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Republicans Moving to Impeach Head of IRS - Finally

John Koskinen, head of the IRS, appointed by President Barrack (I think I’m Really a Muslim) Obama, admitted to the District Court of Washington DC, that they targeted conservative groups by holding up their applications for tax exempt status. In his effort, he deceived Congress, destroyed evidence, ignored subpoenas, then deceived Congress again. The point is clear: The separate standard given to people like John Koskinen, Lying Crooked Benghazi Hillary (I can’t recall) Clinton, Lois (I invoke the 5th) Lerner, and President (Radical Socialist) Obama who have weaponized agencies like the IRS in this case, and the Department of Justice under Loretta (The Incompetent One) Lynch, cannot stand any further. Not a single employee of the IRS has been held accountable for these actions which erode the American people’s confidence in our government. The point is that if you or I did what he did, we would be in jail.

If you’re a licensed real estate broker and you violated the rules, you will lose your license and your job. If you’re a securities broker and you violate the rules of the SEC, you lose your license and your job. If you are a contractor and you don’t finish the job and you do this enough times, you lose your license and your job. If you steal at your job, you are fired and removed from your job.

Instead, Lois Lerner and Koskinen, whose actions stink to high heaven and are likely in violation of several laws, were protected by Loretta Lynch at the Department of Justice. Again. Lois Lerner, for working dutifully for Obama to destroy the conservatives in our nation by targeting conservative organizations for audit, failing to approve their tax exempt status so that they can’t raise money, destroy evidence, ignore subpoena’s…Lois keeps her bonuses and keeps her pension.

The House of Representatives Republicans is voting tomorrow - 9-15-16 - on whether to impeach Koskinen. Koskinen is accused of high crimes and misdemeanors, but impeachment doesn’t even require this to be proven. The reality is that all that has to be proven is that there was an abuse of the public trust and that the party in question has lost the confidence of the American people. The evidence against Koskinen is so blatant and clear that this vote will really be a referendum on whether Congress even matters any more. Many feel that the Republicans don't have the stomach to see this through. We at Totally Right hope that just once, the Obama Administration will see that their arrogance and elitist - virtually criminal - approach to running our government will have some serious consequences...but we're not holding our breath. 



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