIRST AND FOREMOST UNITED AS AMERICANS. And God have mercy on the soul of a country or person that decides to mess with America. It is this unity that has made us great, it has made us the most benevolent nation on earth, and it made every other nation on earth respect us, if not for our virtues, the fear of our wrath.

Unfortunately, our current leadership has eroded our connections to our allies, and it has emboldened our enemies whom no longer respect us. Iran threatens us daily and continues to sponsor terrorism worldwide, but in particular targets Americans. North Korea launches missiles and does nuclear testing in violation of all international laws, thumbing their nose at us. Both Iran and N. Korea leaders laugh at our leaders and our great country.

Obama’s version of change didn’t work. Hillary’s continuation of Obama’s radical and failed policies will not help restore the respect of either our Allies or our enemies.

It is time for a change. It is time to make America great again. It is time for a man like Reagan to appear on the scene, and that man is Trump. Most of what people say about Trump was also said about Reagan, and we now almost all agree that our economy turned around and became amazingly strong, and the strength of our military became unrivaled again in the world, and the respect of our Allies and our enemies was at an all-time high…all under Reagan.

We commend the gentlemen in Congress that stood today and defended the core of our nation. These are men that fought like warriors, whose friends died on the battlefield to defend our nation and our Constitution. How easy it is for a group of non-warriors, soft socialist Progressives who never fought a day in their lives, who have never bled on the battlefield to preserve our way of life and freedoms to stand up and tell us that our Bill of Rights are not valid in our current world and should be changed. How easy it is for them to say this when others have died so that they can speak freely, live freely, and remain secure in their homes.

I would prefer they just say “Thank You” and sit down and shut up.



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