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Clinton Full Assault Starting Now

Clinton Full Assault Starting Now

The ruthless Clinton assault has started, and the assault team includes every hit man that they can put out in public to crush Trump. President Obama himself is campaigning actively unlike any other previous President to try to help the devil he made a deal with back in 2008. His bitter half, Michele Obama is out riling up the minorities, calling the race card as often as she can to disparage Trump. Bull Dyke – I mean – Bull Dog – Elizabeth Warren is out attacking Wells Fargo and trying to lump Trump and Republican into that issue. It’s a stretch Elizabeth, and nice try – we understand you had to do something to try to get back in the game. Finally, the attack advertisements are running heavily nationwide, so expect hundreds of millions of dollars in attack ads of all types to blanket the airwaves for the next 6 weeks.

The heat on Trump is going to get real now.

The attack is timed very well, I must say, because the early voters are just now getting their paperwork in the mail and will be able to vote. This is a big advantage for the Democrats since they have exploited this method of voting for years. There are, after all, no identity checks possible on the mail in voters. It could be anyone…or in some cases, no one at all or dead people. Further, even when they do show up at the polls, nobody is checking to see if they voted more than once and nobody is required to even state that they are a citizen of the US.  

Lying Crooked Hillary is banking on spinning the narrative to Trumps being a bigot, a race baiter, and a religious discriminator in order to rile up African Americans and Latino’s. Obama and his bitter half Michele are experts and “talking the black talk” and manipulating the minorities in this country. The problem for Hillary is that Trump is out in front of that attack already, thanks to Kellyanne Conway, his campaign manager. He has shown black people that Hillary’s policies haven’t worked for them, particularly in the inner city, for the last 40-50 years. And now, Mexico itself is talking about building its own wall – on its own southern border! So the wall idea isn’t such a bad idea after all I guess, huh Democrats? The constant drip drip of damning emails being released through Wikileaks, showing the corruption, the pay for play with the Clinton Foundation, the cover ups for both the Hillary Server and Hillary Health scandals are showing actual proof of cover ups, actual proof of the DNC killing off Bernie Sanders in a coordinated effort of the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Because of all this, it is no surprise that the Democrats have to demonize Trump and make this race about him, because they CAN”T make it about Hillary. If they do, there isn’t much there except fraud, corruption, failed policies, lies, cover ups and secrecy.  

Hillary and Obama have run a massively corrupt administration, from the IRS scandal to the Hillary server scandal, Loretta Lynch at the DOJ has refused to prosecute anyone that is commits crimes against America on behalf of Obama and Hillary, lies to Congress to cover up for Hillary or Obama, or is friendly to Obama or Hillary. Hillary’s health is seriously in question…no matter what she says or her campaign says, the American people saw what they saw, and the polls say most people don’t believe what Hillary says anyway.

The newest scandal is appearing at the Department of Homeland Security, where we are just now finding out that good old Jeh Johnson, an Obama stooge, has withheld and possibly misrepresented the truth about how many illegal aliens are actually getting into the country. Apparently theyhave been sitting on a very damning report on this topic since November of 2015 which shows that roughly 1 in 2 adults attempting to get in to the US through the Mexican border are successful, instead of what the DHS said awhile back, which is more like only 20%. Worse, in true Obama and Clinton style, they won’t release the report to Congress – or anyone else.

Today, another report is coming out that Obama essentially auctioned off Ambassador positions to wealthy donors while Hillary was Secretary of State. Matthew Barzun gave $3.5mm and became US Ambassador to Sweden and became Obama’s National Finance Chair, and is now currently Ambassador to the UK. Jenna Genachowski donated around $3.5mm and became head of the FCC in 2009. Magic. Frank Sanchez donated around $3.4mm and was named Undersecretary of Commerce in 2010. More documents are to come from Wikileaks that will apparently be showing how corrupt the DNC is.

Simply put – the best chance for the Democrats, in my opinion, would be for them to push Hillary down a flight of stairs, say she had another “episode” and can’t run, and slide “Happy Joe Biden” into the slot. We don’t like the guy’s policies, but at least he’s a likeable person. The fact is, if a more likeable person were running on the Democratic side of this race, Trump wouldn’t have had a chance. Instead, the Democrats are stuck with the most hated politician of the modern age that nobody trust, not even most Democrats!


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