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Kellyanne Conway is a Rock Star

Kellyanne Conway is a Rock Star

Now Trump Leads in Both CNN and LA Times Polls

Ever since Kellyanne Conway came into the Trump campaign, he has been on target, on message, his speeches are awesome, powerful, the campaign is organized in its approach, where its going when, how it releases detailed plans on each major area of interest to the American Public. 

She appears on CNN, a decidely hostile  environment, and goes head to head with the bubble heads there. She is so good, she is so put together, so articulate that she just smiles at the people attacking her and then levels them verbally. 

The RealClearPolitics poll is a pretty good way to track what's happening. Since Kellyanne has taken over the campaign, Trump has not only recovered in the polls, he is ahead in the latest LA Times poll done yesterday.  


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