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Time for a Cultural RE-Revolution

What the Democrats and the left have accomplished through the poisoning of our children’s minds at educational institutions is to drive a set of ideas into our youth’s culture that are evil and designed to ruin our country. These terms undermine all things that create the very foundation of what makes our country great.

Prime Example: Diversity is monumentally important in our society.

No it is not.

Diversity is NOT most important. Unity is important. We are the UNITED States of America, not the Diversified States of America. Our strength is in Unity. We may be different, we may come from different countries, backgrounds, or religions, but our strength has always, and will always, come from being united as Americans. People who came here from all over the world came here and loved this country and what it had to offer them and their families…freedom, rule of law, constitutional rights. Today, we are allowing people into this country that hate America, that burn our flag in the streets. That plot our deaths as the hold radical fundamental beliefs that supersedes the belief that America is good.  

A sign of a state that has begun to become intolerant is this notion of being politically correct. If I don’t believe what the liberal left believes, in any area, I don’t have a right to that belief, I get called a racist, a bigot, or worse. Worse, if I believe in the 2nd amendment, or the founding principles behind our countries birth, the Constitution, or the Federalist Papers, I am a racist, a baby murderer, or worse.

Another thing that has crept into our nations youth’s minds is that America is somehow “bad”. This is due largely to President Obama and his words and actions, his “apology Tour” where he went around the world apologizing for America being an imperialistic state and such. We see football players refusing to stand for the national anthem, we see Mexicans burning flags at political rallies.

Let’s be clear: America is great. We have helped more people than any other nation on earth. We have given more aid, more food, more assistance, more money, more military protection, more human rights protection and aid, than any other nation in the world since the beginning of time. Nobody has given more. Nobody has helped more.

Are we perfect? No. Have we made mistakes? Yes. Are we bad? No.

Our children should be taught how good we are, how proud they should be to be Americans, not taught all our mistakes and given the belief that we’re no better than any other nation. We are better than other nations. We are great. We are the greatest. The greatest nation on earth. THAT is what our children need to be taught, and any teacher that teaches my children differently will hear from me, and so will her boss, and my child will be ripped out of that class instantly. 

It is time for us as adults to put our foot down with the misdirection of teachers and educators that come from the left. It is time for us to speak strong truth to our children about America and what we stand for, what our founding fathers stand for, and set them straight so they can come behind us and be as proud and strong as we have been as patriotic Americans. 

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