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Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough

The Left is Endangering All Our Lives

We have just seen another 2 terror attacks here on our home turf in the United States. Minnesota and New York/New Jersey. When it happened in NY this time, the Leftist Mayor De Blasio initially did everything he could to try to make people think that this isn’t a Muslim/Islam oriented event. "Don’t rush to judgement", he says. "We don’t have any indication that this is a terror attack", he says. He says "This is an intential act". Well what a revelation, you idiot. Every time we hear this, we hear that the perpetrators name is something like Ahmad Khan Rahami. Or in Minnesota, the mall knife attacker, who was yelling references to Allah, is named Dahir Adan. He asked everyone if they were Muslim before he knifed them. He was shot dead by a responsible citizen with a gun. But the Democrats don't want to talk about this! Holy cow! Wait! You mean to say an ARMED CITIZEN actually saved lives? How can this be? 

This response by De Blasio is a vivid sign of a weak Democrat politician, not a leader. This is someone that is hiding the truth, someone who will not stand up and do what is necessary to protect his citizens. This is someone more interested in being politically correct than in focusing on killing bad guys. 

Why is the Left so desperate in their attempts to distance any attack from the Muslim faith or Islam? Why do they paint those of us that call our enemy what they are - Islamic Terrorist - as bigots and racists and bully us and try to silence us? Because it doesn’t fit their narrative of diversity and how “diversity is good” and “diversity is essential”. It doesn’t fit the Leftist plan which is to bring as many immigrants into the USA as possible and register them as Democrats. It doesn’t fit the plan to undermine the fundamental underpinnings of our nation that has made it great. Faith. Family. Unity. Rule of Law. Finally, they are desperate not to have anything happen that might help Donald Trump win the election.

Political correctness and Democrats weakness costs us our lives. Right now. On our soil. 

Well, it’s time we as Americans stopped letting the Left spin its fairy tale about a Utopian society. It’s time we faced reality. Its time we pushed back on the Left and called our enemy what it is. It's time to call political correctness what it is: A tool  of the Dangerous Left to manipulate people and shut down those that don't agree with them. This is just what Hitler and every other dictator did. Silence the critics. Put them to death if necessary. Remove their guns so they have no means to defend themselves. Make their party and its leader a "God" on earth. Just like they did with Obama. And its time to push back on gun control maniacs like Gavin Newsome in California, using this very incident as a prime example of how a responsibly armed citizenry maintains order and peace and saves lives and that "gun-free zones" are killing fields and a very bad idea - and use San Bernadino and Paris as good examples of that. 

America is under attack from people that believe that America is evil, these are mostly Muslim, they come from Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Afganistan, Syria, Iran, and Iraq, we’re letting them in to our country without having the means the vet them, they put strain on our welfare system which is already too big, taking tax dollars to live here, and using our own money and generosity to wage jihad upon us ON OUR OWN STREETS. If we're going to let 225,000 refugee's into this country, I propose we let 225,000 Mexicans into our country instead. You know why? They love America, they love freedom, they love family, faith and the rule of law. They work hard. They ask for nothing, just a chance to work and earn and take care of their families. Let them in - not a bunch of jihadists! We have a right to chose. If it were put to a vote we would choose to let 225,000 Mexicans into the US, not 225,00 Syrians. Totally right. 

How insane does it have to get before the Left (Clinton – Obama – Kerry - Johnson - Progressive/Socialists) will drop their grip on a narrative that is not only FALSE, but is LIFE THREATENING?  

These people cut off heads. They kill women and children, after they rape them and enslave them. They put people in cages and drown them. They light them on fire while alive. They don not believe in our way of life. They do not love our way of life and they do not love America. Sure they will take our money, just like Iran did, then laugh at us and use our own money to kill us. Are we stupid, or what? These are not human beings. They are NOT deserving of entrance into our country and our welfare. They should be eliminated, but at the very least, they must not come into our country and be fed with our dollars in order to wage war against us on our own soil. As Trumps new national security advisor recently said, "We can't prevent everything from happening, but good Lord, we don't have to be stupid!" The USA under Hillary and Obama is being stupid about national security and foreign policy. Time for them to go. 

It just came out today that there are around 315,000 immigrants that have come here, and are currently fugitives from justice and apparently their fingerprints don’t match the names they gave immigration when they came in. What? You let people in whose fingerprints didn’t match their names? How did that happen? Answer from DHS: "Well, we have all the fingerprint cards in hard copy on paper, but they’re not all in the system, so we can’t search them on a computer." This absolutely solidifies Trumps comment that we shouldn’t let people from areas that are known to be jihadist states into the USA until we can get our act together at DHS and vet them appropriately.

Yet Hillary and George Clooney think we must do more to let more of them into our nation. What idiots. And if anyone listens to Clooney, I ask you "Why?". He's a friggin ACTOR! My dog has more sense than Clooney, Obama and Hillary put together. At least my dog can sense a threat and will bark, bite, and fight to defend himself!  

America needs a lion in charge, who hires other lions as part of his cabinet and as the heads of the military branches, who helps to put the weak-ass Republican politicians like McCain out of power and out of office for allowing all of this crap to happen while they sit on committee's like Armed Services. McCain, who has been the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the Senate, has basically abandoned his post, allowing Obama and his corrupt administration to essentially demilitarize our country to the best of his ability. This happened on your watch McCain, so own it. Fix it. Or get the hell out of the way.  

We need a leader that will give our troops the rules of engagement that will allow us to win. We need a leader that will call it as he sees it. Who will support law enforcement. Who will support Family. Faith. Rule of Law. And most of all, he will support unity over diversity. It is called the UNITED States of America, not the diversified states of America. We need a leader that will support real borders, real screening, and strong immigration security because immigration security is national security.

Open borders are insane in the context of the facts that we know today. I have 3 children and I have helped raise several others. I care for all of them. If you care for your children, you cannot allow the Left to continue to risk our lives for an agenda that is false. You cannot allow our country to be led by a morally bankrupt leader. You cannot allow our country to continue to be attacked by radical Muslims. Muslims are not doing ANYTHING to help us, so don't bother looking to them to sweep their side of the street. We're going to have to do it for them. We cannot allow this to continue. If you do, our children will be slaughtered by these Islamic animals, these Sharia law followers, these throat slitting barbarians. 

We must elect a lion as our next leader. Someone that is willing to call our enemy by name, someone that can recognize a threat and is willing to hit back. Someone that is not afraid. Not worried about being politically correct.  Anyone that cannot name our enemy is not fit to lead this country.  



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