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What This Election Has Revealed to America

Think about what happened when Trump came onto the scene. The Republicans at first dismissed him as a novelty, a side-show that they would have to deal with. Then, as he garnered more popular support, and started to connect with the average man in the street, they started to pay attention, but still considered him a nuisance that would go away as soon as things got serious. Then, when it started to look like he might actually have a chance, they started to attack. His own party attacked him. Then, when he started to destroy the traditional Republican candidates one by one, they freaked out. Literally, they started to freak out, and the attacks upon Trump from within his own party were insane…never before in our lifetimes have we seen a party turn on one of its own with such viciousness, even after he had won the nomination.


Because he was pulling the curtain back on the whole lot of them. All the politicians, both Republic and Democrat, for being self-serving, for not paying attention to what was important to Americans FIRST. A good example is John McCain, who, as head of the Armed Services Committee, has allowed our military to go into decline for 10+ years. Where the hell has he been to put a stop to the Democrats nonsense in this regard? Where were the house Republicans when Obama jammed down an illegal treaty with Iran? Where were they when Obama jammed an insane Federal Budget down our throats? I’ll tell you where…they were right there beside Obama, allowing it to happen, because they were getting their pockets lined along the way. Business as usual for the political class, at the expense of the safety of our nation, at the expense of jobs for American people, at the expense of our position in the world as a country you cannot bribe or extort.

Trump pulled the curtain back on all that self-dealing, the ineffectiveness of BOTH parties and their so-called “leaders”, who have betrayed us all. He connected with the people, much the way Reagan did, and showed us once again that when you connect with the people, you can create massive change. And change is not looked at as good to the incumbents who want to keep their cushy positions in Washington. They will fight change – which fully explains why the Republicans turned on Trump even though he was bringing more people into the party than any other candidate in American history. It’s why John McCain is fighting for his life in his race in Arizona. His Republican opponent Kelli Ward is calling him out for his inaction, his ego, his ineffectiveness, and his lack of leadership. And rightly so. And she gave him a hell of a run. Personally, I wish she would have beat him. It would have sent a good message to the other Republic elites. Get on board with what is right for America and Americans, stop the Democrats complete Socialistic overhaul of our country.  

Both parties are filled with corrupt, lazy, self-serving politicians. At least in the old days, men like Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan, who were on opposite sides of most things, would come together and get something done for the good of America. Today, this isn’t happening. It’s all or none for both parties, there is no compromise, and at the end of the day, “none” is what the American people are getting.

So how does Trump, a man that both parties resist, that both parties incumbent class hate, win the election? Well, it’s hard. Given our system where winning the popular vote doesn’t necessarily translate into a win, it’s monumental. But it isn’t impossible. 

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