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9-11 Ground Zero Ceremony - Hillary Has Medical Episode

This blog first called attention to the Hillary Health issue on August 19. Well, she can't hide it now. She will try, and she will lie, but she was attending the 9/11 ceremony at Ground Zero in NYC. She started to wobble, she stumbled off the curb, lost a shoe, and essentially collapsed into the van which then sped away. I suspect as the story continues, we will find her at a hospital or perhaps she's been secreted away in a private medical facility so that this can be spun by her campaign. 

Remember the number of emails where Huma Abedin asked about how she was feeling? That was the real red flag. Then the weird faces, the reactions to over stimulation, her hiding from the press - no press conferences, the coughing episodes, the falling down and stumbling, the unsteadiness on her feet, the blood thinners story, and on and on. The woman is clearly really, really sick. She can't stand up for very long without collapsing. She can't keep hiding this. She is not well. She's likely going to collapse on stage when Donald eviscerates her during the debates, IF she makes it to the debates. 

The lies, the crimes, the greed, the hunger for power...they are coming back to haunt you Hillary. God is bringing his wrath on thee. #HillarySevenDeadlySins, #GoodRiddence. He will not allow you of such low morale character, you with blood on your hands, to lead our country. 

Hillary Health: Like "Weekend at Bernies"

Hillary Health: Like "Weekend at Bernies"

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