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DNC Full Panic Mode

Meeting Apparently Being Held ASAP

David Shuster, a journalist from MSNBC, has broken the news that he has been informed by his people inside the DNC that alternative candidates are being considered by the DNC  in preparation for a withdrawl in the race by Hillary Clinton. You and I know that Hillary's quest for power will NEVER let her voluntarily withdraw, and the DNC has no power to remove her without her cooperation. The DNC, which Hillary ultimately controls, won't be replacing her any time soon in our estimation. This all comes after it was revealed that she hid her pneumonia condition secretly for 3 days, they tried to cover it up (like the Clinton's always do), then they apologize and say they are sorry and that they could have handled it better. Well, I think so. Why always all the secrecy? Why not just come out a few days ago and tell everyone she's got pneumonia and will be taking a few days to rest. But Hillary always has to hide and cover up. 

Her physical collapse in NYC on 9-11 is not something to just pass over. We have watched the video over and over, and to us, it is clear she lost consciousness and was going to be face down on the pavement if the Secret Service and an aide didn't hold her up and drag her limp body into the waiting SUV. 

This happens AFTER Hillary stuck her foot in her mouth ala Mitt Romney, insulting 50% of Americans who like Trump as "Deplorable"  who are "racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic". She has also called Trump supporters "bigots", "irredeemable" and "not America". These remarks have caused a massive wave of enthusiastic support to galvanize around Trump.  


Kellyanne Conway is a Rock Star

Kellyanne Conway is a Rock Star

Hillary Mailing It In