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Did Obama Commit Treason?

Did Obama Commit Treason?

Treason is the crime of betraying ones country, the act of betraying someone or something. Treason also includes giving aid or comfort to our enemies.

There are two major things with Iran that have now come to light that have to be examined as potentially treasonous acts by the President of the United States. His giving aid and comfort to Iran is now becoming clear, and he should be impeached because of it.

If you assist or help a terrorist state in any way, if you contribute to their ability to wage war on Americans in any way, I would say that this would qualify as treason. Our President has given aid and comfort and enhanced the enemy’s ability to wage war against our country. If you or I gave aid to a terrorist organization or terrorist state, don’t you think that we would have a knock at our door from the FBI? I think we would. And we would be locked away for a very, very long time.

I think if you are an official or officer of the United States Government you would be even more severely punished. Or at least you should be! Obama is the President. It is his sworn duty to uphold the Constitution and to defend the United States and its citizens using all means necessary. In a democracy, the people are what matters, so when major actions such as treaties with foreign nations are signed, they are supposed to be approved by Congress. He did not do this. He essentially jammed a treaty down the American people’s throats and did not get congressional approval. He did it by circumventing Congress and doing it through the UN.

If the policy of the country is not to pay ransom for hostages, and yet you do so anyway without the approval of the people or the people’s representatives, you are not living up to your oath as President. You are violating our own policies, policies that are established and put in place to ensure the safety of Americans throughout the world. The fact that Obama authorized the SECRET payment of this ransom to Iran appears again to be an act of treason. Look at the way it was done. In the middle of the night, in cash, on unmarked planes, in secret, in currencies that are easily usable by terrorist organizations worldwide to procure arms and weapons of mass destruction, recruit and pay for its armies. The very way in which this cash ransom was executed shows that Obama and his people knew that this was wrong and shady, that this was not going to look good to Congress or the American people, so they tried to hide it. They then LIED immediately when it was uncovered. It wasn’t a ransom at all they claim. Well, if it wasn’t a ransom, and there was nothing wrong with paying it, why didn’t you disclose it to Congress, get their approval, wire the money in US currency, write a check, or let the American people to know about it? Why did you do it in SECRET? You didn’t. You tried to hide it. You only talked about it AFTER you were busted. Months after you thought you got away with it. The arrogance is astonishing.

To make matters worse, this payment has now emboldened our enemies, and I include Iran in that group. They have captured more hostages and have asked for more billions in order to let them go. They have Obama over a barrel. They harass our naval ships constantly. On 9-12 they threatened to shoot down our planes flying over the Persian Gulf. It’s as if they want to provoke a war with America and Obama's lack of strength is making think they can push us and push us with no push back. They want our ships to shoot at them. So far we have refrained, but I think it might be their goal to start a holy war with America and draw us into a war in the Middle East that will have insane consequences to the United States. Perhaps Obama actually wants this as well. His actions speak louder than his words. His actions have been to help Iran in just about every way possible, and do so without the approval of the US Congress or the American people.  His radical background, his obvious protection of Islamic nations, leads one to believe that the possibility exists that his plan may be to topple our country from within as his and Hillary's mentors taught. 

America: Your President gave $1.7 billion to the number 1 state sponsor of terrorism in the world. A country we put on our list as a certified terrorist state decades ago. It is still on that list I believe. 

Why did he pay Iran?

I think we will only see the real reason in the future as it is clearly revealed that Obama is a radical who really doesn’t like America, what it stands for, its fundamental Judeo-Christian basis, who is an Islamic sympathizer, who has stated to us his agenda of “the transformation of America” as we know it. Nobody asked him when he was running what that meant. What did a transformation of America mean? We should have looked closer at this man. It is now becoming clear what he really meant, and it should scare the hell out of you. 

Recently, Congress passed a resolution allowing US families impacted by 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia for its role in the affair. Obama has vowed to veto it even though it passed the House and the Senate. Congress may override the veto, which is a big deal. Just another move by Obama that validates the claims on the right that he is a Muslim sympathizer (at the very least). 

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