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Hillary's Parkinson's Problem

More evidence of Parkinson’s or some other neurological disorder: The blue glasses that she wears are used by people who get seizures. They are often called anti-seizure glasses as they try to prevent them. Photosensitive Epilepsy is something that Hillary may have, and it’s known through sources in the Secret Service that she may have seizures triggered by flashing lights, such as camera flashes at public events. This is certainly a sign of a neurological issue. If it isn’t Parkinson’s, then ladies and gentlemen, it sure isn’t just pneumonia, and its been going on a long time and has been covered up in classic Clintonian fashion.

Here at Totally Right we pointed out some time ago that the reason for Hillary going underground and totally controlling her environment, staying away from press conferences, was due to this condition – seizures triggered by external stimuli coming from several places simultaneously. For us, it explained the strange “seizure” looking moments that are well documented online, and it explained her absence from the media. Keep in mind, her preferred method of talking to reporters is now dialing in on the phone. Of course, the mainstream liberal media is complicit with this and is allowing her access to their shows over the phone.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s are difficulty walking, impaired balance which often causes tripping and falling episodes, which you can see happening to Hillary in numerous videos. Seizures is another symptom and often cause a loss of consciousness. That explains the 9-11 collapse of Hillary in NYC. The seizures also explain the strange facial tics which are actually small seizures caused by flashing lights or other simultaneous multiple external stimuli – such as 20 reporters shouting questions at you at the same time, or multiple flashbulbs going off at the same time, or a lot of lights flashing at a concert or convention.

Another Parkinson’s side effect is the cough. It occurs because of the nerves to the swallowing mechanism don’t work properly causing fluids and particles, even your own saliva, to enter the windpipe and lungs instead of the esophagus. Hillary’s cough has been occurring for a long, long time, way before there was any talk about pneumonia.

Instead of going to a hospital on 9-11, which would be standard Secret Service protocol, she instead doesn’t want to go there as she might have to divulge her condition and it might become public. She demands to be taken to her daughters’ condo in NYC. Of course, Hillary has a full medical detail travelling with her. They could have treated her at the condo using an IV to rehydrate her along with some anti-biotics and other fluids, then in a few hours, when she feels good enough to show her face to the crowd and say “I’m feeling better, thanks”, she can then go to her home where her doctor and campaign staff are waiting. Here they come up with the new story line. Pneumonia – it covers the cough issue, it covers the fainting issue, and it gives a perfect excuse for her to go into hiding once again.

According to FOX News, during the month of August, she took more days off than she worked! You and I work more than she does, and this is in the middle of a campaign for President of the United States! That alone has to tell you something. She isn’t up to the job. She just isn’t.

Martin Shkreli, a former Pharmaceuticals CEO, has stated that she shows signs of early onset of Parkinson’s, such as freezing gait and dyskinesia, which is involuntary muscle movements or smooth tics, which explain the strange faces that she occasionally makes and the laughter that is strangely inappropriate.

The most damning evidence that Hillary may have Parkinson’s is that she made her executive staff at the State Department research a drug called Provigil which is a drug often prescribed to patients that are suffering from either Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s.

On the one hand, I understand that the woman feels she has worked a long time to get to this point, and that admitting that you’re unfit physically, at this stage, at this late stage of the game, would certainly be hard for her to do. But for once in her life, instead of putting her own power and money hungry mania first, she needs – and the DNC needs – to put the interests of the nation first. IN almost any other circumstance, I would feel bad for someone in her position. But after all the lying, cheating, stealing, and cover ups the Clinton Crime Family has put this nation through over the last 30 years, I don’t feel one single bit sad for her. She has never been in this for anyone but herself and she has been ruthless in attacking and ruining anyone that got in her way.

God is sending Clinton a message. You reap what you sow. You’ve lied to America, Hillary, and you’ve ruined people’s lives and trampled on our rule of law and always put yourself first. God is telling you Hillary, that there is a price to pay for choosing to be a better example of the seven deadly sins than of the 10 Commandments. 

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