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Hillary Health: Like "Weekend at Bernies"

Hillary Health: Like "Weekend at Bernies"

When the news broke this morning about Hillary's "episode" at the 9/11 ceremony, we jumped on it. We watched the video frame by frame, and it was clear that she was waiting for her car, being literally held up by a female aide. Then as the car approaches, she wobbled, her knee buckled, then her other knee buckled, and she collapsed, losing a shoe, and was headed for a straight out FACE PLANT into the concrete and would have been flat on the ground if two secret service agents hadn't grabbed her by each arm and man handled her into the SUV. 

We said earlier today that we would have to wait to hear the spin, and then it came. First, it was that she was "overheated"...on a relatively cool day, with a breeze and 30% humidity? People were calling BS right away, including us. Then, the next wave of cover-up came: She has pneumonia and was dehydrated. Wow. What will they say next? How many ailments does she have. 

Then they tossed out the "cough related to allergies" line. This one is total BS and is an attempt to lead us to believe that allergies are the reason for the cough that has literally debilitated Hillary on the campaign trail, where she has to stop and leave an event, where she coughs and then passes out or wobbles and falls. Allergies. I'm thinking NOT SO MUCH. Then the story quickly changes again to the cough being related to pneumonia. And isn't she amazing for being able to do all she has with walking pneumonia. 

They are now using this as a means to set the table for fewer appearances by Hillary as the campaign goes on. Saying that her doctors have advised that she modify her schedule, etc. This is just advance cover up work so that there is a preset excuse for why, over the next few months, we aren't going to see much of her and when we do, it will be in a highly controlled setting. 

If you still believe that there is a right wing conspiracy and that all of this is just made up, I have some advice for you. TALK TO A DOCTOR. If you do, you will find out that what this appears to be is Parkinson's. The indications are there. If this is the case, the American people should know. The woman has been involved in so many cover ups and scandals, do you really think that she wouldn't also try to cover this up also? Come on. Get real. 

It will come out shortly. Someone on the inside of her campaign will come out and say that she's sick. Sicker than she's letting on. This whole thing is like the movie "Weekend at Bernies", where the host for the weekend dies, but the guys don't want to let that ruin their weekend, so they prop the dead guy up and put him in the back of a boat and ride around with him - attaching a stick to his arm and making him wave when people wave at him, etc. Hillary, the Weekend at Bernies Candidate. Prop the old bird up and get her from one place to the next. Maybe we can fool the audience into believing nothing is wrong. 

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